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Conditioned behaviour is the practice of creating reflex action.
We all do it; animals all do it; we can see it in all life forms.
We must thus not be surprised that we see it in all of science.
But we must be surprised when scientists deny this and ignore this.

Just imagine: the scientists who created the phrase “conditioning”…
They MUST have realised that what they formulated applies to themselves.
They MUST have known that their ideas determined on reflex dynamics.
They MUST have been aware that thus science as a whole is “conditioned”.

In school we can see how students are systematically conditioned.
They are forced to attend school, and forced to learn irrelevant knowledge.
Most of what they learn is, becomes, meaningless, because it has no context.
Students are conditioned to accept, assimilate, regurgitate and replicate.

Students are conditioned to become reflex robots, machine parts.
They are told to learn ‘information’ which their teachers cannot explain.
The only purpose of this is that they can be ‘examined’ by others.
Thus they are conditioned to believe that others can judge them (in what they know and ‘are’).

They are conditioned to operate by reflex, without understanding; without even knowing.
This conditions ignorance (of self, of causes, of meaning and of consequences).
It conditions stupidity in students, as habit, as reflex, as condition, as life style.
Which means that scientists (set to know the unknown) are conditioned to not-know.

Clear examples of this is seen in so-called ‘sceptics’, the fundamentalists of science.
They operate in the same manner as the fundamentalists in/of all ‘religions’.
They have been conditioned to accept the priests/teacher’s “because I said so”.
And never managed to break out of that reflex conditioning, and learn for themselves.

The conditioning of dependence, ignorance, superstition is best documented for ‘cults’.
Merck’s Manual had a page with a compact description of the techniques that are used.
It specified i.a. being supervised always, always kept busy, underfed and overtired.
Later the entry disappeared; maybe because medical education is done exactly so.

Conditioning is in essence the same as the taming of animals; domestication.
The animal is penned up, fed only if/when/what the ‘owner’ chooses.
The purpose is that the animal is conditioned to become dependent on the ‘owner’.
In the same manners schools force-feed pent-up students, with ‘fairy stories’.

The students do not learn to question the information, only the presentations.
Discussions are about use and communication, not about truth and realisation.
Because truth, in its essence is always unknown; behind axioms and assumptions.
The “known’ which takes its place is only the demonstrable repeatable; reflex.

Indeed, the ‘known’, and (ahum) ‘truth’, in science is merely a conditioned reflex.
“Measurability, Verifiability, Repeatability, Predictability”, is a “reflex” condition.
It is not related to what we can know (science)  but only to the known (record).
This is why conditioned consensus science does not understand health and life.

Life, Love, Consciousness and Health operate by the use of Freedom of Choice.
Freedom of Choice is a dimensional operator, acting in singular boundary conditions.
Freedom of Choice operate by shifting the state (condition) of the system boundary.
That is known as The Collapse of the Vector of State; a.k.a. the Art/Act of Creation.

Conditioning is in fact the creation of reflex; context-dependent replication of action.
Reflex is based on the principle of cell division = system(ic) self-replication.
Reflex conditioning is the act of automation of action; as unconscious acting.
Reflex conditioning make irresponsible; because it makes people response-unable.

Reflexes operate outside of time; outside of consciousness; outside of choice.
Reflex action is a direct form of enslavement, as ‘addiction’, to the existing/past.
Reflex action will repeat only what already was (a condition known as the Ego).
Reflex conditioning must therefore be well studied and wisely understood.

Students of science MUST learn how reflex conditioning takes place and is done.
They MUST learn that anything operating by reflex is conditioned by the past, and other.
They MUST realise that conditioned reflex actions are unconscious and irresponsible.
The MUST learn how to meditate; edit their own conditioned reflexes and responses.

As long as students/scientists do not know how they create their beliefs, they operate superstition.
As long as schools condition ‘knowledge’ instead of teaching how to learn, they crate superstition.
As soon as students learn to meditate, they can learn to reform deformed conditioned reflexes.
Only when students/scientists know how they create ideas, can they de-create superstitious beliefs.

Our culture is seriously hampered by age-old repression of humanity by a small group of humans.
The principle of animal domestication has been applied to fellow humans, as a large scale.
The practice of taming, now called reflex conditioning, has stupefied and stultified humanity.
Scientists need to study this, in order to know how this affects them, and keeps them ignorant.

These scientists are ignorant of their ignorance; they believe they ‘know’ and deny their superstition.
They can’t know what they don’t know, because the conditioned reflexes function as “Blind Spots”.
They can see this only when they start to question the most basic of their functions, and beliefs.
Which becomes evident as soon as they realise that Reflex Conditioning applies to … themselves.


Many scientists have no notion what they are doing.
Yet they are ... the research team for humanity.
They explore the unknown, in any way imaginable.
And they use their own mind to do so.

    But most of them have no notion what Mind is.
    They hold all kind of invalid ideas about mind.
    They believe that (only) they can trust their mind.
    But they have no notion how easily they can be fooled.

      Magicians often proclaim that scientists are their easiest targets
      They are so focused on what they see, that they miss out on all else.
      Stage magician James Randy has made such claims/proclamations.
      He is also the man who deceived Nature in the Benveniste studies.

The problem is that many of these people actually BELIEVE that they are right.
Worst still, most of these people actually BELIEVE that they do good.
Yet, to the extent that they deny the freedom of choice of others, they do wrong.
To the same extent, and in the same degree, what they know is wrong: it does NOT apply to others

    Many scientists still are ignorant of the role of involvement in our participation in creation.
    Theories were created to show that reality is a realisation (“The Collapse of the Vector of State”).
    Yet many ‘scientists’ pretend that, act as-if, these formulations of science do NOT apply to them.
    Yet it is evident that every description of reality is a formulation of our realisation.

Our involvement in our context takes place via the interface which defines us.
We are, literally, the uniVerse in inVerse - the outside-in version of our context.
Our interfacing determines our contact with our context; it defines our conditions.
Therefore we have to understand our conditioning; we must be able to recondition our conditioning.

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