The 4D Electron Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Dreaming has a long-standing important input in science.
The Benzene rings, and quantum, were discovered in dreams.
Dreaming forms an important part of my thinking process.
Many ideas present themselves, first, in a dream,

This night (2012.02.09) i saw the image of the 4D electron.
1) a dot, 2) a double-lop, 3) a lemniscate and 4) a Borromean ring.
The dream context offered no direct cognitive information.
But it provided a felt, deeper, understanding; about embedding.

The 4D image perfectly suits the concept of the 4D D Logic.
It pertains to the 4 modes of 1) state, 2) process, 3) transformation and 4) integration.
That can be interpreted also as different modes of observations.


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