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This section deals with the fundamentals of ... magic (From Sanskrit Magd; Áreative power/potential).
(I never imagined that i would come to write about this, let stand, explain it.)
Magic is the operation of realisation; putting our thoughts in action, on Earth.
It applies the Consciousness Activation Cascade, which i described in 2008.

It makes use of the relationship between information and matter (Fun’daMentals; MetaThematics)
It applies the information organisation in our body (The Bones of Belief, MatheMusics).
It relies on our response-ability in our involvement in our realisation of reality.
It makes use of the understanding that participation in creation transcends science.


The art/act of Creation

  1. Starting point is the use of Freedom of Choice (Realisation: being aware of creative potential).
  2. This changes in the our ideas in our mind (potentially changing our beliefs).
  3. That again leads to a change on body activation (via the Consciousness Activation Cascade.)
  4. With, finally, an effect, via our body, on our context: realisation (‘making something real’)

The Consciousness Activation Cascade

  1. The pineal gland responds to the holographic light field.
  2. The (animal) neuro- and (vegetative) adeno-hypophysis relay that as electromagnetic response
  3. The organ glands respond by chemical (free electron shift) change.
  4. The body materials alter their material characteristics/activity

Material Intelligence

  1. intelligent gel
  2. transducer-transponder
  3. liquid crystal
  4. piezo-electric

Information Field

  1. cell activity changes, changing the intercellular circulation/dynamics.
  2. The metabolic shifts retune the organ (unified lemniscate) ‘orchestration’
  3. The result is a change of the balance of the system interface.
  4. Leading to a change in integration/embedding/involvement in the environment.

Integration Integrity

Together these dynamics define the change between the part and the whole.
That change takes place in/at/as the system boundary/definition/interface only.
It operates via a phase change of the dimensional phase organisation.
This spans/integrates/unifies all four aspects/scales/scopes of materialisation

Between atoms this is seen in the dynamic of atomic concatenation (molecule formation)

  1. light (photon leaps)
  2. electromagnetic (electron leaps)
  3. chemical (electron valency)
  4. material (bound electron)

Within atoms the same is seen as particular densification

  1. photon
  2. electron
  3. proton
  4. neutron

IN our body we experience this relationship as the matrix of/for involvement

















Magic = Reality Realisation

Magic is the act/art of expressing our intent (choice) in our life on Earth.
Our body is the interface between choice and manifestation.
Mental realisation precedes physical realisation.
Use of Freedom of Choice is learned by Trial and Error.

We perceive the reality-we-know-via our body.
The sensations that we experience are all anchored to our body.
All cells of the sensory system, thus all sensations, originate in our body.
In that sense we do not know our environment; we experience response in our body.

All our senses operate as part of our body.
All sensory cells derive, like all cells, from the zygote.
To understand sensations, we need to understand our body.
The following shows that reality … is a realisation.

De facto there are no facts; nor is there an objective observer.
“Samsara” is the usual (Sanskrit) word for the sense perceptions we derive from our body sensory system.
“Maya” is the usual (Sanskrit) word for the interpretation that we create, within us, based on our Samsara sensory sensations.
Every fact is an artefact, and ‘objective reality’ is a subjective realisation.

What we hold to be real is a personal mental creation.
Reality as we know it, does not exist: it is a form of consensus.
In order to understand how this works, we first need to understand how our body functions.
Then we can use those results to understand how we create (condition) consensus.

    We will find ourselves enmeshed in a conundrum.
    We create our interpretation of our body functioning, based on the functioning of our body.
    We create the models of our body, based on our perception of reality, which is in fact a realisation.
    We try to see our seeing, know our knowing: what we come up with is an inverse interpretation.

- - -

Our perception of our environment is based on nerve impulses on the surface of our body.
We likewise have bodily sensations, from below the surface of our body: propriocepsis.
These impulses converge in our brain, together with all other self-sensory impulses in our body.
What we call Reality, is a difference in sensation between surface and in depth bodily sensations.

  • The image of reality that we make is a mental construct:

From all throughout our body, information/sensations converge within the brain.
We recognise the same pattern as the circulation of blood to, and from, the heart.
And we recognise the same pattern as the transport in/through/out of an organ, typically the gut.
In all these we recognise the pattern of material/information exchange to/through a cell membrane.

  • The reality that we create is based on our cellular protein dynamics.

The Sensor Protein responds to information (vibration/charge potential differences) across the membrane.
The Portal Protein can open a hole in the membrane for the passage of (electromagnetically (inter)active) molecules, such as proteins.
The Linking Protein integrates the activities of these two proteins into a regulated action (it acts as a Maxwell demon).
The DNA Coating Protein, replicates the Linking Protein dynamics, and thereby sculpts the DNA, as archive of experience and (short term) back up potential.

  • Our perception of reality is based on the same mechanism, in nerve cells:

Sensory cells (‘points’) convert environmental changes into electrical impulses.
Nerve cells (‘lines’) relay this information, as Fourier (Time coherence) encoded signals.
Plexus cells (‘planes’) correlate these coded potentials into charge potential patterns.
Brain cells (‘volume’) integrate the signals from the cells, body organs, connective tissues and sensory system; and offer the result as feedback to all cells of the body.

  • Our realisation is based on the comparison/correlation of charge potential pattern coherence in our brain:

The Forebrain (‘point’) identifies distinct patterns with respect to our context.
The Left Brain (‘line’) analyses logical connections between part and whole
The Right Brain (‘plane’) puts the potential patterns into perspective.
The Hind Brain (‘volume’) (cor)relates the integral outcome, via our spinal cord, into our body.

  • In our body we experience four modes of realisation; known as Eden:

Our bone marrow cells represent the existence of mineral materials in our body; excreted by our own living cells; e.g. in the Sacrum (holy bone): the ‘garden’ of Eden.
Our gut cells represent the ‘roots’ of our vegetative system, known as the ‘Tree’ in the garden of Eden.
Our heart cells represent the organs of our animal (sympathetic and parasympathetic) organic system, connected in the spinal Cord, known as the “Snake’ in the tree in the garden of Eden.
Our brain cells represent the information integration of our self-aware - conscious - realisation of our experience in our body; having a characteristic ‘Van Allen Belt-like’ ‘Apple’ shape around the ‘head’ of the ‘snake’ in the ‘tree’ of the ‘garden’ of Eden.

  • Our body operates Dimensional Transmutation

In the abode descriptions we always see the same pattern: point, line, plane, volume.
These principles relate to changes in degree of recursion (bonding) in material cohesion.
In our body we experience as our specific ability to change degrees of freedom in matter.
This is the basis of our experience of freedom of Choice, characteristic for living beings.

  • The Four Elements in our Body

Solid Matter is a phase state with 3 phase cycles of recursion (bonds): Δ.
Liquid state is a phase state with 2 phase cycles of recursion (bonds): \_/
Gaseous phase is a phase state with 1 phase cycle of recursion (bond): - _/
Plasma mode is a phase state without phase recursion cycles (freebonds): . - _

  • The Four modes of Realisation

Classical Deterministic Physics relates to the phase state of physical matter.
Relativistic Process Chemistry pertains to the phase dynamics of molecules.
Probabilistic charge Electromagnetism refers to phase transformation in electromagnetism.
Integral Field realisation relates to the information integrity of phase space.


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