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The following presents why i propose the concept of the Photon-Tetrahedron.
It follows up on a quote by Dan Winter; to unify the findings of many others:
T'zaq Jones, Vanessa Hill, Peter Rowlands, Cyril Smith, Roel van Wijk and others …
The implication is that we can unify biology, physics, mathematics and consciousness: science of life.

The model of the tetrahedron serves to show how 4 dimensions are interrelated.
The model of the Tetrahedron is ' stenography'  for the dynamic of the vortex.
What i see(k) is the integration of light, electromagnetism, chemistry and physics.
Within our body we see that all these processes are always dynamically unified.

Our body demonstrates what the alchemists have always described.
The four elements are the four material phases of physics.
In the body, composed by/from living body cells these are always interlinked.
And we see that Freedom of Choice is the Quintessence by which the Four Elements are linked.

    The Photon Tetrahedron is presented as a mind-prop for unifying these ideas.
    The tetrahedron is to unify Photons, electromagnetism, gravity and life.
    The Essays of the Photon-Tetrahedron will unfold the ideas while i address them.
    Please Be Aware that a 4D Tetrahedron is by definition 4D holographic.

Please be aware also that these essays do not address reality but Realisation.
Whatever is presented as description of ‘reality’ serves as formulation for Realisation (The Fidelman concept).
The Photon-Tetrahedron in ‘represents’ the operation/operator of Freedom of Choice.
We are dealing with the operation of opening/closing a system boundary, in 4D.

The Essays address the integration of the models for photons with electricity, magnetism and Qi.
The Tetrahedron is used to represent the photon, and spin.
It at the same time represents polarity: electricity and magnetism; and their coherence
Let’s see where the exploration leads: ...

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