Science as Non-sense Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

The purpose of science is to make sense of what we don’t know.
Science therefore studies the unknown; many  people do that together.
This makes science a society, with its own ideas, goals, and organisation.
But it can also mean that science is a guild, a cult with its own superstition.

Science in its way has taken on the role of the medieval churches.
Scientists thereby took on the role of the medieval priests.
Scientists pretend that science is the (only) purveyor of truth.
At least, that is what the Unscientists seem to (pro)claim.

In this series of Essays the unholy aspects of science are brought to light.
If science is to be brought to life, it must be brought back from the dead first.
A thorough diagnosis is needed, in which all possible problems are brought to light.
That, then, can be used to ensure that science does what it is meant to do.

In order to bring Science to Life, we must ‘kill’ dead (material) science.
The Essays in this section point out the limitation of the science of dead matter.
The limitations of dead (“object’ive”) science lie in the subjective scientist.
We must not look at the model/reality, but at the sensation/realisation.

[Science as Income]
[Science as Ignorance]
[Science as Fear]
[Science as Fantasy]
[Science as Art]
[Science as Act]
[Science as Laboratory]
[Science as Ritual]
[Science as Rite]
[Science as Society]
[Science as Condition(ing)]
[Science as Protocol]
[Science as Ego Construct]
[Science as Code]
[Science as Cult]
[Science as Guild]
[Science as Creed]
[Science as Symbol]
[Science as Illusion]
[Science as Hearsay]
[Science as Gossip]
[Science as Superstition]
[Science as Archetype]
[Science as Story Telling]
[Science as Fairy Tale]
[Science as Belief]
[Science as Myth]
[Science as Magic]
[Science as Prostitute]
[Science as Betrayal]
[Science as Con Science]
[Science as Fundamentalism]
[Science as Dictator]
[Science as Destroyer]
[Science as Non-science]
[Science IS Non-sense]
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