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The Bones of Belief - Trabeculation

The Trabeculae are the shapes by which bones are formed.
:et's introduce the term “Trabeculation" as the dynamic of its formation.
Evidently, trabeculae are created by osteoblasts and osteoclasts, conjointly.
Trabeculation is a larger principle, that of producing the pattern of coherence.

    The ' gothic' lines in the bones are formed by trabeculation.
    Vertebrae formation in the spine is example of trabeculation.
    Cell organisation in the form of (different) organs is by Trabeculation.
    Hair distribution patterns are examples of trabeculation.

Trabeculation thus not only pertains to the formation of trabeculae in the bones.
It also applies to the creation of the joints in the bones.
But then it must also apply to the creation of solid and hollow organs.
It this must be cased on the dynamism of the Torus, the underlying shape of the body.

The Principle of Trabeculation then is, must be, based on that of Cell Division.
This means that it is directly tied in with self-healing and the dynamics of learning.
The dynamics of self-Healing and Learning is described in "The Equation of Health".
The principle of Trabeculation is based on the underlying dynamics of Cell Division.

Cell-division take place in Time-Space, as a time fractal.
Cell-division is organised from Energy-Consciousness.
Energy-Consciousnes, and consciousness-energy, are dual.
They are traditionally known as respectively "Life" and "Qi".

Trabeculation is a manifestation of both.
Physically, Trabeculation follows the principles seen in Soil Mechanics (de Josselin de Jong).
Operationally, trabeculation followed the electromagnetic charge potentials (Robert Becker).
Functionally Trabeculation expresses the pattern/dynamic of integration/iteration of part into whole.

Every process linking the part in/to the whole is called 'Holographic'.
The hologram is based on the interplay of a signal wave and carrier wave.
The principles thereof have been addressed in the text "Bio-Holograms".
In this context, it needs to be understood as a process dynamic of System Inversion.

Lawrence Edwards described how inversion of a line through a point is the essence.
This is the basic dynamic seen in the manifestation of all life forms.
Therein the shape of the Egg, and the Vortex, are each other's dual.
The form of the Vortex, by principle, integrates 4 dimensions.

This is also the dynamic underlying Trabeculation.
The form is a function of the transformation in context.
In the bones we se that the shape is based on electric charge fields.
This stresses the need to regard the whole body as electromagnetic; a ' computation'.

Trabeculation is the manifestation of the computation.
Trabeculation is produced by he interaction of living cells.
The living cells excrete matter in very defined living cells.
The cells derive their information in their experience of being a part in a whole.

Bone cells in a sense are the most primordial cell types.
They live ' in a cave', where other cells live ' in colony', in a stream', or in context.
These are four different cell categories, with for different functions and cell types.
All of these integrate tier experience in their DNA; and share information via Resonance.

Bone Cells operate 'on their own', in conjunction.
Osteoblasts and osteoclasts together form the bone structure.
Primordial amorphous bone cells, are the equivalent of the Zygote for cell formation.
Bone cells demonstrate that they all operate on basis of electromagnetic signals/information.

We thus can NOT regard the cells separate from their electromagnetic surroundings.
As Cyril Smith showed: homeopathy and acupuncture offer electromagnetic information.
Trabeculation is example of the putting of information in formation.

The bone architecture and shape, is a manifestation if information formation.
All of the bones show flow forms, as do all organs.
All modulations of the bone surface correspond with functions.
The nomenclature of bone anatomy, is indirect reference to the function.

    In the present context we need to actually describe and define that underlying integral function:

Trabeculation is by definition a holographic process.
Always, the bone formation forms part of the formation of the whole body.
Every bone represents the result of a computation.
It is the manifestation of long term systemic balance in equilibration within context.

Trabeculation is an expression of a computation.
It is, thereby, the computation.
In essence it is the "equation sign"; the proof of balance.
It is the manifestation of how we relate to our 'context'.

Trabeculation does not just apply to bone formation.
It also relates to the formation of all body organs.
It applies the discernment of solid/hollow organs.
It is an instantiation of the dynamic of body regulation.

Trabeculation the is the manifestation of body regulation.
It represents the principle seen throughout the whole body.
It is also the concept for formation of the whole body.
It is based on a larger concept: integration of information (in context).

Trabeculation is a holographic dynamic.
It operates by an integral 4D dynamic logic.
The manifestation is merely consequential.
The basis if (holographic) information integration.

In trabeculation we see the interplay between 'hardware' and 'software'.
We experience the act/art of “information in formation" as manifestation.
We see that the software created the hardwired; the mathematics makes the physics.
We thus need to look for the underlying form of information (devoid from matter).

Trabeculation represents specific characteristic/quality of information.
Trabeculation does not describe the end result: the trabeculae.
Trabeculation describes the dynamic process of trabeculae formation.
Trabeculation calls for the understanding of the underlying information system.

    We know that the underlying information is electromagnetic.
    Robert Becker, Björn Nordenström, Cyril Smith and Herbert Fröhlich showed this.
    We also know that we are dealing not with energy but information.
    Phil Callahan, Bill Tiller, Karl Pribram and Michel Bounias showed this.

We need a separate description of the information fields for trabeculation.
We know that these information fields are holographic.
We know that these information fields operate Total System Inversion.
We know that there information fields are zero-point vortex transitions.

The mathematics that is being developed is that of Peter Rowlands and Diego Rapoport.
The logic of the mathematics of Peter Rowlands is found in biology, as shown by Vanessa Hill.
We need to account for the integrity of the interface, as shown by Bill Tiller and Walter Schempp.
But most of all we must understand that living cells operate Trabeculation; while operating Freedom of Choice.

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