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“Magic” originated from a Sanskrit word, “Magd”, which means “Creative Power/Potential”.
Creative Power is what we experience/express within our body when we turn an idea into action.
”Magic” thereby relates directly to the way we identify with ideas on how we act on those ideas.
This puts the operation of Magic into the category of operations of Mental Constructs.

    Magic is associated with the various forms, such as symbolic magic, ceremonial magic, ritual magic and fundamental magic.

In understanding that magic relates directly to the way we identify with ideas, and put ideas in action, we can see that magic (and, how magic) is the essence of our experience of life.
Magic is in that sense not ‘magical’ at all, but it merely addresses the understanding of the means by which we can put ideas into action.
This of course also means that it addresses the capacity to understand the relevance and significance of ideas; “symbolic magic”.
It also involves the understanding of the way in which actions of our body are also relevant/pertinent to the changes in the environment; this is “ritual magic”.

Symbolic ‘Magic’

In understanding the magic many researchers focus on the formulation of the magic symbols, and on the use of magic ritual.
In that way elaborate symbolic constructs have been created, such as the “Sephiroth”, the “Runes”, and the so-called ‘holy’ books of all cultures which are all based on such symbolic understanding
As a result there are many texts and descriptions with relate to the way that we relate to our ideas.
This in itself has no effect on our environment, because it does not explain how the symbols will lead to results.

Ritual ‘Magic’

Other researchers have focused of the way magic makes use of specific actions.
This is known by the term “Ritual magic”, which makes use of physical bodily actions.
Many practitioners have created objects, rituals, environments and social groups for this purpose.
Again, this does not help understand why, when, how, this action will lead to desired results.

Fundamental Magic

This treatise of magic we go back to the fundamental basics.
We look at the way ideas lead to actions within physical body
This means that we need to understand how information and motion are connected our body, organs, cells and atoms.
The foundations of this have been described in “Science of Life” and in its various essays which link information to manifestation.

Purpose of this Essay

In this Essay on Magic the aim and purpose is specifically to be able to detail the way ideas are turned into action.
Evidently this will involve the action of an individual, as part of a society and humanity, in the context of Earth.
Also it means that we need to relate the communication between the individuals to the complication which takes place between the organs and the cells of our body, based on the fundamental principles of information manifestation at the atomic level.
This means that the act and the art of magic must always be understood in a cosmic context: any action we perform can have consequences of the universal cosmic level.

  • This also means that specific mental operations can have direct universal consequences without having to go through the stages of physical manifestation by action.

It means that this exploration magic will have two aspects, which are commonly known as 1) the lower and 2) the higher forms of magic.
The lower Magic is the form of communication which is based on the use of actions in the context of Earth.
The higher Magic is the understanding of the direct effect of ideas on the underlying cosmic field of information.
In both cases the effect of the act is based on the understanding, the integration in the Information field by which the universe is formed.

  • This is where we see that magic, religion, healing and soul are directly connected.

Soul in this context represents the integrative factor of our whole life - in our context of Earth.
Soul is the fractal tree by which the Zygote unfolds, thereby creating the integrated connection between all body cells in forming body (in the dynamics called “cell division”).
Soul, by definition, operates IN the interface of the living being in its context, and it operates by changing the singularities of the boundary of the system.
This means that magic is the act and the understanding of the way we operate the system singularities by which our body relates to, and integrates in, our environment.

  • Magic as such is this equivalent with the art of understanding, and operating, the Singularities of Mathematics, the Anomalies of physics, the Taboos of society, and the Blind Spots in our body system.

This is where we see the direct link between mathematics, physics, biology and psychology.
In each case we find that the relationship between the individual and others is part of the relationship between Humanity and Earth.
In understanding that relationship we can details the ways in which we can use it and enhance our use of it.
Magic therein is the applied understanding of the dynamic of creation in our life.

Magic is related to religion, health care, physics and mathematics.
That is because in Magic we operate our right use of will in relationship to the way that we identify with, and are integrated in our living context.
This is where we interact, directly, with the relationship between ‘Ideas’ and universal Information.
It is at this level that we can see that our ideas matter, literally; which is essence of the understanding of Magic.

  • Magic is the understanding of our understanding,
    and our involvement with involvemen

It is based on the realisation that we form integral part of the universal cosmos (Creation).
It is likewise based on the understanding that therein our physical body is part of our physical context and thus operates in correspondence with the ‘laws’ of physical models (Earth).
Therein we also see that the will of the individual is part of the will of humanity (Society).
This means that we must understand the original origination of ideation in our body (Biology).

This means that magic is a very fundamental application of mathematics, physics, biologics (healing) and Religion (socio-psychology).
It is based on the direct understanding of the effect of our ideas in our body.
This means that it must be based on the nature and origin of the formation of ideas the body.
That is we find in the understanding that every molecule is also a form of information

That means that mathematics and magic are directly related.
It also means that psychology and sociology are directly related.
What matters is how we understand the relationship between our ideas and our actions.
That is where the Essays on “The Bones of Belief” help to understand that foundation.

Magic acts on, interacts with, our use of ideas; mathematics does the same.
This means that the prime instrument of magic is the understanding of the formation of ideas.
This requires a combination of the logic of mathematics, psychology, sociology and the health effects of our thinking on our body: psychosomatics.

At this level of understanding we are dealing with our most fundamental participation in creation.
At this level every idea you have has significance.
Every the idea you hold on to will be a possible trigger for action (see “The Bones of Belief”, “Reflex action”).
Every belief that you change, will lead to a change in your realisation.

Magic can be understood as the art or the act of realisation.
In that concept, reality is but a consequence of our creation; thus it is our creation.
This implies that the world that you live in, and leave behind, is a consequence of our imagination and our participation in creation.
This is why magic has been recognised in all cultures as being more fundamental than religion, and was thereby restricted to a cast of initiates in this understanding, called “priests”.

    This Essay has the intent to forego this limitation of the use of Magic to these so-called ‘priests’.
    We can see from the present state of our planet that every human is responsible for the present devastation of life on Earth.
    Most of this devastation comes from the lack of understanding of the way our unconscious reflexes determine our actions.
    For that reason this essay has the specific purpose to make you conscious of your unconscious interactions and reactions.

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