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Quality of Quantity

The Quality of Quantity is seen in the dimensional basis of numbers.
Numbers are, always, relational sopecifiers : pertaining to our own involvement.
Numbers become “quantities” only in fixed relationship to a specific “dimension”.
Numbers are primarily Qualities, specifying the relationship between dimensions.

There are only 4 primary numbers: 0, 1, 2 and 3.
These ‘numbers’ are inherently ‘tied in’ with the origination of dimensions.
Number Zero is the prime operator for the origination of dimensions.
Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are specifiers of relationship into context per specific dimension.

    0 origination {source}
    1 excursion   {resistor}
    2 reflection   {coil}
    3 recursion    {condenser}

The foundation of numbers is implied in the text on 4D D Logic (1981) and STEC (1996):

    0 Phase Coherence
    1 Energy
    2 Time
    3 Space

These indentifiers/signifiers indicate the type of our involvement

    0 Creator
    1 Interactor
    2 Reactor
    3 Observer (outsider)

These reflect wave forms in the participation of creation, defined as Freebonds

    0 emergence (source) (“Emergence et l’Enel”)
    1 excursion   (feedforward)
    2 incursion    (feedback)
    3 recursion    (loop closure

The significance of numbers is seen in the interference pattern that they express.
Considering the universe as holograms, numbers are Carrier wave and Interference Pattern.
The Primes form the new evolutions/unfolding from the dimensional Kernel.
The Secondaries are con-sequential: based on previous primary dimensional creation.

  1. Primes can thus be regarded as pertaining to Creation (“carrier wave”).
  2. Secondaries can be regarded as pertaining to manifestation (“field in(-)formation).


The numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3 are Primaries, pertaining to unfolding of the Dimensional Kernel

All numbers specify logical operations; they pertain to relationships in dimensions.
The four images below relate Primes to coherence, energy, time and structure, respectively.

Primes 1 - Coherence

Primes 2 - Energy

Primes 3 - Time

Primes 4 - Structure

    Sources for the images are, respectively:


Peter Plichta described how primes can be (re)presented in a cross.
Johan Oldenkamp also found that the numbers 1, 2, and 3 are not prime but primordial.
The representation of a cross is to be interpreted as 3 (3D) Axes.
These can better be interpreted as a HyperMandala Interference/Manifestation Pattern

Numbers are primary qualities, secondary relationships, and therefore sometimes  frequencies and perhaps quantities (within certain fixed frequencies)
Numbers ensue from relations between dimensions, and thus con-sequential to (the result of) logical relationships.

Numbers have no meaning of themselves.
We humans defined numbers; we divine their meaning.
The meaning we derives from our involvement in our definition.
It formulates our relationship of involvement with/in/as our context, as an abstraction.

The shapes of the numbers symbolise specific forms of involvement (relationships).
Numbers are part of our use of language, and consequential to our definition of code.
Each code is an expression of a mental operation/abstaction.
Thus, each definition is based on universal principles of creation, as experienced in our cell body.

  • 0) Primordial logical operations (in phase space)
  • 1) Primary Numbers - Dimensional creation (origination)
  • 2) Prime numbers - Dimensional creation (unfoldment)
  • 3) Consequential/Secondary/Non-Prime Numbers - Dimensional manifestation (replication) (cf. Walter Russel)

‘Numbers’ 0, 1, 2, and 3 represent primary distinctions (cf. Spencer-Brown, in 4D).
It is (respectively) of 1) creation, 2) wholeness, 3) connectedness and 4) definition.
This is described in a series of publications:
Number 4 is the first explicit explicator of manifestation (the dynamics of replication), defining how we experience creation and how we interact with/in it.

The glyphs used for denoting the Primary Dimensional Distinctions (Primary numbers) all represent the dynamic of the Boundary Definition; which is also the formulation of/for the Boundary Transition




implicit order













Number 4 recapitulates/reflects the dynamics implied in the Primaries 1, 2 and 3.
Number 5 unfolds the inherent temporal (“Z/2”) dynamic and makes the process explicit.
Number 7 makes the self-regulation in context explicit.
Number 8 signifies double closure, and is the complement of 3 (and its double, 6) in a sense).

The universe is a hologram, with carrier wave and interference Field.
This is seen in the difference in qualities between primary (prime) and con-sequent (non-prime) numbers.
The Prime Numbers and their corollary, the Non-Prime Numbers are both consequential to the Primary (Primordial) Numbers (0, 1, 2, 3) which specify the dimensional basis within which the qualifier/quantifier numbers are used.

    Be aware:
    The formulation of the numbers 1, 2 and 3 is dependent on the formulation of 0 (zero).
    The number Zero opens a new dimension; a new quality of experience in creation.
    First that quality must be logically defined (See the articles on 4D D Logic, and STEC), before it can be replicated (which requires the number 3); after which stable iteration can be achieved.
    Numerical operations (algebra) are CONSEQUENTIAL to Numerological operations (Numerology), which again are CONSEQUENTIAL to Dimensional operations (Logic) which are CONSEQUENTIAL to changes of involvement (Freedom of Choice).

Freedom of Choice precedes participation in creation (“Logic”, causation).
Intent initiates the process/procedure of creation for manifestation (“Primaries”).
Intellect directs the process of continuation (“Primes”)
Experience affirms/confirms the structure of manifestation (“Non-Primes”).

This insight is well known, and described in many cultures.
The Tao Te Ching is one of many examples incase.
The text refers to the holographic nature of creation (carrier wave and signal wave).
This can now be described in a much more explicit manner, using ‘hologram notation’.

The ‘numbers’ 0, 1, 2 and 3 define the dimensional/logical Core/Kernel of the Projection.
The Primes represent the Determinant Vector of the Unfolding of Newness, within that specific creation.
The Secondaries (non-primes) specify the Matrix for manifestation.
All of these are defined on the basis of the original/originating/origin of the dimensional space ‘opened up’ by defining a new number Null/Zero (cf. From Zeto to Infinity, by Peter Rowlands).

(Referon, Kernel, Determinant and Matrix are the terms in algebra for defining a space)


  • Reality is a realisation.
  • Objectivity is based on subjectivity, always.
  • Manifestation is based on Creation.
  • Freedom of Choice is a logical operator on our participation in creation.

The uniVerse is a ‘dynamic Hologram’.
Its un-folding is based on a coherent sequence of logical expressions.
This is in part a ‘symmetry break’, by creating new options within the specific dimensional kernel (the Prime Numbers/Directives/Directions; an asymmetric fractal).
In part it is also a symmetrical/reflective/recursive operation (the ConSequential/non-prime orientations/reverberations/replications).

The number 0 operate by Freedom of Choice, and opens a new Dimensional Space for experience.
The numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 together form the core set (Kernel) for creation of manifestation.
The prime numbers define the fractal for differentiation (breaking symmetry).
The non-prime numbers define the series for preservation (symmetrisation).

All of these operations are based on number Null/Zero: the pivot of Freedom of Choice in creation
This is a Logical Operator,. i.e. an operator for change in coherence of dimensions.
In order to be able to unfold this, first a Referon (dimensional core coherence) must be created; this is done by specifying the relationship between the first three axes in the (new) dimensional set.
Then, it is possible to unfold that dimensional referon/kernel with/in/to its context.

The Numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 thus specify the core of our participation in creation.
Together they form one conjunct set, symbolising our different modes of involvement.
In fact they are not numbers but symbols for logical relations, determining our mental body dynamics.
The sequel is the "unfolding" pursues like a temporal fractal, like the unforlding of a plant (cf. David Bohm).

The three first numbers can (but need not be) orthonormal.
In that case this defines a spatial organisational structure.
This is the basis for e.g. the organisation of atoms and molecules.
The relationship between atomic/harmonic (symmetric) and molecular/symphonic (asymmetrical) organisation is described in the construct of the HyperMandala created by Roberto Renout.

  • Atoms of different size unfold from radial (harmonic) expansion.
  • Molecules arise from linear (sequential) expansion.

Dimensional naught/null/zero/void is a space for creation.
This can be defined in any location within existing manifestation.
Definition of a core node is possible only if the context contains a Freenode (a lacunation for Freedom of Choice).
The manifestation can be supported if, and only if, its unfoldment ‘weaves in’ to/with the locally existing manifestation in creation.

    This defines and details our scope and potential for participation in creation.

The 3 axes define our modes of involvement in creation, as manifest in our living body.
The 3 axes specify the meaning of free choice, as logical operations, as creators of manifestations in creation.
The 3 axes are socio-psycho-bio-logical operators that we use to define our involvement in creation.
The 3 axes are commonly known as 0) Spirit, 1) Soul, 2) Mind and 3) Body.

In our body and life there are many descriptions for our operations of these 3 logical axes (directions of decision).
The decision tree - as it operates in our body - is described in the paper “The Equation of Health”.
This Decision Tree is a (Time) Fractal, which operates in 1) cell division, 2) learning, 3) immune system and 4) metabolic system.
The integrity of the decision tree in integration with/in our context defines our realisation of health.

Integral health care identifies these 3 axes of logical operation within our living body.
Integral Health Care applies these principles for recognising our potential for self-healing.
The recognition of this 4-fold pattern, in our human body, is described elsewhere (
The understanding and application of this pattern is of help for self-healing.

One of the examples where we can see the pattern of logical de-velopment is in our life cycle:

    0 baby
    1 child
    2 adolescent
    3 adult

It represents the stages of unfoldment/involvement in/of our participation in creation.
They are the bio-psycho-socio-logical operators for our reality hologram navigation.
The locus of control for this navigation is found in the pineal gland ‘joy stick’.
This can be regarded as the final location of the zygote consequential to body formation.

The non-prime numbers are the dynamic of replication in creation (re-creation).
It is the web of interwoven cycles creation the stabilisation of the interference pattern of manifestation.
The prime numbers are the sites for possible replication of the impulse of creation.
They are the ‘bean-stalks’ by which creation can be given ‘new direction’.

The principle is that of hologram creation/replication.

Primes are places where the original impulse can be re-enacted.
Non-primes (con-sequent) are areas where manifestation can be replicated.
Together they are guides for creators :
prime (turning points) and non-prime (repetition).

We are a hologram within a hologram.
“The Copenhagen Convention was wrong".

Measurement of quantity is immaterial.
What matters, is the realisation of quality.

The 3 axes of Peter Plichta do NOT operate in 3 dimensions.
The core of the reference system takes place in the dimensional kernel; with 3 axes.
Once the dimensional core is established, it can be unfolded.
The primes therein always indicate the direction for the potential of newness.

The HyperMandala shows that there is a 3D stacked representation for preservation of coherence in creation.
In its representation as the HyperBoule it is possible to see that all numbers are Hamiltonian Pathways.
Each ‘higher’ number represents the next recursion of the possible cycles on the HyperBoule.
The schematic by Peter Plichta can thus be interpreted not as a 2D but as a 3D spatial organisation - he devised the Prime Cross to help understand atomic structural organisation.

The Prime Cross can be understood to provide the basis for dimensional organisation.
That leads to coherence in energy transformation, possible stabilisation as temporal processes and the potential for structural spatial manifestation.
What is defined for the concentric harmonic cycles in/as ‘atoms’ can be likewise understood for the process of molecular concatenation.
The Prime Cross representation of Peter Plichta is thus a first order approximation for our participation in creation; but also a ‘road sign’ for identification of choices towards/away from replication.

    Prime numbers always offer a new direction.
    Non-prime numbers always offer an extension on what already existed.

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