Science as Story Telling Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Scientists are all story tellers.
To some degree they just repeat the same old story.
To some extent they embellish on the old tale.
Only the best are allowed to retell the story.

Scientists are not allowed to think up new stories.
Scientists, as a guild, have rules against that.
That is why, as a guild, they regulate admission.
Scientific Schooling is in fact a mental condition(ing).

The 'education' into science is in fact an initiation.
As in any traditional temple, only the selected can enter.
Those who disagree with decrees are banished.
Those who (can) think for themselves may not enter.

Science is a society, and operates by social rules.
Social rules are territorial, always; also in science.
Territorial rules are animalistic; Fight & Flight.
Underlying rules are de-realistic: Fear & Faint.

Fight & Flight, Fear & Faint are signals for de-/re-realisation.
They reflect, respectively, Animal and Vegetative adaptation.
Animal Adaptation is directed to change OF context.
Vegetative adaptation is directed to change IN context.

In our body, every change in physiology is change of mind, also.
Every molecule is structural element, and a form of information.
The regulatory System resets the System Boundary, in context.
The Information Integration System, realises our dimensional integration.

We experience these as event, which we experience in our context.
The information changes are stored within our living body.
The information organisation operates like the software in hardware.
In the living body, the cells use the software to create the hardware.

Every experience within any context is remembered.
These memories are stored, sometimes fused by "emotions".
Emotions are innerphasing solutions when interfacing was not resolved.
Then, experiences are clustered together, as 'lumps' called "Reflexes".

Reflexes are clumped experience + response + context + outcome.
Reflexes operate at unconscious/out_of_consciousness levels.
Reflexes are the equivalent of inertia; 'dead matter'.
Reflexes are the basis by which many people de-termine their participation in creation.

In our body we see how body = mind = soul = spirit.
That is how bones = reflexes = beliefs = reality.
They are all produced by the same dynamic.
That is also how individual = relationship = group = species.

We seen how cell = organ = body = humanity; by cell division.
We see how Humanity = Society = mating = conception in cell fusion.
Thus, reality and realisation are part of the same process/dynamic.
Also, the scientist and science (or human and humanity) are 'the same'.

The stories of science are expressions/communications/realisations of creation.
The words we use between humans are equivalent to the proteins of cell communication.
The consensus we create are equivalent to the formation of cell membranes.
Story telling is the (arte)(f)act of cell replication (division/integration).

The story of science is an unfolding narrative.
The story of science is the equivalent of the learning of the society.
It is also the equivalent of the development (learning) cycle of any human.
That what we know as science is merely (yet another) (unfolding) story.

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