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I am very aware that all my worthwhile insights came out of dismantling some established belief.
The same seems to be the case for the progress of science as a whole.
That is why i analysed the process dynamics of/for the amalgamation of scientific consensus.
But always look for the origination of new imagination in individual new thinking.

For a while i have been exploring the foundation of our formulation of/for realisation.
I have had recurrent dreams about the underlying principles and concepts.
Dreaming for me is an active part of my exploration of imagination.
It extends conscious imagination in/to the more un-/sub-conscious levels of consciousness.


First thoughts

The idea which i am pursuing is that of the photon as tetrahedron.
The notion was first presented to me by Dan Winter, many years ago.
He mentioned that the rhodopsin in the eye is able to detect photon spin angle.
And that photon spin angle can be represented in the shape of a tetrahedron.

What i am pursuing is a generalisation of that same concept/notion/idea.
That not just the photon can be represented by the shape of a tetrahedron.
But that all of the fundamental forces of physics are ' the shape of a tetrahedron'.

The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics are ONE

I had already established, long ago, that all four fundamental forces are one.
They are perceived as different only by differences in our degree of involvement.
Our involvement, too, can be represented in/by/as the shape of a tetrahedron.
Because a tetrahedron can be taken to represent a symbol for 4 System Inversion.

Part - Whole

The tetrahedron in that sense represents the dynamic of a boundary transition.
That is a flow form which takes place are a transition from/through 4 dimensions.
Therein, a volume-> plane -> line -> point; as a bath draining via a plug.
The underlying form/dynamic is that of a vortex; the direct linking of 4 dimensions.

That fundamental principle was already known to the Alchemists; the 4 Elements.
"Earth, Water, Air and Fire" represent "Solid, Liquid, Gas and plasma".
There are representation of/for the 4 modes of physical physical coherence.
They can be modelled/represented by/in/as the shape of the tetrahedron.

    The tetrahedron represents the volume, of the crystalline solid          [3D].
    The Triangle represents the flow plane, of the playable liquid            [2D].
    The Line represents the stream line, of the compressible gasses        [1D].
    The Point represents the sink point. of/for material dematerialisation [0D].

The same is seen in the model of the four elements that make up the atom.
The photon, the electron, the proton and the neutron; as one elemental complex.
They ' correspond with, respectively, the Alchemical "Fire, Air, Water and Earth".
Together, they mimic the earth with the oceans with the atmosphere and the stars.

Unifying Perspectives

What i am looking for is an integrative model as has been proposed by Zachary Jones:
A model which which unifies light, electromagnetism, Qi and gravity.
Therein, gravity = coherence = co-ordination = consciousness.
Qi, if the flow of information for co-ordination in/of our living body.

    There is a direct opposition between life and standard classical physics.
    Classical Physics ignored/neglected/denied/rejected Freedom  of Choice.
    That has lead to the predictable material science, of dead matter.
    It also lead to scientist turning life on earth into Hell (a Closed System).

    Freedom of Choice

    In our body we see that life is based on Freedom of Choice, only, always.
    The whole body is ONE colony of conscious/communicating/living cells.
    The vitality of the body is based on the ongoing integrity of cell communication.
    Without that ongoing cell communication the body cells lose coherence; they die.

Information integration

That, is the essence of Qi: the electromagnetic communication process within our living body.
As Zach Jones points out: it relates to gravity, electromagnetism and light.
As Cyril Smith pointed out: Qi is an electromagnetic process dynamic.
As Roel van Wijk points out: Qi corresponds/correlates with a photon process.

4 Dimensions

What i am looking for is a more fundamental realisation/understanding.
The tetrahedron is a shape which unifies our symbols for 4 dimensions.
The Tetrahedron represents the equivalent of the dynamic of a vortex.
The Tetrahedron must be usable as symbol for integration of all forces of nature.


My concept is very simple: let's assume that the photon is a tetrahedron.
This assumption if a Po-statement, as was proposed by Edward deBono.
It is an assumption of a possibility, for the purpose of a mental exploration.
It is the opening of a path to a Gedankenexperiment, as Einstein called it.


The universe as a whole is a gedankenexperiment; "The World in Our Head".
Nothing of what we know in/of the uniVerse is real; it is merely a Realisation.
We are free to construe and misconstrue our realisations: that is “thinking”.
We are free to create ideas, beliefs and convictions: reality realisations.

Re-Creation - ideas

We are also free to simplify the many models ('realisations of reality') which we created.
Which makes if free to review and reconsider all of the theories of physics.
As the caterpillar can change into the butterfly, all our theories can be reorganised.
We can use rubble, and reorganise it to form a (mental) palace.

Remodelling our models

That is what i have in mind with the Photon Tetrahedron model.
As all we are doing is creating models anyhow, let's do it on purpose.
As every model is but a Bone of Belief, let's remodel our bones.
As every model serves to understand the uniVerse, let’s put that central.

Matter  = information in formation

The models we have all refer to matter as molecules of atom in formation.
Atoms are regarded as neutrons and protons and electrons and photons.
Astronomers still regard the universe as material; adhering to the classical model.
New Astronomy realises the universe is electrical, as is the case for the atoms.

Start with the end...

What i propose is that we make use of the collective finding of science.
Over the ages it was fun that matter is immaterial: atoms are form of information.
Let's thus make the end point the starting point for our considerations.
"Is it possible to directly link photons with information in formation?".


That is where i present the mole of the Tetrahedron, following up on Dan Winter's quoted suggestion.
Let's assume that the Tetrahedron, the shape in 4 Dimensions, is a key.
Realise that the tetrahedron is in fact a representation of/for a 4D Vortex.
How can we unify light, Qi, Gravity and Electromagnetism in that one model.

The Zachary Jones Hypothesis

Indeed, it is the T'zaq Jones hypothesis ... extended to one simple notion.
It is the unification of the 4 aspects of his exploration, in a … tetrahedron.
Therein, the Tetrahedron serves the same role as described by Vanessa Hill.
As confirmed by Peter Rowlands: it is the principle for framing the molecules of life.

Deepening our understanding

In this case however their findings are interpreted/projected at a deeper level.
As Roel van Wijk and Cyril Smith show: we are dealing with life AND consciousness.
As T'zaq Jones shows: we are dealing with the coherence of the uniVerse and life.
As Dan Winter quoted: the Tetrahedron/Vortex must be a 4D integrative factor.

Atomolecules are orientation in formation

There are other reasons to assume that this may lead to far-going consequences.
Roberto Renout created the HyperBoule, unifying ALL platonic solids.
In the corresponding Hypermandala, he implied the "Atomolecule" substrate:
Atoms and molecules are part of the same dynamic of phase orientation.

Phase orientation integration variation

It is that notion that forms the basis of the Photon Tetrahedron.
Let's assume that it is possible to represent the tetrahedron by a Photon; as Dan Winter quoted.
Can we then show how photons, electromagnetism, chemistry and physics are one?
That is indeed what we find in our living body: it is one coherent ('vortex') process


In our body we see that transmutation is NOT a fiction.
Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma are interchanging always.
Calcium in the mountain/food/blood/cells determines how we function.
Calcium moves between bone/gut/nerve/kidney cells.

Bodily integrity

There is an ongoing process dynamic; which is based on information integrity.
As soon as the information circulation (Qi) integrity breaks done, death ensues.
What is needs is a primordial pivotal 4D holographic unity/unit.
The photon-tetrahedron is presented here for that purpose.

Established findings

The expectation is that it will help unify the already available findings.
Vanessa Hill and Peter Rowlands already unified biology and physics.
Implied is the unification of electricity and consciousness, as Cyril Smith implies.
As T'zak Jones suggests: that should resolve/achieve the unification of science and life.

The next section will illustrate the basic ideas in terms of graphics.

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