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The manifestation of space is a logical coherent expansion of the logic of creation

The Mathematics and logic of creation is simple, linking point, line, fractal and hologram.
It is based on the foundations of mathematics, particularly singularity resolution.
This in itself is based on our mental function; i.e. our ability for languaging by our capacity of mentation.
It is the logic of realisation, which we – evidently - also see in the manifestation of our body.

    ALL of the mathematical basis (and explanation) can be found in the concept of the Loop Integral, around a singularity, i.e. in the resection of a singularity by a Dedekind Cut; albeit that in this case the cut needs to be executed in 4D (3 orthonormal cuts in a fractal coherent manner), and that these cuts are not restricted to circular/cyclic interpretations of the loop integral only.

The following description does not take into account that you may not yet know the mathematical models which are used in this description.
The basis of this presentation has been developed, described and explained to many experts in the field over the past 30 years; who did not pursue this.
Each of the terms used is part of standard and common mathematical terminology and formulation; you can find all of them described in the standard text books.
All that is needed to understand, is to integrate the following formulation by studying the forms of mathematics associated with the corresponding terms in the description;
and see the relationship between them.

As this web site describes: mathematics is a mental creation and construct.
Mathematics does not define nor describe any reality, or only formulates our realisation.
The many dialects of mathematics, corresponds with our innate bodily functioning and mental dynamics organisation.
It is the relationship between the forms of mathematics which holds the clues for the logic of the dynamic of creation.

The mathematics of creation is the same as the logic of realisation.

One of the simplest modes of description is that of extension from a Dimensional Zero Node (Daath Bindu ([0D])) to an extension ([1D]), expansion ([2D]) and fulfilment([3D]).
This, geometrically, first is the extension from a node into a lateral normal vector (an orthonormalisation).
With respect to this extension another orthonormalisation can be extended leading to an expansion.
Practically this means that from a point, any point, an orthonormal vector can be drawn of which the orthonormal can describe a circle, to which yet another orthonormal can describe a volume.

The underlying principle is that of a boundary transition (phase space inversion).

O#o_MetaThematics_6-1-Unfolding Space

    Figure 1. Mathematical geometry of spatial realisation/creation.
    (See Total System inversion, and Black Hole Navigation).

None of these orthonormals need be orthonormal to the Referon of the creator.
None of these orthonormals need be invariant (i.e. need not lead to a cycle/circle).
None of these dynamics need be synchronised (i.e. they do not need to lead to a spatial sphere).
One of the simplest imaginable forms of that of a cyclic modulo modus: e^i.phi^e^i.phi.

In creation, all consecutive steps are coherently (logically) related.

This form of mathematics is a form of logic reflecting the forms of mentation found in our body.
The end result, a distinction (fore brain), is based on the principle of differentiation (left brain).
The differentiation is based on the experienced change in perspective (right brain).
It relates, only, to a change in integration (hind brain) i.e. our (dis)integration with/in context.

O#o_MetaThematics_6-2-Inverting the Dedekind Process

    Figure 2. A singularity can be Normalised by a Dedekind forming an integral Loop Integral.
    (The Dedekind cut is only partially shown, in progress, in the first cut direction only; yet to be repeated to closure in the opposite direction to form the integral loop.)

Changing the Freedom of Choice changes the inner-phase of/thus the interface.

The formal formulation is by definition Meta-Thematical.
The equation is a function of an functor which is an operator.
(y)Our involvement matters.
Every interaction is an interference pattern in a vibration, determining the collapse of the vector of state.
When the vector of state collapses by hyperincursion of the fractal of creation, unity is maintained (g.o.d.-awareness).

O#o_MetaThematics_6-3-The Dynamic Logic of Creation

    Figure 3. Spatial unfoldment by extension (excursion), expansion (incursion) and fulfilment (recursion), which can then replicate, concatenate, nest and embed (forming space) {right}.

One of the equivalents in realisation is the body, mind, soul, spirit construct.

O#o_MetaThematics_6-4-Experiencing Creation - The Logic Dynamic

    Figure 4. Spirit, Soul, Mind, Body complex. The soul is the virtual pivot/mapping point of system integration by total system inversion.

Body can be represented by a unit(y) sphere, of an invertible integrity identity. This body is the unIverse, in inverse.
Mind is the complete set of internal Hanappi loops, joining the sphere perimeter with its virtual core point; and al linking sets between them.
Soul is the virtual pivot/core point, with its invertible (total system inversion) inverted projection (integral for the loop integral for all the Hanappi Loops).
Spirit is the inverse 'image' of the soul, as system singularity set point for each and every Hanappi loop in its Dedekind limit.

The coherence of this construct is based on the organisational integrity between the dynamic and the logic.

The standard scientific description in a particular perspective is canonical and trivial, and un-interesting because it eliminates the dynamics of involvement in creation in realisation.
What is needed is a fractallic understanding, in which the consecutive extension, expansion and fulfilment are understood in their underlying integral dynamic coherence.
Such fractallisation is significant only if the refraction an diffraction lead to fractallisation, not to fracture (I.e. the system singularity set stability must remain coherent).
That then develops into a hologram realisation (Cf. Bioholograms (O#o), see also the work of Pribram, Talbot and Gabor), which is relevant only if it can manifest as modulation in/of/by the dynamic logic of creation.

The organisational logic dynamic has limited relevance in the manifestation of physical materialisation.

The phase space dynamics, can cohere in a phase from i.e. a coherent Excursion, which initiates the basis of Energy in manifestation.
Diffractallisation at that level can converge as incursion, which creates a feedback dynamics known as the temporal dimensions.
Refraction and infraction can compose as a recursion, which can congeal into what is known as a spatial domain construct; a form of manifestation.
Diffraction is simply the reverberation over/of/on/off internal transitional boundaries in this process of manifestation/materialisation by realisation in/of creation.

The above spells out that manifestation, materialisation, creation and realisation operate the same constructs.

The mathematical model needs to specify the locus, expansion, mode of recursion and coherence form in hyperincursion.
The physical model must recognise that no material manifestation has any eigen-characteristics; all are conditional on the context, dynamic and involvement in/of/by/under the underlying creation. (Nothing is physical; everything is phasical.).
The psychology of realisation is thereby integrally linked in the bio-logics of dynamic phase organisation/co-ordination with/in our living body. (Everything is phasical, thus a Form of consciousness.)

The operand Logic (creation) is based on change in Involvement (realisation)

Trying to interpret the above in terms of contemporary mathematics will fail.
The understanding must follow the concept on which it is based; developmental mathematics.
As Brouwer/Escher/Grothendieck/Bohr e.a. presented: we describe ourselves in the description.
The mathematics of creation (verb) is not the mathematics of the created (noun).

Consciousness determines the form of coherence

Each change is based on a change of (coherence in) Freedom of Choice.
Pivotal changes (in the Soul node) extends and unfolds by changing the coherence of the Hanappi Loops, thereby (re)modifying the interface - by changing its inner-phase - resulting in the creation of a new phase space.
This phase space will empower only if the consecutive phase stages match the contextual space phase
(this is the process of Figure 1,
the dynamic of Figure 2 in inverse,
the harmonic coherence of the phases/stages in Figure 3,
by which Figure 4 can map the uniVerse in inverse
It requires that the Moment of Creation (use of Freedom of Choice, [0D],
phases with the momentary interface thereby creating an extension [1D],
which needs to cohere with/in the already existing creation process [2D],
to be able to unfold into a new template/space for manifestation [3D]

The essence lies in consciousness (con-scio-us-ness) in the concatenation of [0D] point to [1D] intent to [2D] fractal to [4D] hologram, with/in creation ([4D] Cycle).

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