g.o.d. = creation Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

g.o.d. is not a higher power, a deity, nor an external controlling being.
Some social systems (slave states) have created this belief to manipulate people.
g.o.d. is simply the principle/process of creation; we are part of it and one with it.
As we all have and can operate freedom of choice, we are g.o.d., creators.

Two books are presented to illustrate this notion.
1) a book on the leading edge of science; addressing the pivot of creation
2) two books on the culture of the Dogon, which preceded our present Western culture.
Both, together, illustrate and exemplify our interconnectedness with all of creation.

This Blogalike:

This page emerged out our reading two books side by side.

Zero to Infinity
Peter Rowlands

The Science of the Dogon
Laird Scranton
ISBN: 1-59477-133-2

Sometimes you will find texts side-by-side; sometimes one below the other.
Both are about creation.

Peter Rowland’s book is the ‘new’.
It extends our understanding of the leading edge of physics,

Laird Scranton’s book deals with the ‘olds’.
It shows the basis of our present-day beliefs, about religions.

This study is presented as a Blog-alike; while reading, findings are added.
In each case this is an interpretation, just as both books describe personal interpretations. As the previous pages present: reality does not exist; we - only - experience realisation. Objectivity does not exist; we - at most - have consensus.
Your realisation is all that matters: your life is your realisation of this uniVersum.
Both writers describe their perceptions from their own personal backgrounds:

Peter Rowlands was trained as a physicist.
His ‘language’ is that of mathematical physics. He borrows his words from the world library of mathematicsl physics; and his personal insights.

Laird Scranton is a software designer.
His language is that of cosmologics. He borrows his words from anthropologits, physicists and many others; and his personal insight.

Core idea:
All of the universe,
and all descriptions of the universe,
must be simple and single
All can be condensed in the properties of the number ZERO.

Core idea:
The Dogon have a symbolic language describing creation; from PHASE SPACE.
The descriptions are metaphors, paralleling the findings of Field Theory.



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