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Mathematics and g.o.d.

god is an acronym: G'enerator, O'perator, D'estroyer.
It is the dynamic of shifting/maintaining a boundary.
The boundary is meaningful only if it has I'ntegrity.
Integrity is by definition determined by integration.

Mathematics focuses on the result of Equations.
An Equation is a balanced Boundary between sides.
The “Equation Sign” is the central tool of the mathematician.
It interacts with parameters, such as that of Value.

Constant, Variable, Transcendental and Infinite.
They are different words for the same concept: number.
These words indicate a different mode of involvement.
We find that we can see sameness between and 'god'.

There are as many meanings of god as for Infinity ().
The word “god” is as meaningless as the word “infinity”.
The word is also as meaningful as the word “infinity”.
But that does not mean that it has specific meaning.

Mathematics specifies the loss of meaning of words.
Values, Functions, Operations and Equations.
They all reflect values in/for our imagination.
That is, we always give numbers meaning.

We start with an infinity of numbers (Equations, Calculations).
By transcendence we approach them (Operators, Operations).
By variation we specify them (Variables, Functions).
By definition we determine them (Values, Numbers).

00, Phi, X and 1 are in essence all the same.
The difference between them, lies in our involvement.
Equations never describe reality; reality does not exist.
Mathematics is a formulation of ... our realisation.

We create our realisation, in using mathematics.
Mathematic changes our mind via the use of symbols.
That makes mathematics magical: a creative power.
We therefore have to be aware how we make use of this.

In operating mathematics, we operate the "="-sign.
In operating the "="-sign, we operate the system boundary.
In operating the system boundary, we operate i.-g.o.d.
Mathematics helps us see how we operate (as) g.o.d..

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