Critical Mass Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

This paper continues the successful line of thought of the paper "Scientific Consensus".
There, the parallel/analogue was explored between molecular/amalgam creation, and (Scientific) Consensus creation.
Indeed, we can use the model of matter to help understand the nature of ‘aggregation’ of ideas of individuals to “collective thoughts”.
The understanding of its dual paper, "Collapse of the Vector of State", defined the nature of Freedom of Choice.

In this present paper these two ideas are combined to explore the parallel between "Critical Mass", in physics and in sociology.
This time the dual paper addresses the implementation/incarnation of Freedom of Choice, in matter, in Life.
In both papers we need to address the building up of complex structures of (Super critical) singularity sets.
Their specific architecture, forms patterns of coherence which can be compared to 'molecules of lacunations'.

This idea is comparable to the hub in a wheel, but in this case in a more coherent-complex form.
It can also be compared to the principle of atomic doping, in ordered crystal lattices of atoms.
In the case of doping, atoms can occur in a regular pattern, at distances which in nature would otherwise not occur.
In 'trellises of lacunations"' freedom of choice (dimensional transmutation) can exist and operate as complex.

The principle of creation of Critical Mass makes use of the standard principles of cosmic creation (manifestation).
It deals with the materialisation of phase into ion fields (gas) to (liquid) stars and (solid) planets.
It is an application of the concept of excursion, recursion, incursion and hyperincursion.
It makes use of the orthogonality between photon and electron leaps, electron valence and electron bonding.

It also makes use of the complement: the reduction of the second law of thermodynamics.
Life has a characteristic (freedom of Choice) which is NOT found in inert dead invariant predictable matter.
The relationship is based on the interaction between materials and uniVersal cosmic vibrations.
And on the incorporation of Dimensional/Phase transmutation/change, in microbial organisms/organisation.

It is the essence of the interplay between phase space and matter.
It makes use of very specific spatial organisation of Freedom of Choice.
It involves the logical 4D fractal of embryologic unfoldment, and its complement: the potentiation of consciousness.
It enables the organism as a whole to 'resonate'/respond to uniVersal cosmic vibration in a coherent manner.

Critical Mass addresses the "Crise/prise de conscience"; the realisation of Reality, in living beings.
It is directly related to Orgasm: the potentiation of bio-electrical vibration.
As Walter Russel described: the dynamics of universal creation, and sex, are not equivalent nut the same.
In Critical Masses, we discuss the effect of potentiation of freedom of choice in humans, in humanity.

Many classical texts describe the end of the universe as we know it.
Books of oracles of the Veda, Sibelins, Vikings and texts in South Americas indicate year 2006 +/- 6 years.
This can be interpreted as not the end of the oracle predictions, but the end of the world as we know it.
Instead it can be interpreted as the end of predictability; the emergence of Freedom of Choice in humanity.

Normally, in humans, the realisation of Freedom of Choice appears in puberty.
By the onset of hormonal activation, the neuronal activation also is potentiated.
In combination (polarised differently between males and females) potentiation is amplified.
This can be loosely described as a combination of the principles of Laser lasing, and stereo.
Lasing amplifies waves into greater coherence by increasing sameness.
In stereo, a dimension between loudspeakers opens up because of differences.
In living beings, cell division and cell multiplication combine both concepts.
The result is the (literal) incorporation of Freedom of Choice, in unfolded coherence.

The dynamic of coherent cell division was described as “the Architecture of the Soul”.
"The Equation of Life" explained its dynamic implication for our experience of health (and disease).
In this paper we explore the complement: the increase of consciousness, awareness and choice in involvement.
We must relate that to the dynamic of the onset of puberty, and the dynamic of orgasm.
Wilhelm Reich studied sexuality, and orgasm, and discovered bio-electric fields and orgones.
Orgones are parcel of (immaterial/plasma/phase) clusters of wave coherence.
Phil Callahan implied that these are 'atomic forms/shapes', without physical matter.
That can be described as Boromeaun/Lissajous shapes in phase space; 4D vibrations.

In order to be able to address this, we need to introduce the concept of 4D Frequency.
Because in our body we see how frequency vibration is encoded/stacked/compressed in 4D.
This was described in The Collapse of the Vector of State; the mechanism for living life.
This is demonstrated in the relationship between sensory cells, neurones, plexus and brain.
In this text we can see the parallel of embryology with the onset and dynamic of aging.
On Earth we can see that that humanity must ‘go through puberty’ and become responsible.
That requires that humans, individually, become response-able; able to respond.
Classical science had scientists ‘play god’ by setting them outside of the observation (creation).

That was due to a claim of the Vatican that scientists may only study matter, not matters of spirit.
Over the ages scientists researched matter to find molecules to find atoms to find phase space.
Phase Space, also known as information space or Akasha or cosmic intelligence, is now known.
It is demonstrated by the transition from physics to chemistry to electromagnetism to informatics.

These principles we can now combine to understand our participation in creation.
Scientists, and humans, have NEVER been outsiders in creation, the observation of matter.
Every human is a creator, not a creature; and every human is responsible creator on Earth.
That implies that every human is ‘pope on Earth”, living incarnation of cosmic creation.

Presently humanity creates waste, created waste societies and is creating a waste(d) planet.
Presented as metaphor: the diapers of humanity, technology, ‘are full of their own shit’.
This is caused by one cause only: the papal/scientific denial of observer involvement.
”The Collapse of the Vector of State” and “The Equation of Health”, combined, prove involvement.

Every description of ‘objective’ reality is a formulation of ‘subjective’ realisation.
Objectivity as such does NOT exist; it is only/merely a linguistic object; a model.
It is modelled on the claim of superiority of ‘holy books’ over reality.
It denies that (holy) books are written by people, for a political purpose: manipulation).

Joseph Atwill suggests that the Christian bible was written by the mistress of Tiberius Flavius.
Following the example of Julius Caesar, upon his return from Egypt, he claimed he was good.
In order to ‘prove’ this, the journal of his exploits against the Judeans was edited and rewritten.
The purpose of the text was  also to take control over the Mediterranean sea trade by the Christi.

Philip Zimbardo described what happens when people start to believe in hierarchy/authority.
In combination, anonymisation + generalisation + abstraction => loss of freedom of choice.
Because each of these elements belies/denies involvement at four interrelated levels.
Those of individuality, relationship, circles and networks of interrelating people.

We can discern these same principles in the embryology/dynamic of coherence between cells.
We see them in the consciousness activation cascade; and in the cascade of/for sensation.
1) pineal gland  (light) => 2) Hypophysis (EM) => 3) organ glands (chem.) => Body Cells (matter)
1) sensory cell (Dirac) => 2) Neurone (Fourier) => 3) Plexus (Moiré) => 4) Brain (Gabor).

Here we see how photon leap <=> electron leap <=> valence-electron <=> electron bonding.
More specifically we see how 0D Point <=> 1D Line <=> 2D plane <=> 3D Volume.
Particularly how Light <=> Atoms <=> Molecules <=> Matter.
Which we see also as Cells <=> Organs <=> Body <=> Humanity.

Scientific consensus described how in our body cell division is the dual of cellular fusion.
The patterns of cell divisions by which the body is formed is a 4D coherent fractal.
The pattern of sexual fusion in which all our ancestors mated is a coherent 4D fractal.
With the Zygote at/as the pivot, we see that each human is the hole of humanity, in inverse.

In the same manner we can see that every human/life-form is the universe in inverse.
We see the cascade of cosmic creation/manifestation; the decision Tree of the Universe.
We see the cascade of the fractal of “The Tree of Life” in cells => organs => bodies => species.
We see the cascade of “the World Tree” in microbes => plants ==> animals ===> self-sapiens,

We also see the cascade of the Tree of Choice (Good/Evil) in the “Equation of Health”.
The fractal decision tree of cell decisions/divisions concatenated/embeds all of the choices.
The coherence in the (“Golden Mean”) concatenation of these choices determines health.
The coherence in the consecutive choices determines if we live in hell/purgatory/paradise/heaven.

Hell is the state in which the possibility of freedom of choice is denied (dictatorship/baby).
Purgatory is the phase in which choices are inconsistent (with/in context (oligarchy/child).
Paradise is local coherent/consistent relevant choices (democracy/adolescence (puberty)).
Heaven is consistent universal coherence of choices ((sovereign) autarchy/adulthood).

This paper addresses the individual human choices in context of response-ability of humanity.
Humanity is an organism, a complex, and by definition irresponsible (See “Scientific Consensus).
Relationship to self (vertical), other (frontal), others (lateral) and context (inverse) are orthogonal.
The vectors involved are othonormal, in 4 different dimension; coherent only when invertible.

Invertability (inside=outside) depends in 3D symmetry: up=down, front=back, left=right.
For the human, this 4D mirroring takes place over the system boundary (in 4 dimensions).
Skin, organ capsules, cell membranes and atomic orbits therein all form ONE interface.
In its interfacing 4D singularities link photon-, electromagnetic-, free-electron and bound electron fields.

These singularities by definition operate as a vortex (chackra); linking 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D.
By their nature, vortices are dual (unifying ‘symmetry break’ with its dual: “symmetry”).
Therein every vortex sink point (‘black hole’)  has its (‘white source’) dual.
Every singularity which is 4D coherent (“Soliton”) will by definition be a “Schwartzschild quantum”.

Nassim Haramein described the relationship between the quantum, proton, universe and cell.
”There are as many quanta in a proton as there are protons in the universe”.
”Midway between “the largest” and “the  smallest” lies the living cell; a Schwarzschild body.
All of these elements are Schwarzschild bodies; this solitons/singularities a.k.a. Black Holes.

A Black Hole is another term for Zeroing-out, indeterminism, Hell, or Freedom of Choice.
In other words, every (Schwarzschild) Black hole is also a maximum potential lacunation.
As a lacunation, at maximum potential, it is also a white source (the vortex, inverted).
By seeing that the vortex is its own dual, hell=heaven, and black-hole = freedom-of-choice.

The paradox of creation is that every ‘pixel’ in the universe is its own inverse (Gabor Point).
By phase coherence of these ‘pixels’(singularities) the fabric of space is created.
2 singularities in phase => Energy, 3, in phase, => Time, 4, in phase coherence => Space.
This is precisely the same dynamic which we see/experience within our body as “Life”.

Life is based on the use of Freedom of Choice in the integration of Information with/in matter.
Freedom of Choice operates in the interface only; and there in the interface singularities only.
Freedom of Choice operates one principle only: 4D phase-inversion (“The Quintessence”).
It is the one active/operative element for dimensional transition/transformation/transmutation.

In our body we can see how this dynamic operates, and gauges our participation in creation.
Science has steadfast (‘by papal bull’) denied to regard/consider/describe our involvement.
They made scientists outsider of science, thus irresponsible because response-un-able.
By doing so (and generalising their findings) they (un)intentionally created Hell on Earth.

Heal is the traditional term for a closed system; invariance, inertia, uniformity, predictability.
It is the model of domination, of enslavement, thus also of dependency and addiction.
For society and humanity it is now needed that science/humans ‘grow up’, out of puberty.
It is time that humans assume responsibility/response-ability for their lives, and for Earth..

For that reason it is necessary to understand how we operate Freedom of Choice.
We must understand that Freedom of Choice is the essence of uniVersal creation.
It is imperative to understand that Freedom of Choice is based on one element only.
That element is 4D Phase inversion; the inversion of a ‘pixel’, fractal, cell, universe.

In our body we can see how this operates; from the sub-atomic level upwards.
We can trace the fractal of atomolecular quantum fusion/divisions.
We can trace the fractal of cellular divisions/decisions (the soul).
We can thus understand how freedom of choice is ‘woven into our whole body’.

What we need to see is how this corresponds with the 4D electromagnetic field dynamic.
The interaction between electricity and magnetism, electric circuits and radio wave, is crucial.
It is the precision of the attunement at that level which determines ‘materialisation”.
That is where we can equate consciousness, with (invertible) electromagnetic field coherence.


The purpose of this text is to define, NOT DETERMINE, freedom of choice in our body.
Our whole body is based on maximising choice potential.
This operates in the electromagnetic Qi/Field dynamic (as demonstrated in organs).
When that electromagnetic signal-field dynamic is lost, the body of living cells dies.

MUCH more interesting than the braiding of coherence in the individual, is as collective.
This is the inverse of the principle of thermodynamics; and ‘loss of thermal energy’.
it always returns as increase in consciousness/coherence, in/in-between life forms.
With the emergence of more forms of life, and more (self)conscious life forms.

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