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The Bones of Belief
The window of opportunity of participation in creation

The relationship between bones and beliefs is based on their participation in the same process.
Both bones and beliefs are part of the same integral dynamic, by which our body exists as part of the environment/context.
Every cell in our  body, and the body as a whole, is a part of the uniVerse, in inverse.
In the cell boundary, we live a singularity, by which we operate freedom of choice in creation.

The following text describes the mechanism by which we change our experience in life, by changing our identification with/in our context.
This is done by intentionally shifting the interface of the system (with/in the context) by changing our identification with/in the dynamics that define the interface of the system.
In our case, this means that we (dis)identify ourselves with the System Singularity Set, by which all cells in our body are interrelated.
The principle thereof is illustrated by the metaphor/simile of the resolution of the vorticity (turbulence) in the fusion of two rivers.

The pivot for freedom of creation lies in the soul; which (in our body) has the form of the time-fractal described as the Equation of Health.
This soul point is the pivot of the system stability singularity, which defines the integrity/integration of the whole body.
In this singularity system (the soul) the system inverts within itself and within its context, thereby navigating its own integration in that context.
This is the dynamic of ‘Black Hole Navigation”, by which the singularity serves as the pivotal node for total system inversion, which is the ‘gearbox’ for (dis)integration for the living system within its context.

The dynamic can be summarised as the operation of navigating the Vortex.
This can be compared to surf riding on the crest of a (Vortex) wave.
This has been described as taking place (for the whole body in context, in the pineal gland.
The pineal gland therein operates as a ‘virtual “Joystick”’ for navigating the Head, Heart, Hara and Holy Bone Complex.

    Head, Heart, Hara and Holy Bone are 4 aspects, elements of the system for navigation in its context.

  • The Holy Bone represents the cell in the context, as visualised by a bone cell.
  • The Hara represents the transition across the cell membrane; as described by the Fröhlich/Lipton/Oshmann/Reckeweg system.
  • The Heart represents the reverberation on/along/of the interface of the system, serving as reflector to reset the inner/outer balance of/for the system.
  • The Head represents the node where all information is integrated for the whole system, and there from reflected back into the system: the site of holographic inversion.


  • The Head therein represents the focal point for the integration of holographic information; the light field of the body.
  • The Heart represents the proponent of the electro-magnetic inversion dynamic; for which the heart ECG is a pronounced focus.
  • The Hara is associated with molecular material transformation of the molecular antennae, in transition through a (gut) membrane.
  • The Holy Bone is the site of the cell embedded in its (own) context; representative for the body as product of cells creating their own body.
  • The Holy Bone therein is most identified with the result of the cell dynamics: the body anatomy as product of a process.


  • The Hara is associated with the intercellular communication, and the physiology of body and mind (psychology) by metabolomic dynamics.
  • The Heart is associated with the reflection on/off/at the system boundary and Hans Sely’s set of system (boundary/limit) reset systems: the regulatory system.
  • The Head represents the information integration system, by which the information within the body is compared to the information with/in the context as hologram overlay Moiré system, which is used for conscious(ness) navigation.     

Holy Bone:


Physics (bound electrons)




Chemical (free electrons)










The activation of information in/through/throughout/out_of the body takes place by a dynamic by which all these four centres are linked.
In fact, these four centres are in fact still part of the same centre; with 4D integrity.
Just as our linear DNA is coiled but one strand, likewise our physical body is ‘coiled’ around the gut.
This manifestation of physical shape of the body is consequential to the concatenation/integrity of the “Equation of Health”; the fractal of cell divisions in the body which started with the first cell and led to the manifestation of the body as a whole.

The manifestation of the whole body is based on the organisation of the sequence of cell divisions.
Topologically, every cell has two poles which are identified with their underlying vortex dynamics of cell divisions.
The integrity of the body is based on the proper alignment of these poles of the cells within the whole body.
The health of the body is thus a reflection of the integrity of the ‘concatenation cascade of orientation of these ‘implied vortices’ in each cell in ‘stringing together’ the body as a whole.

This dynamic of ‘cell vortical topological concatenation’ is the core of the dynamic of the Window of Opportunity in Creation.
This is the same dynamic as modelled by the coherence between the magnetic wave and electric wave (vortices) described by Albert Einstein.
This is the same dynamic as modelled by the cohesion between one EM wave and the next as described by Max Planck.
It is the same dynamic – the combination of the Einstein/Plank formulations – as described by Bill Tiller: nested concatenated waves.

The dynamic of the window of opportunity is based on the concatenation, integration, nesting and embedding of waves with respect to each other.
This can be described as the relationship between the wave, a wave train, their wave envelope and the Soliton which they form together.
Albeit that in this case we need to redefine the concept of a wave in terms of a vortex, and understand that in fact we witness the stability of reorganisation of a 4D Vortex wave, in identification with/in its context.

This has been descried as a ‘Gabor Pixel’: which is such a 4D vortex system.
This pixel can be understood to be the (sole) basis for the creation/manifestation of consciousness, energy, time and Space (the CETS vector).
Therein we can see how changes in phase information lead to a shock front (energy) which can combine to a wave oscillation (time base) and thence to a standing travelling wave (space).
This dynamic has been explained for the manifestation/materialisation of the whole cosmos; we experience the same concept/dynamic as consciousness: the participation in creation in the cosmos, in our body.

The Window of Opportunity in Creation formulates how we operate/experience our participation in creation in our body.
Ina ‘letterbox image’ it represents how we navigate/operate the principle of Total System Inversion (Black Hole Navigation).
What we see/experience is the inversion of the system boundary, by which we cross from one side of the border to the other (i.e. invert the system).
This is the same dynamic by which our body (dis)integrates itself with respect to its context; which it forms integral part of.

The “Window of Opportunity of Participation in Creation” is presented to display the stages of this boundary transition.
It is portrayed by the metaphor of the merging of two rivers op to the point that they have united to form one river.
This can be imagined as the dynamics of vortex exchange between the point of union and the outflow to the ocean.
The Window of Opportunity for Participation in Creation ‘follows’ (cf. a glass bottom boat) the developments of the vortices that integrate the flow velocity differences between the two rivers.

The “Window of Opportunity in Participation in Creation” therein focuses on different parts of the vortex flow dynamics.
These all illustrate dynamics as they take place within our living body.
They are all example of modes of (dis)integrity between the underlying vortex dynamics.
They thus all indicate different modes of vortex organisation, wherein boundary differences are resolved.

    Just as a reminder; the model of vortex organisation represents here:
    the dynamics of the merging of two rivers,
    the dynamics of integrity organisation of our whole body, and
    the dynamics of creation of the universe as a whole.


Bones of Belief - Window 1

Figure 1. The Window of Participation in Creation
The transition zone in the merging of two rivers.

Figure 1 represents a series of images as they might be taken from an aeroplane flying over the merging of two rivers.
The images represent, respectively, the land between the rivers, the land tongue at site of river mergence, the vortex transition zone in the active merging of the two rivers, and finally the resulting merged ‘unified’ river.
What we witness therein is the dynamics of identification.
The merging of the two river streams, via the recalibration of their merging vortex dynamics, also represents how we (dis)identify with/in our context.


Bones of Belief - Window 2

Figure 2. The Window of Opportunity in Participation in Creation
The dissolution of the Prandtl “Vortex Shedding Cascade”.

Figure 2 is a similar series of ‘slices’/slides of the dynamics of the merging of the flow.
Where Figure 1 can be compare to aerial picture from a aeroplane (Euler reference system), Figure 2 represents the images seen in a ‘glass bottom boat’ (Lagrange reference system).
Figure 2 reflects the catastrophic (Thom) emergence of vorticity due to the difference in rate in flow between the two rivers, and their ensuing decay due to vortex reorganisation and flow integration.
The region of turbulence (vorticity) is the domain of the dynamic interfacing between the two flow systems; and the same dynamic which we experience (with different degrees of material manifestation) within our own body.

The dynamics of “Vortex Shedding” is known as a “Prandtl Street”.
Downstream of a divider or watershed , vortices form in alternating (‘meandering’) fashion, rotating alternating one way then the other.
This is a Fractal dynamic related also to the fractal shape of the branching of whole rivers, of trees and of lightning.
In lightning we can see the linking of the time-space component in this dynamic of energy-integration as it is operated by the reorganisation of the (vortex) singularities of the system: in lightning, the dynamics travels a fixed distance then waits a fixed time, in tracing its charge-discharge potential.

    The Window of opportunity (in participation of creation) is thus (quite literally) linked to a charge “potential”.
    Therein it makes sense to reinterpret the traditional models for electromagnetism by (Haramein, Winter, Rapoport, e.a.) vortex notations for the same.
    Thereby we can then immediately integrate the dynamics of lightning, electromagnetism, biology and body materialisation in/by the same dynamics/formulation.
    The integration of the dynamics of manifestation in terms of a 4D Vortex model will be separately described.

The Window of Opportunity of Participation in Creation illustrates the principle of Boundary Transition.
It is based on the dynamics of Total System Inversion (a.k.a. “Black Hole Navigation”), which we operate in our own body.
Therein, we are able to reorganise the degree of Complexity (See, “The Simplicity of Complexity”) by ‘navigating’ the fractal of vortex organisation.
This is what we experience within our body as the organisation of “the Equation of Life”, the operational phase organisation by which all cell divisions are linked into one integral pattern/dynamic, from the first cell division of the Zygote onward.

Evidently the cell divisions of the zygote (and the ensuing fractal division cascade) is related to the inverse of the same: the dynamics of cell fusion (of sperm and egg) by which the Zygote was formed.
The so-called Light Cone of Relativity/Probability mechanics is in fact a representation of a much more fundamental concept: the role of Vortex Dynamics in the overall organisation/operation of creation.
What matters however, is that we are integral part of this dynamic of creation, and that we can interact/interfere with the ongoing process dynamics, and thereby experience our participation in creation.


    The dynamics of our participation in creation take place from with/in the phase field; beyond the existence of matter in a domain of pure information.

    In our body we operate our participation in creation (i.a.) via the Consciousness Activation Cascade, by which we interrelate the photonic, electromagnetic, free-electron (acid base) and bound electron (information responsive matter) in our body; i.e. as our body.


The Window of Opportunity of/for Participation in Creation illustrates that, how, we operate Freedom of Choice, by relocating our “locus of control” on the interface in the system boundary, i.e. we process it as the dynamics of communication.
Therein, we rearrange the nesting/embedding/stacking/condensing of the operant vortices which define and create our body system; at their phase levels of phase, energy, time-base and spatial organisation.
From the dynamics of STEC (Space-Time_Energy-Consciousness) we can see that in our body information and matter are fully interwoven: materialisation is a manifestation of information organisation.
The Window of Opportunity of/for the Participation in Creation” is in fact “the Moment of Organisation of Involvement in Freedom of Choice.

Freedom of Choice can be best imagined as the core of the Vortex which defines our body system.
Traditionally, this is known as the Soul (The Superset of the System Singularities operating as an integral Set; the SSSS (System Singularity Stability Set)).
We thus operate, navigate, our participation, nit by shifting the boundary of the system (‘zipping’ between opening/closing the boundary of the system; ‘going downstream/upstream from the river bifurcation’), but by identifying ourselves with the pivot of the singularity of the integral system: the core of the vortex fractal on which the integrity of our body system, in interaction with our context, is based.

This is the essence of the schema in Figure 2.
The dynamics of integration of the system within its context is based on integration of the differential of the system with respect to the context.
The model of vortex shedding in the fusion of two rivers illustrates how vortexing operates as the ‘Gearbox’ for (dis)integration of system and/with/in context.
Crucial is that we ‘ride this vortex’, and can thereby (dis)identify in the relocation of the pivot or organisation of the singularities of the system, in interfacing with/in its context.

This navigation takes place by relocating our involvement between the 4 images in Figure 2.
This is equivalent to shifting the system boundary, as portrayed by the 4 images in figure 1.
What matters (literally) is that we do this by shifting our involvement.
We do this by shifting our consciousness; which is a different term for describing that, how, we operate the 4d Phase Vortex; which will be separately described.

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