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Bones of Belief - Realisation Dynamics

Freedom of Choice operates by optimising the (dis)charge potential of realisation.
Realisation is the computation (correlate/compare) of 3 time processes (in 4D Time).
This involves the Cortex ([3D]), Cerebellum ([2D]) and Body Memory ([1D]).
Freedom of Choice operates in the ([0D]) pivot for Total System Inversion.


Pattern recognition in body information processing

We can explore the parallel between the brain and the cell.
Bruce Lipton summarised the cell learning by 4 proteins:
1) sensor-, 2) portal-, 3) linking- and 4) DNA-mantle proteins.
They form the basis also for the functioning of the whole body.

The Sensor Protein is equivalent to the body sensory system.
The Portal Protein can be compared to the gut/digestive system.
The Linking Protein can be held to represent the connective tissue.
The DNA Mantle Protein is the (memory) function of all the body cells.

In the body we see that we operate by four connected parts.
Head (thinking/sensor), Heart (throughput), Hara (transformation) and Holy Bone (being).
These represent the Sensor, Linking, Portal and DNA-mantle-protein in a different manner.
We see the same 4-part principle/pattern in the organisation and function of our brain.

The forehead represents the point-perspective; and the ability for identification.
The left brain represents the logic of linear analysis, the capacity for linking.
The right brain represents the plane/ability for comparison and discernment; filtering.
The hind brain represents the volume/ability to integrate, and incorporate; with the body.

4D Logic of Manifestation

This is related to the function of the sensory cell, in presenting a point perspective.
The neurone represents the ability to link information, and relay it onward, linear.
The plexus represents the ability/plane for integration; the eye retina ("Retinex") is an example.
The brain represents the function/volume of overall integration, and reflection (as does the heart).

In each case there is the basis in the point perspective; 0D, and its specific (Dirac Pulse) code.
This then extends in the form of a reverberation, a Fourier Code along a 1D line.
That then integrated into a 2D plane of information comparison, in a Moiré Array.
Ultimately it leads to a 3D dynamic of unification (and inversion) in Hologram code/Volume.

The relationship is determined by the interplay between a point, line, plane and volume.
It is the dimensional interaction (a Logic) between 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D perspectives.
The coherence/dynamic in/of/as the body is not spatial but dimensional.
This we experience as anatomy <= physiology <= Regulation <= Information integration.

Information in formation

This is based on the relationship between information as atoms in molecules forming matter.
Therein 'photons' position 'electrons' in (respectively) atoms and molecules as matter.
Photon leap => electron leap => valence electron => bound electron: "Materialisation".
In our body we see that the process of materialisation is a manifestation of information organisation.

That, we experience and operate within our brain; and the various operational brain quadrants.
We exercise it, in our life, as the operation of Freedom of Choice, in our living body (cells).
From the Pineal => hypophysis => organ glands => cell functioning (The consciousness Activation Cascade).
Thus the body cells all respond (in)directly to our state of mind (realisation).

In our brain we see how our mind functions: again we can identify four components.
The Cortex offers information of the body surface (interpreted as if it is the world image).
The Cerebellum offers the information of the status quo of the body; as the internal state.
The brain core (and the body) functions as the memory storage - the place where reflexes 'act'.

The fourth element in the brain function can not be identified in the brain structure.
It corresponds with the processing of information; not electrical, chemical or physical.
It is the direct operation which takes place in phase space; the process of the psyche.
This has been separately described in the relationship between Space-Time and Energy-Consciousness.

4D Logic of Realisation

Every experience in our context 'reverberates' within our body/being.
We know how sensation goes from a sensor to a neuron to a plexus to the brain.
We know that every electromagnetic circuit is also a (Cross section of a) Radio wave.
We see that in our body a Hologram, circuit, branch and node are always interrelated.

The means that we can understand our brain as a 4D composite EM field system.
The 3D Radio wave = 2D E-M Circuit = 1D Electrical Current = 0D Potential Voltage.
Remember how in the transition from sensor => brain information is 4D encoded.
This is the case also for each of the 4 aspects of the hologram field of brain and body.

That offers a clue to understand how we realise our realisation; from first principles.
The basic mechanism is that of the 4 cell proteins, interacting in unison in recording experience.
The same is the case in the sensation cascade, from sensory cell to the brain (hologram).
The same is the case in inverse, in the Consciousness Activation Cascade (Pineal Grand => Hypophysis => Organ Glands => Body Cells)

    This is the mechanism by which we record information into our DNA, and program reflexes in the brain.
    In realising realisation, we have the ongoing interplay between internal and external information sensation.
    Every sensation in the body can be understood to be a 0D/1D/2D/3D form of (electromagnetic) vibration.

    Reality, as realisation, is therefore a 4D pattern, a construct, derived from integration of sensation of vibration.

Choice [0D] between context [3D] / body [2D] / memory [1D]

Every experience is recorded into the body memory; analogous for the “Lipton Mechanism” for the cell.
The environment, the bodily sensation, the bodily response, and the overall outcome are recorded.
These memories are stored, encoded, outside of space-time, in the core of our brain.
In life experience we interface those reflex/memories with the state of the environment and of the body.

That determines the substrate of/for the dynamic of realisation.
The changes of the environment are relayed to the brain from the body surface (Sensoricepsis).
The states of change of the body are represented from the body core to the brain (Propiocepsis).
Between the information from the outside (Cortex) and the core (cerebellum) we operate realisation.

In operating realisation we 4D-interface Cortex versus Cerebellum versus the brain core(memory).
In fact we interface 3D (context) versus 2D (system boundary) versus 1D (recorded image).
This is the same operation as that of the Kernel of the Determinant of a Matrix in mathematics.
It is also the change of logic from space to time to energy; to be operated on by information.

    In our body we experience and operate the exploration of information as consciousness.
    We operate consciousness by (inter) acting with Freedom of Choice; the 0D pivot in our body
    This 0D point is identified with the photon leaps triggering the cascade of electron leaps.
    It operates in the linking of atoms as molecules in forming matter i/of/as our living body.

The dynamic of/for Realisation

Freedom of choice does not operate in physical space but in phasical (phase) space.
This is perceived as the moment of decision of cell division in any/every living body cell.
Therein each cell division is part of the same (Vrobel time fractal) cell division process dynamic.
That is known as the Soul: the trace of the decision tree of the Zygote in forming the body.

This is the dynamic which is the pivot of ongoing integration of the cell within the context.
The cell division decisions unfold the Zygote to form the whole integral body complex.
The Pineal Gland therein represents the Zygote, 'extended' from its staring point to its end point.
The pineal gland serves as a neutral sensor for the whole system, embedded with/in its whole context.

The pineal gland thereby serves as the Dimensional Pivot for realisation (Galileo Galilei's "Fulcrum").
It off-sets the balance between the (momentary) state of sensation of the Cortex versus the cerebellum.
Therein the time process of the cerebellum is part of the body E-M circulations, thus attenuated.
The memory system of the brain core has an attenuation with respect to the molecular transitions.

Cortex, Cerebellum, Memory and Freedom of Choice thus all operate in different dimensions (in 4D).
They correspond with the 4 dimensionalities in Time, of the 4 dimensions described as STEC.
Space, Time, Energy and Consciousness operate the fundamental principle of the 4th Order System.
It is, respectively, the dimensional compression from Field to Cycle to Current to Pressure.

Freedom of Choice: 0D Time

That is how we operate Freedom of Choice in our body, in the realisation of reality as process dynamic.
Freedom of choice operates outside of time (and space); his in the system pivot of creation: 0D.
Reflexes operate as a time-frozen state of past events
; this a 1D compressed event record.
The Body (system boundary) and Mind (world image) contextualise those reflexes with respect to the flow (2D) and moment (3D) of time.

Realisation thus takes place in the time domain; in re-orienting the process of time/timing in our body.
It forms part of the concatenation of Hanappi-Loops (which have been separately described elsewhere).
It operate on and interacts with the Verveen Process concatenation; "The System Patho-Physiology".
Therein physiology, psychology, sociology and ecology are 4D facets of the linking of process cycles.

In our brain we operate the time processes from the 4D time vector perspective.
That has been described, in principle, as "the Four Dimensions of Time" (O#o).
It can be represented as a point, line, fractal and hologram temporal construct.
In our body, it is the complement (and basis) of the organisation of living cells in space.

The basis of cellular spatial information integration lies in the linking of the cell process cycles.
In their origin, all cells are linked to each other by their common origin (“hierarchy") in cell division.
Likewise our first cell, the Zygote, is the product of sexual cell fusion decisions, of our ancestors.
Our body is thus the unfoldment (decompression) of the zygote, as well as the dimensional compression of humanity.

4D Dynamic Logic (for realisation)

In that process, the physical shape is the consequence of the process dynamics in their context.
That is seen as the dynamic of manifestation: anatomy <= physiology <= Regulation <= integration.
The core of coherence is information integration (operating Dimensional Inversion with/in context).
The pivot for that operation/process/dynamic of the operation of Freedom of Choice (in atom/cell division/fusion).


    Freedom of Choice operates in 0D - in fact, the potential for universal consciousness.
    The choice is made 'against' the 1D reflex/memory/past/archive record, in the brain core.
    The choice is calibrated against 2D system boundary, as represented by the Cerebellum/Body
    The Choice is tuned against the 3D system environment, interpreted in the Cortex as our World Image.

This defined the operational dynamics for realising reality; in the context of our brain.
In the 4 brain parts, we make decisions in relationship to 4 time dimensions.
Those time dimensions in our body are directly related to body physiology process/derailment.
Therefore decisions are always psychosomatic: photon => electron => chemical => physical.

    It is important to understand that our body is not physical but phasical.
    All body materials are produced for specific purposes by living body cells.
    All body materials form part of the ongoing body/mind cell communication.
    The process cycles can have closure only is the body as system is invertible.

System Invertability is the essence of integrity and coherence.
We see it in the cycles of cell division (thus immunity, digestion and learning).
We see it in the sleep cycle (thus the relationship between environment, body, organs and cells).
We see it in the corresponding levels of consciousness (.e. 4D involvement in our context).

The brain as 4D operator

All of the aspects described above, at the starts, are elements in a 4D dynamic matrix.
The dynamics however can not be interpreted in a classical material mechanical physical sense.
Living organisms are created by the act of Freedom of Choice, with/in a dynamic context.
The experience is recorded as reflexes in the brain core; and as experiential states in DNA.

This process is always interactive and dynamic: reality is an ongoing realisation.
The construct of the process, reality, is merely a temporal construct in realisation.
It parallels the creation of bones, reflexes, and beliefs (as "reality') within our body.
The description above presents that this is a 4D dimensional operation (in 4D STEC).

    To conclude: the essence of life is Freedom of Choice; it creates DNA and our body.
    Therein we operate in 4 dimensionalities of time; (un)linking processes we form part of.
    The description of Bert Verveen explains health and disease in body, mind, soul and spirit.
    The same principle applies to gauge the integrity of our participation in creation: realisation.

Realisation is based on the correlation/comparison of
([3D]) Cortex/world-image/context/embedding, ([2D]) cerebellum/body-image/interface/system-boundary, and ([1D]) brain-core/memory/reflex/conditioning,
by operating ([0D]) Freedom of Choice,
in reorienting the body dynamic processes/processing in the four dimensions of Time.

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