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Below you see the most basic form of vibration.
It is a Gabor Point; a point turning itself inside out, and back in.
It is essentially the form of a vortex, a spiral, a point, a sphere.
It is the interplay of this point with itself which creates all forms in creation.

The first phase of this vortex is oneness; coupled with Freedom of Choice (Logic).
The second phase is emergence, extension (in mathematics call it an Operation).
The third level is where it meets up with itself, in a temporary closure (Function).
The fourth final level is where that then turns back on itself, to be (Validation/Value).

The first phase per definition requires our participation in creation: Consciousness.
The second phase is its expression - phase change - commonly called Energy.
The third phase is that of continuation, as a cycle, the basis for Time.
The forth phase is that of the manifestation of structure - standing wave: Space.

This is known in Alchemy as the relatedness between Fire, Air, Water and Earth.
Physics uses the terminology of Plasma, Gas, Fluid and Solid.
Chemistry calls it Photon leaps, electron leaps, electron valency, and bound electrons.
We experience it as Consciousness, our regulatory system, physiology and anatomy; respectively.

In our body we see that all materials react to information; consciousness matters.
Body materials are intelligent-gel, transistor, liquid crystal, and piezo-electric.
Body cells build, rebuild and unbuild the whole body structure, continuously.
Materials (molecules, atoms) serve for anatomy, physiology, regulation and consciousness.

Our whole body is based on Alchemy; with continuous transmutation.
Louis Kervran and David Hudson have described the existence and principle of transmutation.
We live it, experience it, within our own living body.
The image below shows a way we can represent it as wave forms:


wave train

wave envelope

soliton wave

MatheMusics - Wave

MatheMusics - Wave Train

MatheMusics - Wave Envelope

MatheMusics - Wave Soliton

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