Science as Superstition Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Sometimes it helps to explore the other side of the equation.
Many people regard “science” as the ‘purveyor of truth’.
They therewith give it the glamour of … a religion.
But what if science is only, merely, a superstition?

    “Science has proven”, will be a meaningless phrase.
    “Scientists have discovered” will be poo-hoo’ed away.
    “This is Scientific” will be considered ridiculous.
    Yet that is nevertheless what we must consider.

Science was created, initiated, approx. 3 centuries ago.
At that time ‘the church’ claimed to know ‘what is true’.
That ‘truths’ was to be accepted ‘on (blind) faith’.
In the same way some parents say ‘because I said so..’.

Some things which are said by others are not true (thus lies),
Many things were claimed to be true/truth by the priests.
Yet researchers found otherwise, were burned, yet ‘proven right’.
The researchers were called “scientists” and “science” was born.

Yet over the ages ‘science’ was repeatedly wrong.
Not just a bit, but enormous very serious blunders.
“Plus” volt was in fact “minus”, positive ions are negative (unhealthy) ...
There are many cases where science was totally wrong.

Yet, at that time, the wrong idea was believed, and ‘proven’.
Which puts science, and scientists, at par with hypnosis.
Under hypnotic suggestion (‘spell’) any idea may seem real(istic).
Which merely proves that our brain allows for (self)deception.

Self-deception is actually one of the essences of living, being.
In fact, it is the quint’essence, which we know as freedom of choice.
It is a dimensional operator; able to ‘cross’ dimensional boundaries.
Which means that in it, and by it, opposites can be reconciled.

Any boundary connects very separate, different, fields.
In a boundary, opposites, meet, and are united.
That is the principle of Grand Unification.
The differences of fields are unified in their boundaries.

Freedom of Choice is the ability to change the operant/operational logic.
As a result, the dimensionality of the process/function/operator also is changed.
The underlying logic/dynamic is that of a boundary transition.
That is where freedom of choice includes the potential to lie.

Lying is a form of mental creation by anticipation.
Lying is based on the principle/process of denial.
Denial is the postulation of ‘the opposite of what is’.
"Opposition” (or inversion) is the same as ‘boundary crossing’.

Humans have a capacity for mental projection (multiplexing images).
That is based in the animal trait of territorial migration (crossing boundaries).
Which again is based on the process of vegetative adaptation (crossing surface).
Which again is based on the process of cellular integration (surface integrity).

Cells function, topologically, as a point in a domain.
Plants function analogously like a line versus a plane.
Animals function as a surface within a larger domain.
Sentient beings (i.a. humans) function as a domain within a domain.

    Human realisation is therefore ‘holographic’ ([3D]).
    Animal realisation is, with respect to this, planar.
    Vegetative realisation is, likewise, linear (fractal).
    Cellular realisation is pivotal point-like.

1D, 2, 3D and 4D are thereby integrated/united.
The integration of 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D, is as a Vortex.
In our body, we can see that it functions as a Vortex.
In our body we exist as cellular, vegetative, animal AND human being.

Our body functions as a 4D operator.
As in a vortex, it links inside and outside.
A lemniscate is an equivalent 4D representation.
That is the function we see in organic coherence.

All our organs, together, serve to ‘turn our body inside-out’.
‘That is the principle of cell-division, digestion, immunity, and learning.
The lemniscate/vortex is the process/principle of/for System Inversion.
As Lawrence Edwards showed; it is based on a line/boundary turning inside-out.

The system (uniVerse) and its opposite (inVerse) are one and the same.
The part and the whole are connected by singular Total System Inversion.
Animals (i.a. humans) use this in operating mental projection.
Therein we can complement/compare sensory perception with mental projection.

Just like all other animals, we can memorise/map our context.
We are also able to remember a context, where we once were.
That means that we can imagine a context where we are not.
We can also invert that, and imagine/project a future context.

That is why we are able to choose; because we are able to lie.
We are able to deny that the context we are in is decisive.
Instead we can take the context that we imagine as decisive.
In that way we can create what is not, by projecting imagination.

Let it be clear: we can choose because we can lie, thus deny.
The art of creation is to make choices which enhance the context.
We can only do that by synergising the ambient process dynamic.
That is: the outcome must liberate energy, by synergy/symbiosis.

The process of mental projection operates by (4D) ‘boundary crossing’.
It is the (4D) dynamic of turning the total system inside-out.
That means that it equate/integrates the system with its inverse.
That is why creation ‘thrives’ on singular(ity) opposition (“opposite”).

Every conscious being is able to operate this 4D dimensional logic.
The experience and use of this logic is known as “consciousness”.
Consciousness is a dimensional phenomenon: thus in phase space.
Consciousness operates by immaterial/qualitative/phase change.

The dynamic of dimensional/phase change operates by strict logic.
In all cases, at all levels, the 4D phase dynamic must be maintained.
In each transformation the actual state and its inverse are related.
Computational errors may cause inversion/mirroring/reflexing/denial.

    The denial, or inverse, or adversary, is called ‘devil’ in some religions.
    It is the ‘polar opposite’ of the on-going normal situation.
    It is the dimensional complement for that form in/of creation.
    It is the essence of the operator of freedom of choice.

When boundary inversion take place in the body that can cause diseases.
When boundary inversion takes place in the mind it can cause confusion.
When boundary inversion takes place in the soul it can cause loss of orientation (‘depression’)
When boundary inversion takes place in spirit it can cause life/death.

In other words: boundary inversion = disease = madness = death.
The degree of ‘con-fusion’ depends on ‘the error in logic/computation’.
Health in anatomy/psychology/sociology/ecology is ‘computational integrity’.
In which we always must account for the pivot of computation: the boundary singularity.

In our body we can see that the volume of the body originates from cell division.
This means that the body surface is the plane of integration with/in context.
That however means that it depends on the integrity of the (time) fractal of cell division.
Which is based on the system singularity: the living cell (= the uniVerse in inVerse).

The complementarity/unity of the system with/in the context is based in/on the system singularity.
This is where the system, and its opposite, are functionally/dimensionally ‘the same’.
In body anatomy physiology this is known as our Blind spot (as, e.g,, found in our eyes).
It is a.k.a “singularity”, “anomaly”, axiom”, “taboo”, “black (w)hole”, or “the unknown”.

In everything we do, in life, we always (inter)face (with) the unknown.
That is the essence of life; and the basis of Freedom of Choice
It also means that we, in choosing, always interact/interface with/in the unknown.
That is where we make use of memories/reflexes/belief-or-fait/superstition.

Superstition is an essential part of conscious functional mentation.
Superstition is merely another facet/aspect of belief/faith/memory.
“Memory” is an actual factual replication of experience in the past.
“Faith”, “Belief”, and “Superstition” are ‘fuzzy set’ varieties of the same

Science deals with the unknown; thus uses our psychological functions to do so,
Whatever we find in the individual scientist, we will find in the collective of science also.
Whatever physical and mental diseases scientists can have, science can have also.
It is not possible to assume, nor claim, that science is right; nor that scientists are sane.

Science is the on-going exploration of the limits of our understanding; the unknown.
In that process we operate the 4D dynamic of boundary transition, and system inversion.
Just as we make use of hypotheses and assumptions, likewise we use belief and faith.
That means that science as a whole indeed operates as a religion, AND as superstition.

History shows that science/scientists were often very, very, wrong.
History also shows how difficult it is for science/scientists to recant.
Even when they see they are in error, they will tend to defend their view.
Science has as much an ego, as scientist are reflex-driven_ego-based.

Science is as much a superstition as is any other religion.
Science cannot see that it serves a superstition, because it takes place in its Blind Spot.
Superstition takes place where hypothesis/assumption/trust/memory is somehow needed.
The more the unknown differs from the unknown, the greater needs be the ‘leap of faith’.

    The mental processes of science, and the scientist, are one and the same.
    The processes of psychology, and physiology, in our body, are one and the same.
    The principle of perception (sensation) and projection (mentation) are one and the same.
    The dynamic of sensorycepsis (cortex) and propriocepsis (cerebellum) are one and the same.

    In our body (in medical research) we can see how the natural dynamics functions, and can be disturbed.
    Disturbance of the processing/cycles of physiology causes disturbance of psychology also.
    Bio-chemical cycle disarray is (at the same time) disarray of the bio-electric circuits also.
    Electro-magnetic dysfunction is radio-informatic dysfunction in our body, also.

Everything we find in our body, we find in the scientist, and thus in science.
Research in hypnosis, and drugs, show how people can be illusional and delusional.
Whatever can happen by drugs and hypnosis can happen by disease and conversation.
There is no reason to assume that scientists/science will always be healthy and sane.

We must conclude that, yes, science WILL be a superstition.
It will be (intentionally so) operating as superstition by faith when hypotheses are tested.
It will (unintentionally so) operate as superstition when hypothesis-disproving data are disregarded.
It will (dangerously so) operate as superstition, when the fact that it CAN be a superstition, is denied.

That is why we needed to start this text with the idea that we needed to assume that science might be a superstition.
By doing so, we now know that science indeed can be and will be a superstition.
By knowing when it will be a superstition, we can use that to explore the unknown.
When we deny that is can be a superstition, it will be a superstition, and deny the known.

    There are some groups of people, self-proclaimed ‘sceptics’, who present science as if true.
    They thereby not only put science in the role of religion, but also make it into a superstition.
    Science makes no claims about truth nor about falsehood.
    Science is merely a (collective) exploration of the unknown.

Therein science can do only what scientists can do.
Science will be prone to all the errors that scientists are prone to.
Quantity in consensus is never a measure of truth.
Quality of experience is as close to ‘truth’ (truism) as we can get.

The description of experience can NEVER replace the experience.
Life, creation, experience, is by definition ALWAYS subjective.
Objective reality does not exist; is ow only, merely, a description.
The so-called ‘objective reality of science’ is a description only; a superstition.

A Superstition is an instrument for mass manipulation.
Money is an example of a superstition: it has no value.
Money (scrap metal, scrap paper) is in fact a bond (of servitude).
Money puts people into bondage, without their knowing.

Superstition is based on ignorance and deception.
Ignorance, due to (most often) innocence: not knowing.
Deception is usually based on malice: abusive rape.
Superstition, like pedophilia, abuses defenceless people.

All beings go through a natural/normal development cycle.
In humans, this passes from Body, to Mind, Soul and Spirit.
This develops Individual, Relationship, Group and Humanity.
Individuality, Society, Humanity and all life are therein related.

Superstition is one aspect of what is known as religion.
Superstition, Church, Religion and Mysticism are related.
All are intended to help humanity deal with the unknown.
All are intended to help to act as creators in creation.

However, in humanity abuse has become 'part of life'.
Humans have started to parasatise on other humans.
It is an endemic parasitical affliction, ailing the species.
This started long ago with the domestication of animals.

It initiated the distinction between Matrism and Patrism.
Matrism, associates with care of the Earth, and living with Nature.
Patrism associates with domestication, domination, subjugation.
That led to parasitism, such as the Vikings robbing the nations.

It is the same pattern as seen in so-called Patrician societies.
These, the father is said to be the head of the household- all-decisive.
It is a conditioned pattern of social belief and collective behaviour.
It is based on crippling the weak, like clipping fowl's wings.

Domestication of animals can be seen to be the core cause.
Males, with 15% more muscle, started to subjugate women.
Men, unable to ever be women, created make-belief rituals.
The roman church wine rituals are based on ... menstruation.

It is necessary how widespread superstition is.
It must be understood how superstition is 'preached'.
The innocent/ignorant are bullied into accepting ideas of others.
It is an explicit rape of Freedom of Choice; before autonomy developed.

Western Society 'got stuck in puberty' as its development shows.
Sex and violence are the overt hidden codes of the culture.
Society is dominated by the Military Industrial Complex.
Individual Freedom of choice is rarely cultivated/respected.

In many nations, spiritual development is likewise stunted.
Like packs of animals some people dominate all others.
Always, that domination is based on threat of death.
Jacques Foucault described how that system is maintained.

We see the same in the society of science; a cult/guild.
Bankers controls what is (NOT) developed via money.
Politicians rule what is (NOT) allowed, by ..'corporations'.
Professors are curtailed in what they may (NOT) do.

It is all based on the principle of hierarchy for domination.
Therein one person consistently/insistently decides for others.
It is the model of the parent, not allowing the child to grow up.
It is the model of parasitism, on which Catholicism/the Mafia is based.

Science is in its way example of this concept.
Science does not study (even denies and ignores Freedom of Choice.
Science therein exemplifies/uphold the negation of Freedom of Choice.
Science (as abstract collective) can do so because scientists do it.

Therefor it is necessary to address the notion of Science as Superstition.
Superstition is a belief, in which the beliefs are determined by others.
It makes use of conditioned control of ideas for deception.
It is a standard mental hypnotic technique, used by religions.

Scientists are no trained to used their own mind
Scientists do not make models on the origin of ideas.
Scientists do not study how scientist create/form science.
Scientist's ignorance/innocence make science unscientific.

Superstitions intentionally 'teach' its victims nonsense.
The repetition of that nonsense is used as check for gullibility.
In many churches it can be 'the birth of a son from a virgin'.
In science it is the 'belief in matter as creator of life'.

The degree to which the cult members believe the non-sense is important.
It has no purpose for the belief of the group, but for the group cohesion.
Most often it is used to discern (obedient) ‘members’ from non-members.
The non-sense is a gauge for the degree of submission to the will of others.

Superstition/belief differs from religion/faith by this aspect of domination.
The essence and principle is the same in each case; the difference lies in abuse.
Faith/Religion serves the social use of being able to cope with the unknown.
Superstition/belief is a form of abuse in which the members in fact serve others.

Science as such operates as a superstition.
It only in part serves the interest of society for ‘getting to know the unknown’.
To a larger extent it serves the interests of the people who finance/control science.
As history shows, this involves the production of war and the destruction of the planet.

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