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From the foregoing it will be clear that Magic is an active lifestyle.
Everything you do has a consequence on the world we live in.
Everything you think has a consequence on what you do.
The Essence of Magic is therefore at the level of the art/act of thinking.

Ideas as such can not be identified within our thinking.
Compare this to the measurement of software within the hardware of a computer.
In computing-measurements (voltage) the only registration which can be accomplished is that of the pulsations of the flows of information.
The information patterns themselves (data) cannot be accessed nor addressed nor assessed at that level; they must be studied at the level of the programming code (the symbolic language).

  • In that sense the act of magic is the art of being able to assess the quality, the integrity, the identity and the relevance of the code of information which we use in our life.
  • Many people are not aware of the way they think, how they think, nor how they can regulate their thinking, nor how they can validate the integrity of their thinking.

Magic is the act and the art of learning to understand the dynamics of our realisation in our ‘programming’ of information.
This is where magic make use of the practice of meditation (je m’édite, tu t’édites, il s’édite, …).
This is the domain where we edit our realisation in order to be able to alter the reality that we live in.
This is based on the way in which, in our brain, we are able to compare 1) the sensory information of our context (cortex) with 2) our body record of our physical being (cerebellum) and 3) compare that with our body memory (brain core) which we can then operate by 4) our imagination (Freedom of Choice).

Our Imagination is based on our direct experience of our interfacing with/in our context.
This is the essence and prime characteristic of the organisation of the soul.
The Soul is our integrity in our use of information in formation in integration within our context; in/on the System Interface.
This is done by a phase change of the inner-phase in the interface of the critical boundary of the system; of our body.

The ONLY choice we therein have is that of (dis)identification ((un)involvement).
In Physics this is described as the Creation/Operation/Destruction of a System Interface.
In Mathematics it is described and defined as the phase change on/in the interface.
In Magic this is known as the Act of Will; the use of Freedom of Choice in Creation.

The Act of Free Will, by definition, has a profound effect on all levels of our existence.
This can be experienced only when there is awareness of these levels and these depths of involvement.
This is found, fundamentally, in the levels of consciousness and awareness.
It is at this level that the foundations of magic take place: in the understanding that our realisation determines the reality we live in.

This is where we see the direct link between magic, meditation, mysticism and religion.
We here find that it is our understanding of our understanding which then determines how our ideas can determine our actions.
By knowing what we know we only have a very limited understanding of the essence.
We actually need to know what knowing is (as a verb) and how we create our knowing.

This dynamic is based on the dynamic of the transition from baby to child to adolescent to adult.
Then we see that our body has the ability to integrate information into understanding.
We therein find that the principles are exactly the same as those of cell-division, digestion, learning and immunity.
In this case it is not about the knowledge of the distinctions/relationships between these levels, but it is about our ability to operate/transcend them: beyond our understanding of understanding.

This is why Magic has traditionally, routinely, been denied and discarded.
At this level we actually see how our realty is formed by our realisation.
Here we experience that what we ARE is not based on what we know, nor on how we know it, but on our capacity for knowing, beyond our understanding.
This understanding for knowing must be traced back to the origin of information as the foundation of matter (Cosmology).

In physics we can ‘see’ how changes in photon fields will lead to change to changes (leaps) of electrons in atoms, which thereby will lead to a change of electro(n)-potential between atoms which thereby will create the possibility for electron-bonding of atoms.
It is this principle which is the foundation of the art and act of magic.
Therein it is clear that the material bonding is the result of an electrical charge which ensues from  an electromagnetic potential which is engendered by a photonic field.
In our body we can see how our cells, as organs, form the body as our basis of-and-for our integration into our environment, Earth.

    It is this understanding which is at the basis of the act of Magic.
    As mentioned before, this is exactly the same as our participation in creation.
    As implied before: this is exactly what is purported to be the purpose of all world religions.
    And it is precisely this, what is thwarted and denied by the various ‘churches’.

Magic is about the Self-realisation in creation.
We all learn by trial and error.
We all learn with and from each other.
We all learn by the act of magic.

Our life is NOT about the preservation of reality that exists; it exists already.
Our life is NOT about the preservation of social culture; it exists already.
Our life is NOT about the manifestation of our unique individual existence; you exist already.
Our life is about learning the act/art of magic; the direct participation in creation, by operating Freedom of Choice.

We herein deal with the integration of information with matter.
We also deal with the integration of the known and the unknown.
This is the relationship between knowing, and the potential for knowing.
It is the relationship between our conscious and unconscious being.

Our being is based on principles and patterns beyond the scope of our understanding.
This is because our existence is based on the coherence of the universe as a whole.
Therein, our existence equates to the existence of the universe as a whole in inverse.
This is precisely why all you think matters for the existence of the universe as a whole.

Magic therein must be a development of a lifestyle.
First of all you can learn immediately from your living body, which is a manifestation of the universal art of creation.
In your living body you find the way that your living soul connects to the universe as a whole.
This gives you the understanding that your body is your point of connection to your interaction with the universe as a whole, via Freedom of Choice.

    If you wish to be effective in the art of creation, then you must understand the workings of the cosmos.
    If you wish to have effect in putting your thoughts in action, then you must know the workings of your body.
    If you wish to be effective in the social integration of your ideas and actions in humanity, then you must understand your human-humanity connection.
    If you wish to be able to create as Creator in Creation, then you must know and understand the principle of Freedom of Choice.

In our present social context there are many people who try to deny your ability to use Freedom of Choice.
For that purpose a material model of science has been created (by such people); which is based on the assumption of predictability of material matter.
That model of material inertia is applied (by such people) to the assumed, imposed, coherence of social organisation.
This means that the model of reality with provided (by such people) is that of creation as a noun instead of Creation as a verb.

Magic in that sense needs to belie the given contemporary cultural  condition/conditioning.
You must negate that Reality as such exists, and must be aware that life is about the act or realisation.
That also means that the pivot of creation lies in freedom of choice (“Heaven”), instead of adherence to the existing (“Hell”).
This is where magic relates to the art of healing, it is necessary able to relate the dynamic of freedom of choice to the preservation of the existing state of being: universal creation.

  • This is why magic is an art.
  • As an art it implies a participation in creation.
  • As an art it demands, assumes, a variability of the state of being.
  • As an art it requires that You participate in creation, as an artist.

This is where we need to relate that what is known as the Scientist, to the Artist, to the Trader and the Mystic.

A Scientist assumes, supposes, imposes a state of ‘fact’.
An Artist has the freedom to change the point of perspective.
A Trader is able to interplay with the corresponding changes of values.
A Mystic therein realises that your own inner state of being will determine the outcome of your realisation.

This is where magic is always an Art, because your involvement determines the outcome.
If you assume that you are NOT involved, you will NOT change your condition, and thereby come to live in “Hell”.
If you are partially aware of your ability to change your conditions, you will be able to operate within the constraints of your limitations: this is known as “Purgatory”.
If you are willing to break through your beliefs, and see that reality is based on your realisation, then you are able to forego your Blind Spots, and become an active creator.

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