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Crucial in/for/of MetaThematics is that it transcends description.
It reflects on our involvement; the change in interfacing - as part of a whole.
This requires a description of the change of phase in the interface: the 4DD Logic.
The following explains how properties of the EM-field can help describe experience - of involvement.

    When you sit still, calmly in yourself, you realise reality differently.
    You can immerse in your feelings, which is a sensation of wholeness.
    This can be compared to a ‘magnetic sensation; a ‘suspended’ feeling.
    The following describes how this forms the basis of, and for, realisation.

The Art of Involvement

The act of involvement is to a large degree an unconscious act.
It represents a shift in our interfacing with our environment.
We do this by inner-phasing: a change of phase state - in the interface.
This phase state change takes place 'between the electric and magnetic'.

The paper by Bill Tiller explains how we live in two realities, at the same time.
The text by Cyril Smith shows how we experience this in the Logic of Water.
The coupling between 'Electric' and 'Magnetic' defines coherence (Zachary Jones).
Decisive is that this is what we live, by our choice in involvement.

The principle can be described as an experience: the meditative state.
It is the sensation of 'hovering' between realities; of state and potential.
On the one hand you experience the magnetic 'suspension', 'between' mater.
On the other you 'navigate' between ('solidified') substance; electric constructs.

More important than the EM-field 'description' is our experience of this.
Our body is composed of this principle, in interaction.
Our life is based on our ability to 'charge discharge', and shift the potential.
Our (sub/un/out-of) conscious involvement operates on this link in phase space.

The Act of Involvement

The link between our reality and realisation lies in this 'coupling' between phase and state.
All of reality can be understood too be a construct out-of/in phase space.
All of reality can also be understood to be a realisation: based on our involvement.
Essential in/for/of life is our ability to change that involvement.

We can describe the art of the act of involvement in terms of the EM-field.
We can however not describe our experience of it in those terms.
We need to be able to describe our choice in using degrees of freedom.
For that we need to describe the phase-interface, between 'electric and magnetic'.

Zachary Jones has pointed out that this is where we recognise the link between Gravity and Qi.
O#o has pointed out that Gravity is not the coherence of matter, but the matter of Coherence.
Bill Tiller based much of his work on the interplay between Free and Bound electrons (in matter).
In the following you can use the idea of Cyril Smith: we can visualise and see this in the matter of water.

Each of these aspects will be presented as proposal/proposition for your 'experience' of freedom of choice.
Our skin, connective tissue, cell membrane and DNA are all inter-linked - one.
Our consciousness, intelligence, learning ability and immune system are based on that.
We change our awareness by changing our involvement, in ‘operating’ the ‘Logic of Water’, to make and execute choices, as demonstrated in/by our stress/stimulus system.

Interfacing = Inner-phasing

MetaThematics describes reality as realisation.
MetaThematics is based on the integral nature of phase space.
Objects are formed by Processes out of Interaction in Phase Space.
Matter is but a for of information; Consciousness (Phase Coherence) matters.

What we experience as the interplay of cerebellum and cortex in the pineal gland ...
is based on the integral connected oneness between neurones and hormones ...
which again are expression of the phase change in the interface: cell membranes ...
which operate in/on/by the interplay between information and matter.

This interplay between information and matter is at present most explicit as EM-fields.
EM, Electro-Magnetic fields are based on the dual nature of electricity and Magnetism.
However, we cannot regard these in isolation, as a separate wave in a wave train.
We need to see that the wave is part of a wave train, with a wave envelope, which defines a Soliton: every wave is linked to one integral integrating wave - the Soliton; the uniVerse.

The link between the wave and the soliton is related to that of consecutive waves in a wave train.
The Zero-Point, the Crossing point between two consecutive nodes/waves in a wave train, is of the same nature as that between the wave and the wave envelope, and the soliton and the wave/train.
The phase angle differs in the ‘connection points’ (singularities), between the soliton, envelope and the wave (train).
It is this change of the phase angle, which determines the interface; and thereby determines the nature and reality of all forms that emerge out f phase space.

Hovering between realities

We have however not much benefit from a description is we cannot use it.
Any description, evidently, will follow from our experience only.
Whatever is described below, therefor, is not about reality, but about realisation.
We live what is described her: it is the basis and essence of life and conscious being.

It is our experience, sensation, involvement which ‘shifts our reality/realisation’.
We FEEL differently, we ACT differently, and thereby change ourselves AND our context.

We ONLY change the interface; we ONLY change the way we relate to - form part of - the uniVerse ‘around us’ - that we are part of.
In essence we never change anything; we only change ourselves, and thereby the way we interact with our context: that, affects and alters our context.

The uniVerse in that sense functions as a universal size mirror.
Our environment reflects every of our actions.
Whatever we change, within us, affects the uniVerse around us; because we act on it because we interact with it (“Shiva, our dancing partner”).
This means that every thought, every feeling, leading to any (act) e-motion shapes the reality that we live in.
There exists no outsider-observer: you are response-able for every of your actions, based on your expression of Freedom of Choice.

This sensation of Experience has two aspects/components: that what is, and can be.
That what is, can be portrayed as the electrical bonds between atoms: structured.
That what can be, may be portrayed as the magnetic ‘suspension’, between ‘matter’.
However it is the sensation of the ‘magnetic’, which determines the ‘electric: the linking of the phase waves into coherence, is based on the underlying potential for the  coherencing of phase waves.

To be continued ...

    Central in the following is the ‘magnetism’ of our feelings (realisation),
    which (cf. the Metabolomes) induce currents,
    which then form circuits (thoughts
    - note the past tense word form)
    which build our beliefs (reality).

Feeling ‘magnetism’  electrifying emotions

rest and movement ; magnetic and electric

realisation and reality ; feeling and thought

Atomic consciousness ; choice patterns of Logic

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