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In this series of Essays, MatheMusics, “Music” represents the form of a field of waves in formation.
In our body, and in electromagnetism, we know such fields as forms of information.
This is most explicit in the study of radio signals and the properties of antennae.
This is studies “per se” in the discipline of science called Informatics.

The electromagnetic field in our body is an information field.
It is the basis of the manifestation as body formation.
The information is based on communication between living cells in your body.
Your body can however be understood as “a cell in the body of humanity”.

It means that atomic intracellular vibration is the basis of molecular intercellular communication.
Every atom, every molecule, and thus every form of matter is an electromagnetic vibration.
It makes therefore more sense top look at the vibration/information/’music’ as an integral field, rather than at the body, the instrument which serves as resonator/wave-guide.

If we consider sensible combinations of vibrations in our environment as ‘meaningful’ we use the word Music.
The art of composition of vibrations/information in our mind we call Mathematics.
The equivalent of mathematics, when operating in humanity, we call science.
The equivalent of the sensation of music, when operating in humanity, we call religion.

Within the scope of this web site we can consider these terms to be equivalent.
All are expressions of our experience/sensation of fields of vibration.
Because our whole uniVerse, and our body, and their interaction, are fields of vibration.
The series of Essays, “MatheMusic” serves to come to understand the field of information in formation (vibration) in our body, in order to be able to understand its integrity and dynamics, to be able to heal/reprogram its organisation.

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