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The Bones of Belief - The Limitations of Mind

Mind has been compared to a “thimble”, which we can dip into an ocean.
Mind itself is not the information, nor the container of/for information.
Mind is a 'handle', by which we can contact, and operate information.
Mind can be compared to a joint in a bone; but also: the gut, and the cell.

Evidently every form and shape which we see in our body is based on the cell.
The body as a whole, is an unfoldment of the Zygote; its e-Versed image.
The body as a whole can be regarded as a Torus; a fundamental singularity.
The joints in our skeleton reflect the same shape and principle, in inVerse.

In our body we experience different scales of manifestation; thus ... of coherence:
1) Anatomy, 2) physiology, 3) system regulation and 4) information integration.
These are all phases of the same principles, a.k.a. 1) Earth, 2) Water, 3) Air and 4) Fire.
These 4 Elements are interrelated by the Quintessence, Freedom of choice.

1) Solid, 2) Liquid, 3) Gas and 4) Plasma are different forms of material coherence.
They are related by systematic shifts in degrees of freedom of choice.
All of the body shapes are based on the dynamics of cell division, and the creation of membranes.
All these membranes are logically interrelated "Filters".

  • What we experience in our body we also experience with/in/as our mind.

Therein we no longer describe the body in terms of physical states.
Instead we described the body of knowledge, of processing information.
This is based on the deeper principle of the soul, for boundary regulation.
That again is based on the essence, the logic, of information integration.

The mind, i.e. the body of knowledge, operates the processing of information.
In the body we see how all materials, every molecule, is carrier of information.
Likewise we experience in the soul that integrity is maintained with freedom of choice.
The body as a whole therein is a manifestation of spirit: expression of Freedom of Choice.

Bruce Lipton has described how our experience created our DNA; ("Biology of Belief").
Lynn Margulis has described that the differentiation of species is based on symbiosis of microbes.
Both principles operate still, within us, as the process dynamics of cell division.
Through cell division, the body also creates and produces cell/body proteins; and the body.

The body is a composite material; in which all material phases are interconnected.
In the body, we experience 1) Solid, 2) Liquid, 3) Gas and 4) Plasma states of matter.
For this, we must integrate 1) Classical, 2) Relativistic, 3) Probabilistic and 4) integral field science.
We see that each of these forms of science represents a different type of involvement.

System Theory has made this relationship explicit.
System Theory describes the dynamic and process of Boundary Transition.
The 4 Elements of System Theory are the 1) state, 2) process, 3) transformation and 4) integration.
The symbols of system theory describe how systems are interrelated; within their context.

There are 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th order systems; which are all interconnected.
They correspond with, respectively, a 1) Node, 2) Branch, 3) Loop and 4) Network.
Each operates in a different manner, with/in/within its context.
The mind therein is the equivalent of the 2nd order system.


In the mind we therefore see the 3rd stage of digestion of realisation.
The 1st stage is that we are integral part of the context.
The 2nd stage is that we can operate freedom of choice and (re)set boundaries.
The 4th stage is the materialisation and a manifestation: as transient object.

The mind in that sense is the operator of/for/on object transcendence.
The mind operates on processes in time, and their connections.
Mind is the process of digestion, experienced as an integral cycle.
Mind therein is the equivalent of cell division, for information integration.

The dynamic of mind therein is but one state of the overall process of/for realisation.
We can compare the body to a photo, the mind to a film, and the soul to a hologram.
The body as a whole however is but a field within a cosmic field.
This is what fields theory aims to add to the understanding of science: the Integral Concept.

In Quantum Theory, Erwin Schrödinger (re)presented this as the interaction of field with fields.
Karl Pribram showed that within the body we experience it as holograms within holograms.
That requires a yet deeper understanding, of unity in/of the universe as a whole.
Lawrence Edwards has shown that we can simplify this to the principle of a point inverting on itself.

Dan Winter has shown this principle in the form of graphics and figures.
Peter Rowlands and Diego Rapoport are formulating the corresponding mathematics.
Walter Schempp and Bill Tiller have already shown how this can be operated in physics.
The core for this is that we experience this integral connectedness within our body.

It is however important to understand that we experience/operate this at/as distinct levels.
Spirit, soul, mind and body are all interrelated, and interconnected.
Each is a next stage in operating the dimension of phase; and exists in that next phase stage.
Each stage/phase represents a next step in the operation of materialisation.

The image of the Hologram-projector, Hologram, Film and Photo are part of the same image.
We can rather say that each level of the body represents a different type of 'Screen'.
The sequence of the 'screens’ makes it possible to 'zoom in’ and 'slow down’ our realisation.
Our body therein is our handle, our instrument, for participation in creation.

From the level of the body we see ourselves as identifiable object.
From the dynamics of mind we see that we are part of the integral process.
In the operation of the soul we experience that/how we interface with/in our context.
And in the domain of spirit we are realise that we ARE the universe, in inverse, as a whole.


Mind is the stage where we can understand how the coherence of the body is created.
In soul, we can see how the integrity of mind is co-ordinated.
In the unity of spirit we can se how the singularity of the soul is defined.
Our body is thus a combination of unity, singularity, differentiation and integration.


We thus can NOT regard our existence as that of a physical being, a BODY.
We MUST understand that MIND is the process of/for information integration.
However, this can work well only of SOUL determines the integrative process.
That again only can work (well) if Soul is experienced as part of SPIRIT.

The traditional terms of Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body have their equivalents in our body.
The holographic dynamics of the soul is seen in the regulation of cell division.
The reservation of definition is found/seen in the dynamics of Mind.
Together that leads to the maintenance of the materialisation of the physical body.

The Body as such does not exist; as is seen in its decay soon after death.
As soon as mind separates from the body, the coherence of the whole body is lost.
Mind is lost in the body when the soul (a vortex/singularity) not longer integrates the processes in mind.
The integral fractal nature of the soul collapses, when its root point no longer connects to the uniVerse.

Spirit therein is the integral information integration as it operates in the inversion point known as the soul.
The soul is the seed point of all processes of cell division, which operates as a fractal.
The Mind is the integral network of integrated and interconnected cell cycles.
The body is the manifestation, the materialisation, which is the result of that integral process.

This means that the body is defined as our (unfolded) point of contact on earth.
The whole body represents the qualities of its first cell, the Zygote; unfolded.
The body as a whole is a unified symbiosis of cells; a colony originating from the zygote.
Every different life form therein represents a different fractal of coherence of information in matter.

Every life form of earth can be calibrated, 'computed', as a different time-space fractal.
Every living being therein has a soul: its specifying unit fractal.
Every organism therein is part of its integral species: cell in a whole body.
Every species on earth is part of the integral body of life, on/of Earth.


We cannot understand this in terms of traditional knowledge
We need an integrated model for understanding understanding.
In our mind we can see how our body is a form of information.
In our body we can see that the materialisation is consequential to the information.

The materialisation of YOUR body is the consequence of the ancestral fusion-fractal.
For every zygote that was formed, two parents of opposite sexes created union.
The process of cell division is the universe of the dynamics of sexual fusion.
The complexity of the life form is based on the complexing of sexual encounters.

In our body we experience this dynamic as the inverse process in cell-division.
This is the process by which cell membranes are produced, by cell-multiplication.
In our body we see that cell division is always in balance with cell multiplication.
Unit and Unity are therein always the same: (algebra and numerology must be combined).

We must always understand the whole body from that perspective; one with/in oneness.
In Mathematics, this requires that two equations are equated: F=0 & F=1.
The only way we can integrate those complementary equations is by understanding Freedom of Choice.
In operating Freedom of Choice we operate "0" into "1", 'by flipping it 'sideways'.

The whole dynamic if operating freedom of choice, and materialisation, is based on othonormalisation.
This is the underlying principle in mathematical differentiation: operating 'at right angles'.
This is the foundation of every form of logic: ‘extending dimensions; at right angles”.
This means that we are never dealing with closed systems, but always operate/experience Freedom of Choice.


In the Bones of Belief we see how the Joints are locus for operating Freedom of Choice.
What we see explicitly in the body, is what we operate explicitly with/in the mind.
The operations of mind are defined by the Holographic) nature of the soul (fractal).
This however again is based on our own existence, as the uniVerse in inVerse.

The core point for the projection of manifestation of our body is not in the physical domain.
Our physical body is the product of a process of exchange within our context.
It is the regulatory system by which the process integration/differentiation is regulated.
This process can take place precisely because the body (manifestation) is the uniVerse in Inverse, in creation.

If we regard the body as a point in space, then the mind is the circle around it; which defines it.
The soul can in that respect be regarded as the vortex point by which the point inverts in/to/into the circle/sphere.
The soul therein is by one modulation of the underlying principle of total system inversion, through a 'black' hole.
In other words: the body is a slowed down representation of ‘spirit’, the underlying universal inversion dynamic.


The mind therein is but the thimble in the ocean.
The mind is a loop, a membrane; equivalent to a cell, for creating definition.
The self-definition is a projection of the soul with/in context.
The manifestation of mind and materialisation of its 'skin', the ego, is thus merely consequential to the dynamics of the soul.

It remains important to understand that we understand creation from 4 simultaneous, related, perspectives.
The Body is consequential to mind, which is consequential to soul, consequential to spirit.
The body makes it possible to unfold universal creation into/from a unique individual perspective.
This participation in creation 'computes' only if done within/from this uniVersal perspective.

Our body therein operates, as a whole, as just one single cell.
In principle, it operates as one single microbe, but now as unfolded potential.
In our body we experience the syn-gnosis by synergy of cells in symbiosis (The Margulis Mechanism).
In our body we operate the Lipton Mechanism: adding unique experience to the DNA construct.

The DNA that we produce is handed on from one generation to another.
In this manner more complex life forms could emerge.
All those life forms are always interrelated, via the food chain.
All life forms on earth together form one integral life form; life of/on Earth.

Our mind is the locus in which we bring this to awareness.
Our body is the focal pint for information integration (cf. the mid point of a crystal ball).
The Mind is the loop-integral by which we can confine contain part of that information (cf. the surface of the crystal ball).
The mind can do this because of the definition of the sphere from the mid-point; the projected fractal.

Our body is thus a mathematical information processor, operating the logic of loop integrals in context.
The mind is the mechanism by which we perform closure, as in making Dedekind Cuts.
The soul is the expression of the Residue Vector which results from that operation.
The Residue Vector determines the outcome: integration/disintegration of the whole body.

The mind is defined by the coherence of the loop integrals, for every cell, every organ, the whole body, and humanity.
Our body is thus at the same time part of humanity, and an individual entity on its own.
This is what we see in the shape and dynamics of the whole body, as torus.
It is that same dynamic, cell/torus/joint/bone which we see in our whole body.

The Bones of Belief make explicit that we can equate a cell to the body, and bones to beliefs, and joints to freedom of choice; bones and joints are duals.
It is by recognising the underlying pattern of System Inversion, that the equation is seen.
Therein the dynamics of cell division is the same as that of cell digestion; operating as a torus.
The body as a whole (surrounding the gut) operates as a torus.

The dynamic/logic of cell inversion this shows that a joint is a bone 'in inverse'.
The whole series explains that we can therefore equate beliefs in our mind with bones in our body.
This however implies that we must not limit our understanding of the body to just the body.
We must see that the body is maintained by taking/giving matter from/to our context.

Our body is not an object it is a node in a process.
We must understand that the integrity of the node is defined by the integration in/of/by the process.
In the metaphor of the mind as a thimble; it is rather a drop in/of the ocean.
The surface of the drop, is at the same time the surface of the ocean.

The mind is therefore the interfacer between the two.
The integrity of the loop integral determines the integrity/integration of/in the surface.
But the mind never operates separate from a context.
Mind always forms the link, the joint, of our soul with/in our context.

Mind is thereby limited.
Yet at the same time, mind operates a dynamic (process cycles).
The integrity of the mind is based in the integration which it has in the soul.
Therein every process loop, is integrated in soul, to re-present the uniVerse as a whole (a.k.a. spirit).

Recall that we operate the different levels of consciousness of awareness: photo, film, hologram, Theatre/projector.
Each operates by a different form of logic; experienced as different consciousness/awareness.
Each (inter)relates to the previous/next form of logic/processing/operation/integration.
The limitation of the mind is that it represents one level of that process; the other levels overate beyond mind.

We experience the limitations of mind with/in our body.
We determine the limitations of mind within/from/of our own mind.
We can transcend the limitations of mind (the process) with/in the soul.
We operate the mind as part of the uniVersal dynamics; of 'spirit'.

    "The Architecture of the Soul" has been separately described.
    The Principe of "S.P.I.R.i.T." likewise was separately described.
    Those descriptions offer the basis for understanding Mind.
    How this operates was described in Systems Socio-Psycho (Patho) Physiology, based on the work of Bert Verveen.


For The Bones of Belief; the mind related to a Joint operating (the ‘bones’ of) beliefs.
It thereby relates to the digestive capacities of the whole Torus) body.
It therein reflects/represents the principle of integrity in the dynamics of Cell Division.
It therein shows the counterpart of the cell which produces the bone: the cell which created the joints.


The other aspects of this understanding are described in the other parts of this essay.
The dynamics and integrity of Time Cycles of described in "Fractal Matters".
The duality of information and matter is the essence of the Science of Life.
The transcendental nature of the whole body is described in "Beyond Belief".

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