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Is it? Is it preposterous to think of the vast work of science as merely a fairy tale?
Is it ‘ridiculous’ to think that fairy tales are mere nonsense, and that science is not?
Is it pedantic to point out that our child brain (and thinking) was shaped by our bed-time stories.
And that their ‘nonsense’ laid the foundations how we and/as scientists … think?

The Fairy Tales

Traditional fairy tales are encoded forms of established knowledge.
Forgotten by most, the purpose of fairy tales is to make most of (y)our thinking.
At the moment of highest susceptibility/suggestibility, information sinks in deepest.
Encrypted in symbols, the Old Fairy Tales explain how our brain works.

    The King in the stories refers to the Pineal Gland.
    The Court of the tales refers to the Hypophysis.
    The Government refers to the Organ Glands in our body.
    The Population in the story is the population of body cells.

    The Dragon in the story is also known as the Serpent or the Kundalini; the bio-electrical system.
    The Farmer boy, also known as Arjuna, represents the forebrain, with individual focus.
    The Quest of Adventure or Purpose, also known as Krishna, represents the hind brain.
    The Experience, of the Landscape (of/thus the story) represents the body organ functions.

Considering this, how in-depth we can/could understand ourselves, of what use is science?
Much, most of what science teaches has no direct relevance to us; it is by far too remote.
Too remote ‘out there’, because it addresses stars and galaxies and plasma fields beyond our grasp.
Too remote ‘in here’, because it addresses atomic forces and coherence on which we are based.

The Quest of Science

We cannot change those (sub)atomic forces within our core without affecting ourselves.
Yet if/when we could/can play with those atoms within us, we know we use universal potentials.
But more to the point: our use of universal potentials is meaningful only if it is done in integrity.
That is where we find the direct link to, and need for, the fairy tales we hear as a child.

There is good reason to compare, or equate, science to fairy tale stories.
Science pretends to present understanding of the universe around us, within us; via symbols.
Fairy Tales hand us understanding of the universe within us, and how to live it; as symbols.
All that we need to do in understand/interpret that/how the symbols of fairy-tales/science match.

That however is precisely where we need the understanding of the fairy tales.
Because this is exactly the kind of Quest, transformation, that the fairy tales describe.
The knowledge of science, in that sense, is the devastative fiery dragon.
And the fairy tale farmer boy represents the need to address it and tame it and ride it, to live it.

This website is about the science of life; and the need to bring science to life.
We cannot afford the madness of scientist who play god proclaiming they are ; outsider observers’.
We cannot allow a(ny) form of science which destroys the world and our life as matter of habit.
What we need is a healthy, Earthly, ‘farmer-boy’ approach and understanding of science.

Healing Science

From the fairy tales we learn that if the fool plays the king, then the king is a fool.
Presently science is controlled by politicians controlled by money (a superstition).
As long as science serves that superstition, it is toxic and cannot be trusted: the lying dragon.
In fact we do see that that dragon robs the gold and virgins (riches and honesty) from the land.

Yet, as the fairy tales tell, in the end the farmer boy speaks with the dragon in the Old Language.
That means that the farmer boy addresses the original purpose and intent of the dragon.
By understanding that, the original meaning and purity of science is rekindled.
Because the political lies for financial greed which corrupted the dragon (science) play no role.

By restoring the original understanding of science, the parasitical idea/infestation s gone.
The farmer boy understands the true nature and purpose of the dragon, and can ride it.
The dragon, science, realises that it can serve the farmer boy (human) not the king (banksters).
Due to which the farmer boy and the dragon ascent to the throne to reconnect with the soul: the princess.

Fairy tales are a recipe for healing (of/for science).
The traditional Quest is the quest for understanding.
That understanding lies within us; not beyond us.
That understanding must not be symbolised, but lived.


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