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Magic has been misrepresented as (if) a conjuring or sleigh of hand.
Magic has been misrepresented as (if) mind over matter.
Instead, magic addresses the matters of mind.
Magic is the art of participation in creation.

There is a clear reason why magic has been misrepresented.
Mind is our greatest creative power.
However, the power can be great only of not limited to material thinking.
Magic finds it essence in the operation of mind, in creating realisation.

Mind is more fundamental than matter, and cannot be described in material terms.
Language refers to objects and structures of/in/as matter.
That language falls short in addressing the matter of mind.
That is the main reason why magic has become misrepresented.

In our body we can see how we operate mind; as information in formation.
Body materials are secreted/excreted by living body cells.
These are the core elements of our participation in creation.
Our body is but consequential; as the essential construct formed by those living cells.

The body materials are all created by the living body cells.
All body materials are responsive to changes of information states.
These reflect, immediately, as changes of state in formation.
That is what the alchemist already understood and described.

More important than the matter/materials however if the form of information.
For that reason the information in formation itself must be described.
That can not be done by forms of language which refer to matter.
But it can be done by understanding that matter is a form of information.

With that understanding objective science becomes science of the subjective.
All descriptions of reality are in fact formulations of realisation.
All equation that refer to matter, likewise reflect on our use of mind.
Magic is the culmination of that understanding: the language for/or realisation.

    In realisation we operate, wilfully, changes of consciousness.
    That affects changes in state of bio-logical coherence.
    That again conduces to changes of bodily state.
    In the end that results in a change of reality realisation.

Magic starts with a change of imagination; the photon field in/of our body.
Magic continues with a change in sensation; the body electromagnetic field.
Magic extends by a change in chemistry; the free electron flow in the body.
Magic leads to a change of materialisation; the physical bound body electrons.

Thinking, feeling, wanting and being are therein all connected.
The changes in bodily state then lead to changes in relating with/in context.
That results in a change in interaction/interfacing; with other and/with the context.
It finally produces a different state of embedding; with corresponding difference in realisation.

There is nothing magical about magic.
It is simply just what alchemist have always described.
It is, as they implied, not a physical but a phasical procedure.
Magic does not operate in physics; but in metaphysics (phase space).

Yet, magic is indeed magical also.
The change in realisation leads to a change ion reality.
It changes your participation in creation.
It thereby change the experiences in/of your life time.

Magic has everything to do with freedom of choice.
Magic is about intentionally making choices.
Magic deals with the mechanism by which choices are made.
Magic is the formulation for/of intentional realisation.

Magic is thereby simple: it is the right use of will, or intention.
Will, or intent(ion), is an idea which is persevered in mind.
As a result, the information shape in the body changes.
That information reformation must be stable enough to matter.

Everything cosmology describes applies to the mind.
Everything biology describes applies to realisation.
Everything history describes applies to ideation.
Every 'objective' description  is based on subjective sensation.

Magic always operates with your own mind and ideas.
Magic always alters your relationships and physiology.
Magic thereby changes the interfacing in nature and culture.
Magic demonstrates (proves) that reality is a realisation.

Magic is in fact the formulation of our use of our creative power.
By denying/ridiculing magic, you curtail your own imagination.
By calling it mere imagination, you deny that it determines your actions.
The combination of both, as seen in science, prove to be catastrophic.

Magic needs to be understood as the essence of our participation in creation.
Magic likewise needs to be understood are being a form/act/art of healing.
For magic operates on basis of the principles that manifest as our body.
Magic thereby needs to comply with the principles of life and creation.

That is why Magic, of old, was associated with love, healing and creation.
Without love and healing magic becomes unwholesome loveless destruction.
That has nothing to do with reality, but only with your own realisation.
The use of magic for destruction always leads only to your destruction.

That is because magic is the art of expressing the soul in creation.
In creating in a harmonic healing manner, your own soul grows.
In the use of magic for destruction, you cripple your own soul.
Because your soul is always the basis; magic merely amplifies intent.

Magic operates in 4 steps always: the first is intent of newness.
The second lies in contact with the existing; identification.
The third lies in interfacing: done as self transformation.
The last is the result, as direct experience of new realisation.

It is the connection between Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body.
It is the integration of Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious and Out-of-Conscious.
It is the realisation of information, regulation physiology and anatomy in our body.
It is an individual realisation in relationship with society in humanity (as life form of Earth in creation).

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