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The Bones of Belief
- The role of Belief in Realisation

Beliefs are the basis of wars, and determine the way we live.
Politicians use mass media to manipulate beliefs.
Religions have been seeding and manufacturing beliefs for a long time.
But people individually seem unaware of how they create and use their beliefs.

This series has been initiated in order to explore the beliefs in science.
Science proclaims that it explores and ascertains "reality".
Science also specifies that reality is a realisation.
Quantum theory specifically specifies reality as “The Collapse of the Vector of State”.

Participation in Creation

Quantum theory came to the realisation by discovering the nature of matter.
As it turned everything material is made up of ('atomic') oscillations of waves.
Everything in reality is thus made up of waves; we, and the universe.
All realisations are thus based in the interactions of (wave) Fields.

This is now understood, but not taken into consideration.
People still use the models of classical mechanical science.
Thereby they believe that they can maintain the model of "Control".
Whereas, in fact, reality is based on realisation, by participation.

We need to understand and be specific:
Science is NOT scientific

The history of science is evidently not scientific.
Over hundreds of years, models were made and abolished.
In each case the models were held to be true; "believed".
In most cases those models were later realised to be 'false'.

This means that the 'progress' of science is based on beliefs.
Not the beliefs themselves matter; they are but 'limbs'.

Like limbs they help propagate from one 'state to another'.
Specifically, changes of collapse of state; of “the vector of state".

We are dealing here with the core 'machinery' of science.
Science is not the 'technology' that science has created.
Science is not the 'machinery' of ideas scientists created.
We are dealing with our use of beliefs, in our participation in creation.

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