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The g.o.d. experience

God is our own unconscious being

Everything that happens around us, we experience within us.
From our neurological sensory sensation we see, that all sensing takes place in our body.
From the topological geodynamics we infer, that our body is the uniVerse in inVerse.
This means that we experience the uniVerse-in-inVerse, right within us.

This is known as the god-experience; it is our un-conscious basis in existence.
It it tied in with our cell existence; as they too are the inVerse uniVerse.
It is also tied in with the materials these cells are made of: they are phase manifestations in creation.
It means that we need to regard our body, cells, materials as manifestations of phase space.

That, however, is only half of the equation; as observation; the other half lies in sensation.
The objective realisation is tied in, directly, with our subjective reality.
This reality within us has - by some - been compared to a Hologram Projector.
It means that we do not need to address our realisation of reality (uniVerse) but our reality of realisation (inVerse).

This changes the perspective, from Reality to Realisation: from description to experience.
It implies that we need to understand every description of objective reality as expression of subjective realisation.
Every description from objective descriptive 'science', is an inverse projection of the way we, internally, function.
It means that we now have a formal formulation for a science of religion: the realisation of Realisation.

We still need to use double meanings of the words when we address this: internal languaging is external communication, in inverse.
Communication involves "Consensus" )( in our description of the uniVerse around us; “uniVerse” as a word seeks such consensus.
Realisation is the term for the internal involvement with the uniVerse in inVerse; where our involvement matters.
This needs to be understood in a literal sense: our bodily being is a zero-energy_super-computer which relates phase space to matter.


This means we have direct experience of phase space, within us. This is traditionally known as god.
God is thereby not an entity, nor a being, but the universal principle of creation (manifestation).
The god principle is that of the generation of dimensions: the (re)organisation of phase coherence.
This is what had been described as our unconscious experience of reality within us.


The out-of-conscious experience of realisation within us, for our cells, is a conscious realisation.
Our unconscious experience of creation within us, is - for our organ cells - a subconscious realisation.
Our subconscious experience of body activity, is - for our body cells - an unconscious realisation.
Our conscious involvement with our environment is, for our cell-experience - an out of conscious realisation.

The expressions, formulations and descriptions that we use between us - in science - are the inverse of those we experience (realise) within us.
The expression, formulation and descriptions of god (as a universal creation) is - within us - the experience (realisation) of a universal creature.
From the mathematical perspective, we can condense the sensations at/on/of the perimeter of our body, into a determinant vector, which centres on the kernel of the system: the singular point of singularity of its integral coherence (The projection point in/for/of the Zygote, from which emerges our whole body (see: the Equation of/for Health).
This singular kernel Bindhu point is the site (locus) for dimensional inversion: it is where we - mathematically, physically, psychological and socially ‘connect’ to the universe as a whole.

Figure: O -> .

This is the point where we are god (generator of dimension).
In this locus, we rearrange our involvement with/in our (uniVersal) context.
Within this singularity point, we (re)define our dimensional (re)organisation.
It is the point of creation with/in our body; a.k.a. god.

God is thus never external; this is the same as is the case for any other realisation.
God is tied in which the physical, chemical, electromagnetic and phasical integrity/integration of our realisation.
God operates at the level of cell manifestation with/in our body; thus as cell-consciousness; which for us is out-of-conscious experience.
It means that we commune/communicate with/by god by assessing, accessing, addressing this ‘out-of-conscious’ level of realisation, and realise that that is where we do our Realisations.

“Praying to god” is thus protocol a  for inversion a realisation in/to a Realisation.
“Adoring god” is a procedure for sensing the dynamics of reality <-> realisation inversion.
“Acknowledging god” is the experience of the the process of reality-realisation.
“The being of god” is, literally, your realisation of your experience that reality is Realisation.

We are god; because we operate the singularity node of freedom of choice in manifestation in creation.
This singular point operates as a vortex operator for total system inversion; transcending material manifestation because it operates in/on/from phase space.
The operational dynamics of/for/from/by this singularity node are directly related to the principle/dynamics by which our body is created.
The means by which we interact with this process dynamic, is by the same principles of digestion, self-healing, conscious awareness with/in our body/cells, and thus by our involvement in (phase(-)space) information. (In formation).

The g.o.d. point is the locus of the Bindu of creation/manifestation/Realisation; not just within us, but also for the universe as a whole.
By its vortical nature, it can be compared to an umbillic: our vortex flux funnel channel in/to the universe as a whole.
This cannot be experience nor addressed at the local level, of description of sensation of manifestation at the perimeter of our body.
Instead it needs to be realised in inverse: what we are addressing here is the uniVerse in inVerse: operating in phase space at the level of cell-consciousness by the same principles that we experience/use a.k.a. digestion/realisation.

God is neither a deity, not a power, nor a consciousness, nor a being, outside of us.
God is the fundamental natural realisation of the principle of creation, manifestation, Realisation within us.
God can thus not be experienced, understood not realised via others; it is - must be - a personal realisation always.
God-experience therefor can not be addressed nor described in consensus-language, but only be experience in subjective personal realisation.

This communication/communion with god consists of a practical procedure, for which figure 1 gives the basis.
It requires the understanding that (1) observed reality (perimeter) is based on interactive sensation (2) realisation which con-denses into (3) local focal coherence; of/for the uniVerse in inVerse with/in our body.
That requires the understanding that the language of/for description needs to be transposed from that of (1) the descriptive level of objects (around us) to (2) the sensed level of our reactive sensations (participation) to (3) our interactive involvement of/by our body-organs, to (4) the realisation that all we experience and so is based on the functioning of our living cells.
This takes us from (1) the level of description of our context (consciousness) to (2) that of sensation of participation, to that of realisation of our involvement, to that of our Realisation of (our) Creation (our god experience.)

God is this our natural state of being; as one with/of/in the uniVerse.
God awareness is the sensation of our participation in our context.
God realisation is our experience of our involvement in creation.
The being of god is the expression of our Realisation of Creation.

This happens at the level of cell consciousness.
This means we need to learn to communicate with our cells, and/at the level where the function.
For this we need to be able to shift our consciousness/involvement from that of reality to that of Realisation.
Most important is the realisation that 1) we are god; and 2) we deal with the principles of freedom of choice, 3) creation, and 4) the consequences thereof.

    God is thus not supernatural.
    God is our super-nature.
    It is the dynamic by which we transcend our local being; in being universal.
    It is the dynamic principle in our inVerse singularity point, by which we are linked in/to the uniVerse, thus creation.

We thus see that we have to shift consciousness, 4 levels, to be able to assess, access, address the level of creation at the cellular level.
The Realisation of Creation at the Cell Level, has again 4 deeper levels dealing with the material organisation of cell matter.
Underlying that are 4 more levels of/for the organisation of life (freedom of choice in matter).
Then we finally come to yet 4 more underlying levels of phase organisation at the level of (pore) information in formation: the core levels of uniVersal creation.

Our body, and its workings, are this our access to address these principles of creation with/in us.
We have direct experience of these creational dynamics of manifestation, in the manifestation and creation of our body.
What needs to be understood is that the material manifestation of our body is the dual of the same processes and principles, at the level of phase information/in-formation/aggregation/creation.
It means that we cannot address nor understand the principles of god by interpreting them as if being around us (outside of us); we need to inter-pret them to realise that they operate within us: we are god.

We cannot express this at the level of consensus languaging communication.
We cannot experience this at the level of conditioned context consciousness.
We cannot explore this by denying our component of dual involvement, in creation.
We can only experience this as/at our unconscious awareness; which for our cells is the level of consciousness awareness.

The art of god awareness is the same as the art of healing, the act of realisation, and the act of creation.
This does   not happen in the ‘reality’ around us, but as the Realisation within us.
It is imperative to know, and be aware, that you are god; to deny that denies your powers for creation and makes you dependent (slave) on/to others.
Many churches were created (using gods as if external; and priests as if needed) to disempower the use of freedom of choice by/within people: for their enslavement.

By realising that you are god, and that the ‘umbillic’ of/in/to creation lies within you, you can address this.
This you can address at the unconscious level, of cellular consciousness.
This can be summarised as: you can regard the god, described by churches, as your own subconscious existence.
Then you can also experience that with/in/within it, you are linked to all other beings, as is described by all religions.

The g.o.d. experience is the experience of the uniVerse in inVerse, as your can experience at the out-of-conscious level; which is the level of consciousness of the living cells.
By consciously addressing you sub-/un-/out-of-conscious being, you can experience your being god.
God is the description for the existence of freedom of choice in matter, as experienced in our body: it is the essence of life.
God can be experienced only by operating at this level, of generation of dimensions; by learning to operate and navigate the changes of dimensions - at all levels - as is characteristic of/for creation.

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