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In Engineering school I was taught that matter is dead: “action + reaction = 0”.
I wondered how we (then) can discover newness, and get to know the unknown.
It led me to medical school, where I discovered the nature of freedom of Choice.
To rediscover that the alchemists had understood it already: “the Quintessence”.

Freedom of Choice IS the Quintessence: the (bio-) logical dimensional operator.
We live in four interconnected dimensions, which can transmute into each other.
The transmutation takes place by changing the dimensionality (degrees of freedom).
This can take place ONLY in the system singularity, in the interface, in phase space.

This means that information is more important than matter; “information matters”.
In our body we see the principles of cosmology in action: phase <=> atoms <=> molecules <=> matter.
In fact, in our body: photon-leaps <=> electron-leaps <=> electron-valency <=> electron bonding.
This radio-information <=> electromagnetism <=> free electron (chemistry) <=> physics.

Not physics, but information in formation is the basis of universal creation.
What matters, is our involvement in our participation of universal creation.
We must understand and describe how we regulate the system singularity.
We must account for, and learn to operate, our involvement in realisation.

    Quantum Theory reformulated the concept of our participation in creation.
    “The Collapse of the vector of State” puts mind and matter at equal level.
    Both are aspects of electromagnetic signal information field interactions.
    We must understand how we think in as much detail as ‘physical matter’.

Science originated in a time of domination of the Roman church system.
Scientists were told that they were allowed to study physical matters only.
Priest claimed that they had monopoly on the study of mind and soul.
Because priests used/use mind for totalitarian mass people control.

Science has now discovered that matter = molecules = atoms = information.
Science now starts to understand that matter is in fact a form of information.
Scientists still must understand that transmutation is the basis of manifestation.
In our body we see that the transmutation of matter is the foundation of life.

Freedom of choice is the alchemical Quintessence of material transmutation.
Transmutation is the logical operation of the change of degrees of freedom.
A change of degree of freedom is a logical operator, changing dimensionality.
We not only live in 4 dimensions, we also actively interact/interface with them.

The change in dimensions takes place in the interface, in the singularity, in phase space.
The only place where we can describe this is in the reorganisation of phase space.
Every description of reality must be interpreted as a formulation of realisation.
Everything we know about physical reality, helps understand consciousness.

Roman priests told scientists not to study consciousness and the soul.
Science now shows that the soul is the fractal of coherent cell divisions.
This gives the basis for understanding the (formerly) Blind Spots of Science.
We can now describe and understand life, love, consciousness and health.

We can only understand and describe this as (at) the (level of) phase change.
Photon-leaps … <=> … electron-bonding; signal waves … <=> … physics.
There is no difference between mind and matter: they are ‘the same’.
Because Space <= Time <= Energy <= Consciousness; are forms of phase.

A full revision of our individual/collective understanding is needed.
Reality is not physical but phasical (phase space in formation).
Intent (literally) matters: as we experience in our body.
We must account for our active participation in creation.

Edwin Schrödinger described that our measuring determines the measurement.
Bill Tiller proved that our intent in any event affects/co-determines the outcome.
Psychosomatics demonstrate that our mind affects our body materialisation.
It is time to understand the consequences: Reality is not real, but really magic…


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