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The Bones of Belief – The Art of the Joint

The Latin word Artus (Art), is the root word for “a Joint”.
In the body we can see how it acts as singularity for the system.
It is at the same time part of the system, and part of the context.
“To Articulate”, is to give expression – to a belief.

The joints in our body help understand how we link in/to context.
The joints form part of the connective tissue system.
They also relate to the differentiation between solid/hollow organs.
At the same time they illustrate the transmutation of matter/in(-)formation.

The organisation of layers in a joint recapitulates the layering of the body.
The layering is based on the dynamic of vortexing (Total System Inversion).
This is related to the differentiation of specific joint types.
It also pertains to the ordering of bones in the body.

    In each limb we find 4 joint types; “Earth”, “Water”, “Air”, “Fire”.
    In the body we find 4 structure types: Skull, Ribs, Pelvis and Vertebrae.
    In each joint we find integration of four structure forms: bone, periost, sinews and muscles.
    Within each bone we find four types of structuralisation.

What we find in the joints is the inverse of what we see in the bones.
In the bones the focus is on material solidification.
In the joint the focus is directed on the preservation of degree of freedom.
Therein the joint forms the parallel to the anatomy of open spaces in the body, such as the gut.

The bones help understand how we form, organise, operate and maintain our beliefs.
The joints help us understand how we operate and preserve Freedom of Choice.

Diseases of the joints (e.g. pseudartrosis) help us formulate diseases operating within Freedom of Choice.
This is the core of the quality of life in (human) being: to learn how to operate Freedom of Choice.

The Logic is that of 4D information in formation underlying all creation.
The topology is that of the dynamic of (hyper/re/ex/incursion.
The principles involved are those of embryological folding of developmental planes.
The process is that of the Hanappi/Verveen organic cycles in the body.

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