Science as Ego Construct Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

“The Ego is the Skin of the Soul”.
The Ego is a reflex construct.
Like the skin of the body is composed of ‘dead’ cells, the ego is composed of ‘dead’ reflexes.
Just as the skin can be calloused, abraded or inflamed, the ego too has its diseases.

Science (scientists) operates by protocols, rites, and rituals: thus reflexes.
Science is our interface with the unknown, for society; its skin.
The same diseases that we can find for the skin, we find in society, and science.
The same problems we know for the ego, we know for science and society also.

In the same way the body of knowledge of society is create from the composite of the bodies of knowledge of the scientists, likewise the ego of science is composed of the egos of all the scientists.
We need to understand the Ego of science, because it determines how science (as an entity) will defend itself.
We thus must understand the ego of the scientists, because they together, unconsciously, create the ego (self/ego defence) of science.
We need to understand the ego of science, because that is how science, as an entity, will defends its own wrongs.

    As is, science is doing many wrongs: we need to account for the ego of science, because these unconscious self-protective reflexes will aim to claim that there is nothing wrong with science...

Realise that science, as an entity, is an unconscious creature.
In social systems, the level of consciousness goes down when the number of participants goes up.
The number of participants, their relationships, the circles and networks can be geometrically represented.
It is the logical organisation between 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D systems.

The importance of the different levels of consciousness are ‘ignored’ in science.
Scientists (psychologists) studied it, but did not apply it to science/scientists.
The knowledge of intelligence ’lowering’ in mobs is studied in science, but not applied to science.
The understanding of compliance at different of consciousness is understood in advertising research, but it is not applied to scientists/science.

    The many problems caused by science are the result of this systematic ignorance of the levels of consciousness in the scientists, and the corresponding levels of ignorance in social system orders (sizes).
    Whatever misdeed is done at one level, will seem to be independent from what is taking place at another level.
    In the 4D system that governs science. scientists, humans and cell interactions, there is the possibility for total systemic inversal (4D boundary inversion), thus systemic total denial.
    In this manner the destruction taking place on Earth can be seen to be done by science, thus by scientists, but the real causes (financial dependence/manipulation, greed, ego, ...) remain unseen.

The 4D principles for healing (Integral Health Care) which apply to cells, humans and humanity also apply to science.
In 4D healing, body, mind soul and spirit are understood, and treated, as one sastem.
In 4D healing the four modalities of world healing are used, combined.
In science this corresponds with the integration of the four forms of science:

    1) classical physical deterministic material states
    2) relativistic molecular chemical process dynamics
    3) probabilistic electromagnetic atomic energy transformation
    4) integral unified information field creation

From our living body we can see that molecules are structural elements and information codes.
That means that all the principles of healing our body also apply to our mind.
Also, all healing principles we see in our body also apply to society.
That means that the ego problems of science can be healed.

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