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The Bones of Belief - Belief in Bias

There is a parallel between bone diseases and problems caused by ailing beliefs.
Evidently it is necessary to understand the nature of beliefs first.
That being understood, it is possible to come to grasps with diseased beliefs.
As before, we can illustrate the problems with beliefs, by comparing them to problems of bones.

“Broken bones”, “deformed bones”, “brittle bones”, “bone growth problems”.
We find all the same problems when we reflect on beliefs.
This is where we can perceive Bias and Bigotry as belief-diseases.
As with bone disease, where we need to regard bone formation, with belief-diseases we need to regard belief-formation.

Bone diseases come in four categories:

  1. Bone cell diseases: the cells are hurt (e.g. by electro-radiation).
  2. Bone metabolism diseases: derailment of related body organs.
  3. Bone nutrient diseases: deficiencies in (food) nutrient availability
  4. Bone growth diseases: problems with regeneration information.

Belief diseases fall in the same four categories:

  1. Belief structure ailments (false information foundations)
  2. Belief processing failures (feedback warp)
  3. Belief regulation impairment (projection errors)
  4. Belief integrity collapse (paradigm shift)

Because we perceive errors of belief only in action, we must also look at the dynamics of belief actualisation.

  • The equivalent of a bone of belief in action is a Reflex.
  • The equivalent of a belief in context, is a superstition.

In our body we operate the balance between health, adaptation, compensation and decompensation.
In beliefs, we can call this: Belief, Blind Spot, Bias and Bigotry.
In action, we can call it: Reflex, Ritual, Rut, Rot.
These are the four phases of a boundary transition (viz. cell endocytose/exocytose, and the Mach Conic in physics).

    Bigotry and Bias, Ritual and Superstition.
    Science is riddled with it; full of it.
    But incapable to see this, itself.
    Because they are forms of belief.

Bias is a belief.
It is related to superstition.
Bigotry is a bias projected on others.
Ritual is a belief turned into action.

There is a direct relationship between reflex and belief.
A reflex is a patter of programmed habituation.
Reflexes operate beyond consciousness; as sub-/un-conscious action.
The same is the case for beliefs; they too are sub-/unconscious actions.

Belief is the equivalent of a mental reflex.
Bias is an inverted mental reflex of perception.
Bigotry is an inverted mental reflex of projection.
Bone-equivalent of bias and bigotry is the bone-diseases

Many people believe in bias.
This is not a conscious decision, but operated by reflex.
Ignorant of the way they make beliefs, they make erroneous beliefs.
When they project these erroneous beliefs on others, they produce unscience.

    Unscience has been separately described: it is the opposite of doing science.
    Unscience operates on emotions; it tries to avoid scientific research.
    Unscience is an inversion of science by operating a bias projected as bigotry.
    Unscience can only be corrected by understanding that, and why, it inverts science.

The process of deformation of belief into bias and bigotry needs to be studied.
The deformations are based on the operation by Reflex; thus as Blind Spot.
The process of health/disease in mind and body has been described by Bert Verveen.
The solution, remedy, for erroneous beliefs is therein contained.

Science operates many blind spots, and thereby operates by bias and bigotry.
Because it operates under the bias of a blind spot, scientists are not aware of this.
One of the biggest blind spots is that scientists believe in the existence of science.
They forget that science is a product created by scientists, just as bone is produced by cells.

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