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Information Integration Dynamics
O#o van Nieuwenhuijze

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Some medical specialists do not understand traditional concepts such as the “Kundalini”, “Chackras”. “Meridians” and “Aura”.
They did not learn about the electromagnetic system and how this functions in our body.
The following is intended to fill that gap; it does however require advanced understanding, beyond that of a medical doctor.
It brings together the understanding of the creation of our body, mathematics, electromagnetic field theory, and trans-dimensional logic.

Complex as these topics may seem, we all experience with them in our body; we all know them.
Although the language differs, per culture, descriptions always relate to the same concepts.
The following description addresses the role of the electromagnetic/information system in our body, and mind.
It points out that the essence of health, healing, and health care is our involvement in Freedom of Choice.

Symbolic representation for the Chackra, Meridian, Aura and Kundalini, based on the 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D coupling of a 4DD Node of creation.

These icons represent patterns of coherence in the 4D phase Field.
They have representations in the Electromagnetic energy system.

    If you are unfamiliar with plasma physics, you may want to look at the video “Thunderbolts of the Gods” linking science and world mythology by electricity.
    The following text points out that this is also the organising principle in our body.
    (Be aware that the theory of Einstein ignored electricity in describing structure.)


Our innate understanding

The principles are generally known, and/or described on this web site.
In part we recognise the 'lightning dynamics' of the cosmic gas cloud.
In part we see the counterparts of (dynamic) computer networks, as described in the section on Metabolomes (J vd Greef, O#o).
In part we see here the core system which determines the system stability singularity set; and its (daath) singularity node concatenation.

Together it means that we need to consider the human body as a (super) computer.
All materials, and the body organisation, are the 'output' of the computation.
The 'equation' of the computation has been described as 'the equation of Health'; we are it.
We shift the balance ("="), and thereby re-compute the inner-phasing of/for interfacing which determines our illth/health.

Information Processing

The computations are - as in a computer - done by the electromagnetic charge-discharges of the program.
The difference versus a computer is that the software determines the hardware.
Another important difference is that the calculation uses a multi-valued logic.
It is the pivotal Freebond in that logic, which determines and defines our Freedom of Choice.

  • This multi-valued logic can be depicted by representing system-inversion by a vortex.
  • Lawrence Edwards has shown how a vortex/torus/egg/cone-shape represents a node of inversion.
  • Dan Winter has shown how such nodes can be stacked and super-stacked with respect to each other.
  • Bill Tiller has shown how this principle applies to the geometry of the physics of a Light Cone.
  • Our body operates by the same principles as the universe, at all of its levels.
    Our body therein is NOT a physical object; nor is it objective.
    Our body is the product/produce of (a colony of) communi-(cati)on of living cells.
    Our cell division, and philology, illustrates the same principle of information computation.

Unifying MetaThematical, Mathematical & Medical Models

The approach presented here is fundamental and relevant.
It gives a means to understand the traditional descriptions of the (Far) East and Far West
The concept of the (vortex) Chackra, Meridian, Aura and Kundalini can be understood as different forms of Electromagnetic Dynamics.
It also gives a direct means to understand that (why, and how),
freedom of choice determines the functioning of our mind and body.

This gives a straightforward means for understanding miracle healing.
The essence lies in the patterns of ((un)stable) electrodynamics.
It can be understood how healing (disease), and (unresolved) memories are related.
"Miracle Healing" is 'the collapse of the state vector' of the Residue Vectors of system integration.

    The terminology that is needed to describe this, as you can see, is not simple.
    The principle however is: we all know it: we experience in our body and being.
    It is relevant to understand that at this level of description,
    Mind and body are dual.
    At the (related) deeper level of description,
    the logic (spirit) determines the structure (mind/body).

It means that the following (fundamental) description puts the understanding of our body at a much more fundamental level.
We can NOT use classical mechanistic materialistic deterministic relativistic probabilistic models.
We MUST use the fundamental operand (4DD) logic of Phase Space; related to Total System Inversion and Black Hole Navigation.
In other words: consciousness (phase-space information integration) determines energy and thence time-space.

  1. Starting point for the following description is the dynamics of our electro-magnetic body dynamics.
    In this section we see the principles that determine the shape of the cosmos, and the structure of atoms, as they come together in forming our body (dynamics).
    This section forms the basis for understanding the electromagnetic principles and  mechanisms, that link out mind and body.
    This is the dynamics of the ‘skeleton’ which determines our experience of Freedom of Choice in our body.
  2. This is then continued by providing the traditional terminology for these concepts.
    In this section you will see that, and how, the fundamental exchange between Electricity and Magnetism has been traditionally described by the geometry of their dynamics.
    The concepts, Chackra, Meridian, Aura and Kundalini will acquire very precise and specific meaning (resp. Vortex, iso-phase vector field, Gabor Field (interference pattern) and System syngularity concatenation.)
    These systems have already been extensively described (Bentov, Becker, Westlake, Nordenström and many others.
  3. By understanding the exchange with the context - as it takes place within the body - the more fundamental processes of health van be addressed and described.
    It will be seen that the Regulatory System and Immune System operate - respectively - at the level of ElectroMagnetism and Information Integration.
    This leads to a very direct and clear insight into the relationship between memory and the electromagnetic system of our body.
    At that level we can elaborate the comparison to a network computer network; and see how our body differs.
  4. Finally we come to the conclusion: we can now understand the principle of healing and Miracle Healing.
    The electromagnetic system in our body has its own pattern of internal integration.
    It can also store patterns (memories) of conflict-in-context - to be resolved later; for learning.
    Healing is the release of dysfunctional memories, of conflict-with-context, which interfere with normal integrated functions.

The electrodynamics of the body system is based on body origination, composition, organisation and coherence.
First there is the origination of matter, from phase space, via EM, and biochemistry, to physics.
Then, there is the emergence of organic organisation; from electrolytes, to virus, microbes to humans.
Therein we perceive different 'antenna functions', such as in minerals, plants, animals and self-aware beings.

The electromagnetic organisation finds its basis in polarisation changes in Phase Space.
This leads to the interaction of information organisation (Qi, gravity) and electromagnetism (EM).
The relationship between them lies in the Dimensional Transitions, in Phase Space.
The operations involved can be described by the System Singularity Set Structuralisation.

The Structure ('skeleton') of the electromagnetic aspect of the System Singularity Set is known as Kundalini.
It is based in the Singularity Cascade - resulting from Cell Division - for the over-all body.
The topological poles of a cell and the electromagnetic cell polarity are (in-/)directly related.
The potential polarisation, within and between cells, is based on (phase vortex driven) cell division.

    Note, that it is not possible to address this understanding from classical medical (anatomical/biochemical) perspectives.
    It is necessary to understand the integrity and integration of the integral/over-all system.
    This must include the perspectives of the origination of matter, life forms, and organic complexifiction.
    The system integrity therefore must be described not at the physical, but (mathematical) metathematical, phasical level.

From the basic levels upward, it is the atomic electromagnetic organisation, which also determines cell division.
In its description the cell division cascade is an equivalent to the topological fractal ('concatenation').
The molecular organisation is one of the forms of such electromagnetic concatenations; it is the principle underlying the metabolome cycles in our body.
At a large scale, it is seen in the relationship between all cell types, the organs, connective tissues, and the integral coherence of our body.


To be continued...


Psycho-Physio Electro-Magnetic Phase-State Body-Dynamics

Electromagnetism, as it is taught in schools, is not how the theory was first envisioned.
The original equations have 16 more parameters, defining its internal dynamics.
The simplified equations reduce EM field interactions to 'solid state' dynamics.
This is not what we experience in the body, where the EM  in-and-of the body are interconnected.

The basic equations are based on the mathematics of cyclic dynamics; e**i.phi as its basis.
By this description, the electric wave and magnetic wave cross in one point, only, on a periodic basis.
This crossing point - the Zero Point - is a node in a dimensional transition.
The properties of such points have been more elaborately described in the "System Singularity Set".

There is a notion of the qualities of those Zero Points transitions, which relate information to matter.
Bill Tiller has described how the Zero Point transition needs a more extensive description than that of the Light Cone.
The issue is, that Zero Nodes that form part of a sequence, can NOT be regarded in isolation.
As is described in "Indra's Web", each point reverberates the dynamics of all other points in the sequence.

The result is that all points are not singular points, but have their implied higher harmonics.
Just as experienced in the Heart Beat, these local harmonics define the dynamic link between that node and all other nodes in the sequence.
This is also why the body processes nerve signals as Fourier Harmonics:
The local point resonates with all other point, in being linked by the higher order harmonics.


The higher order harmonics are described in the System Singularity Set; and the Equation of Health.
Dan Winter has offered excellent graphic representation for the links between nodes by their higher order harmonics.
Related, in a different form, is the description by Jos van Coenegrachts about the origination of atomic order:
All atoms are defined by a Riemann Zeta Function (related to the Bessel Function); thus a string-harmonic vibration.

The dynamics of atomic interactions, in molecular organisation, are based on the links between the singularity nodes in the atoms.
What has been described as the System Singularity Set, defines the same principle of organic concatenation for cell dynamics.
The following will point out that this is also the basis of the electromagnetic memory circuits (Hanappi Loops) in our body.
It helps to understand that this is based on the same principle as is described for cosmic electromagnetic dynamics.

    Gerhardt Hanappi described how systems dynamics describes the interaction of a system in its context.
    Every system process cycle can be described as a phase loop.
    All system processes (and their changes) can be described in this manner.
    The process loops specify the relationship of the system in/to its context.

This principle determines structural integration:

  1. internal process links (< unity)
  2. boundary defining process loops (< unity)
  3. boundary transcendent process cycles (> unity).
  4. process loops external to the system (> unity, non-Union).
  5. It is possible to invert the description; and base the system definition on (4) the open system process (cycle) dynamics.
    The System Boundary(3) defines the existence of a system (and is noted by phase change or phase reflection).
    Phase changes at the boundary discongruent from that of the context (2) indicate internal dynamics of the system.
    Internal system state processes (1) (Black Box) can not be identified from outside of the system.

This principle is relevant for disease formation:

  1. The process cycles - at all 4 levels - are linked.
  2. the 3 internal cycles are known as the 3 Divisions (TCM).
  3. mismatch at one level can thereby induce Reversal in another.
  4. This is known as the Reckeweg System of disease induction.

This principle is relevant for reality realisation.

  1. sensory perception - on the surface
  2. propriocepsis - internal to the system
  3. endocepsis (2-1) : realisation
  4. exocepsis   (3-2) : ‘reality’
  5. Here we are not dealing with physical (circulation) nor with biochemical (metabolome) flow cycles.
    Instead we are dealing with phasical cycles (meta-thematical/dimensional and mathematical/phasical).
    In the phasical body (the so-called spirit body) they are meta-physical: pertaining to phase changes, thus (trans)dimensional state, thus (are operators of) Logic.
    In the physical body the energy aspect of these Hanappi circuits are electromagnetic (cf. Nordenström, Becher, Smith, e.o.).

In fact, we see the same principle of electromagnetic cosmo-dynamics in the Gas Cloud, in our brain dynamics.
The electron-proton couples are each part of a dual dynamic based on a Zero Node transition (Black Hole Navigation, Total System Inversion).
Quezacoatl’, describes the immense charge-discharges in the cosmic gas cloud: which we also see in lightning and (in different form) as the ionic electromagnetic jet stream and aurora borealis.
When such extensive plasma lightning charge-discharges loop back to form circuits, the topology defines that there will be Thom Catastrophe’s (of different kinds) at the sites of their crossing.
Such crossing lines of cosmic (gas) lightning produce a local singularity, with a local sphere of rotation: a stellar body (a Tesla Ball Lightning).

    The Ball Lightning or Star is also known as a Chackra.
    The Lightning lines which form their connections are known as Meridians.
    The encompassing field which is built and upheld by their interaction is known as an Aura.
    The organisational ‘skeleton’ of the System Singularity Stability Set which defines the internal coherence/co-ordination is known as Kundalini.

    The Chackra, Meridian, Aura and Kundalini are all representations of the same dynamic (see below).
    They, each, reflect the same organisational dynamic from a different perspective.
    The difference of perspective - thus description - reflects a difference in the degree of involvement.
    The degree of involvement depends on our mode of participation; and integration with the dynamics of our context.

It is the relationship between a Node, Line, Plane and Field which has been integrated in the formulation of System Theory.
It is based on the normal and natural integration between a Node, a Branch, a Loop and a Network, as used e.g. in Network notation.
A more formal definition of this concept is found in the relationship between a wave, a wave train, a wave envelope and a soliton; all again are but aspects of the same system.
In this context, this relationship is to be understood at the level of the electromagnetic system; and the role played therein by the Zero Node Transition.

The Zero Node Transition - as mentioned above - requires an interpretation of the Electromagneto-dynamics, beyond the reduced and limited reductionistic description.
Rather than referring to this Zero Node Transition in terms of the EM wave, it is possible to regard the same concept in terms of the Light Cone.
The Light Cone makes much more explicit, how a minute variation in the area of the Zero Point transition, has enormous effect on the dynamics of the whole system.
This variation of the Zero Point represents a change in the Dimensional Logic: this is the basis of the integration of Information with Energy.

A wave, in a wave train

    Figure 1: node in a wave train

    Figure 1 represents a special case, of a singular node in a stable wave train.
    This requires space-time continuity, AND energy-coherence stability.
    The linking between consecutive waves is what matters; that is where STEC coherence is shown/seen, in detail.
    All equations of wave mechanics (and inertia) assume this to be stable; in life this will not generally be the case.

The Licht Cone is in fact a Vortex

    Figure 2: Light Cone

    Figure 2 represents that crossing point in a different manner: as the Light Cone.
    The light cone representation makes more clear that we are dealing with a Vortex Transition, through its Zero Point.
    In the traditional/classical representation the vortex properties of dimensional transitions are not considered.
    The Light Cone is thus not a sequence of stable cycles (as drawn, and often believed), but a vortex (without Planck gaps).

The Zero Point can fluctuate in its context

    Figure 3: Moiré Amplification in the Zero Point Transition

    Figure 3 zooms in on the crossing point itself, of the zero-point transition of the Vortex.
    The crosses demonstrate that - in the more general case - the zero point transition does not necessarily have to take place in the same position.
    It is precisely the variability at this level, which determines the link between information and matter.
    The zero-point crossing implies the balance, and complementarity, with its Dual: de vortex in inverse (phase) space. The Zitter Bewegung between both determines the content of information cq. manifestation.

The Yinn-Yang symbol represents a 4D Point - a Soliton


    Figure 4: The Soliton as Gabor Field; and basis of Cell function.

    Figure 4 integrates the 3 previous figures in a representation which maps back onto itself (not all of the loop-backs are drawn in).
    The phasical and Physical domain (of information and matter) thereby come to coincide.
    The stability in the transition node is now depicted as the stability of the transition node.
    This is the basis of the traditional D’ai Qi symbol, which in fact represents a stable 4D D Phase Cycle.

Important is the realisation that the description of matter and chemistry is all based on the integration of the EM field.
The same is the case in our body: the body anatomy is based on the Biochemistry of the body, which is only an expression of concatenation of electromagnetic charges and discharges from the atomic level onward.
The dynamics of the electromagnetic ‘architecture’ is based on the same principles as described (above) concerning Cosmic Cloud charge-discharge.
Farther down we will see that this is all based on phase organisation; which is also the basis for the existence of memory in our body.

To be continued...

Chackra, Meridian, Aura, Kundalini


    Figure 5: Chackra (EM Field Vortex - Dimensional Transition)

Figure 5 shows a Vortex; in Sanskrit called a Chackra.
A Vortex is a Dimensional Transition (Gabor) Point in Phase Space.
Lawrence Edwards has shown that such a point van be represented by a Vortex.
Dan Winter and Bill Tiller have shown that such points are non-local, and by definition multi-valued and miltiple-state/-phase.


    Figure 6: Meridian (iso-phase vector - Singularity Synchronisation)

Figure 6 shows an iso-phase vector field, in Sanskrit called a Meridian.
Figure 6 is based on the superposition of 2 Chackras; i.e. interaction.
Such Chackra interactions can be represented by an Inverse Light Cone.
The Chackra is the equation of equilibrium between interacting Gabor Points.


    Figure 7: Aura (4D Gabor point - System Inversion Node)

Figure 7 shows an Aura, the inverse of the Meridian, thus Chackra interaction.
It is the (local) Gabor field created by the stable interaction of 2 or more Chackras.
The density and complexity of an Aura is thereby based on the complexity of the over-all chackra interaction pattern.
Our body cell commplex can be understood to be such a chackra-interaction-complex; of which the Aura is the Field projection.


    Figure 8: Kundalini (EM Polarisation stabilisation vector kernel)

Figure 8 shows a Kundalini; i.e. the Trace of the Singularity Concatenation.
Each such trace is a Fractal, and thereby representative for the origination of the complex in that context.
Being a structure of the (Trans-Dimensional) Singularity Node Sequence, the Kundalini is not physical but phasical.
Being connected to the chackra’s/cells, the Kundalini can be indirectly perceived by its ‘shadow’; the electromagnetic field core of the projection of the singularity set concatenation; a ‘lightning in our body; projecting the body.

    Note that the symbolic representation for Kundalini has the symbol for “Ground” at the bottom, and for “Antenna” at the top (with “Fluid Surface” symbols on the mid-plane).
    Humans walk upright in order to capture a larger geomagnetic Earth Potential; on average a meter more charge field.
    The pole at the crown, and the pole at the sacrum, thereby generate a larger potential gradient within the system.
    The “Fluid Level” symbols on the mid-plane have internal meaning: the regulation of the fluidity/crystallisation of the fluid-crystal materialisation of our body.

The relationship between the body (cells) and the phasic system is straightforward.
The following schematic pictures represent the connection.
Starting with the - common - concept of the cell, we can look into the cell dynamics and understand the essence of its existence.
This essence does not lie in the cell, but in its origination: inversion - the core concept of phase space.

Mind Matters

What we see in the metabolic cycles of our body (food, metabolomes) is a reflection of the underlying information circuits.
Our body is in essence a circuit board, in which the software determines the hardware.
It is the antenna function (information carrier) which determines the bio-chemical dynamics.
What we see as the circulation of blood in the arteries, we see as the circulation of information in the nervous system: the brain ’pumps’ information in the same way the heart ‘pumps’ blood (biochemistry).

The mental processes are based on the electrical circulation of information.
Thinking and thoughts can be described in great detail, based on this understanding.
For health and healing it matters to understand the important role of mind.
The following addresses the principle of mind indirectly: as the complex networks of phase space organisation (mind) as represented by Kundalini.

The Zygote originates from a Bhindu.

    Figure 9: The Zygote originates from a Virtual Cell (Bhindu)

    The Zygote originates from the fusion of Egg with Sperm.
    This nuclear fusion process has a 4 billion year history for both.
    The origin of the Zygote thus traces back through all previous life forms.
    It is the principle of cell fusion, which is the dual of cell division.

Cell Division is a much larger process than that of any cell

    Figure 10: Cell Division.

    Cell Division is operated by a Charge field (a force) responding to a change in the Phase Field (information).
    Information in formation is the essence; it operates by, in, the Zero Point, described above, on basis of the principle of System Inversion (a Vortex).
    In the process of cell division, a complexification takes place (1, 2, 3, 4, ... cells) which changes the dimensionality of the system (point, line, plane, volume).
    After the volume format is reached, the system as a whole van operate the principle of Kundalini (see above) for co-ordinated system inversion with/in a changing context.

The link between the dividing cells maintains the integrity of the body.

    Figure 11: The Singularity Set determines System Stability

    As seen upon death: the body cells loose their coherence as soon as life is lost.
    Body integrity is not based in cell dynamics, but on the dynamic that creates the cells and links them, and causes cell division.
    The dynamic connection between cells determines health; and thus the basis for healing.
    The System Singularity Set thus determines the integrity of the integral system.


    Figure 12: Kundalini

    Kundalini is the term which describes the integral complex of singularities of the living system (Gurdieff calls it “Kundabuffer”.)
    The Kundalini mechanism operates - only in part - on/with/in/by the electromagnetic system of the body (Nordenström, Becker, Smith, e.a.).
    The Kundalini system interrelates with all the electromagnetic body circuits, in all of its complexity of nesting and embedding in various layers.
    Being composed of Singularity Nodes, this whole system, as a whole, regulates the inversion dynamics of the overall system.

    This inversion dynamic is essential of/for life, as described by Lawrence Edwards, Arthur M Young and many others.
    It is the instrument by which we experience Freedom of Choice in our body, by our ability to affect the (Zero Point) relationship between information and matter.

The integrity of our body is based on is ability to define, and redefine, the integrity of its border.
In the transition from mineral, via viral and microbial, to eukaryot life forms, organisms have acquired an increased complexification of their border.
The logic in this transition is the same as that, mentioned above, in the transition from 1D, via 2D and 3D, to a 4D system (with Freedom of Choice interacting with Total System Inversion).
This means that we need to take into account which border/interfaces are affected by our choice to change our relationship with/in our context.

The following series of images describes how Rephasing the Interface is the basis of health, and diseases.
In disease, the system boundary loses its integrity because it can no longer integrate with/in its context.
In healing, the information on which the setting of the interface is based, is re-phased.
In health we see the natural mechanism on which this is based: the ongoing Total System Inversion dynamic, which defines the existence and integrity of the system.

Rephasing the Interface

Cell Division is the basic mechanism on which health and healing is based.
In cell division, a new interface is created, by which net inner-phasing functions can be expressed.
Our experience of our context, is - totally - based on the inner-phasing of the interfacing in our body.
We have no experience of our context; we only experience (sense) changes of phase in the sensory cells of the surface of the body.

The Zygote is the uniVerse in inVerse

    Figure 13: The Zygote is the universe in inverse.

    The model of a crystal ball is helpful to understand that the zygote is the uniVerse in inVerse.
    In the middle of the crystal ball, light rays from the whole context converge, into one point.
    That is the point where the incoming light becomes the outgoing light ray: the centre point is a point of inversion.
    The inversion point is by definition a Gabor Point, thus a Vortex as described by Lawrence Edwards; which is 4D as described by O#o.

    connected laterallyOperating with our context we function as open system Interfacing to Earth we operate as closed system connected to ground

    Figure 14: Alpha and Omega: open and closed system interfacing

    As shown in Figure 8, a cell/body interfaces at an open and closed system interface, respectively in contact with the ‘sky’(‘heaven’) or ‘ground’ (Earth”.
    The principles of electromagnetism  apply; albeit they are better understood in their generalised interpretation: system theory by Ludwig von Bertalannfy.
    The internal interfacing (the ‘water’ surface, in the body) interacts directly with (the ‘fire’ interface in the body) the system singularities of the Kundalini System.
    The traditional description of Alpha and Omega are based to the symbolism of the boundary (“|”) with respect to the System (“O”); and represent the use of freedom of choice in shifting our involvement between a closed and open system (by operating an orthonormal rotation in a boundary of the system).

A system reflects differently, depending on the Interface

    Figure 15: Cantor/Gödel/Gabor Interfacing of a dividing cell

    Whenever a cell interfaces with its context, it will depend on the filter characteristics of the border what functions (Hanappi Loops) the cell can express.
    Riemann Multiplicity, Gödel indeterminacy states, Cantor infinity states and Gabor trans-dimensional phases all can occur.
    In our body it is our involvement which determines - via the Kundalini System operating the System Singularity Set -  the back-reflections of the interface into the cell system.
    Our involvement determines this interaction, thus the inner-phase, thus the interface, thus our state of health.


    Figure 16: Selye Innerphasing Dynamics.

    The Fight/Flight//Fear/Faint mechanism described by Hans Selye describes the system border re-set at the animal and vegetative level.
    The organism can change its definition, or move away from its context (Black Hole Navigation, operating shifts in Hanappi Loops).
    This principle operates the connectedness of body, mind, soul and spirit (with resp. signals of loss of integration in: pain, fear, depression, death).
    The interface organisation does not depend on the state of the regulatory system, but on that of the information system (where we operate Freedom of Choice).

The following applies this understanding, in the way it functions in our body.
We will see the direct link between information and matter.
We will see how we experience freedom of choice in choosing our involvement.
And we will come to understand how such choices can back-fire and cause diseases (System boundary/definition destabilisation).

The Interfacing and innerphasing, which are dual aspects of the boundary.
The main property of a boundary s that it is Separator AND Connector.
Every boundary functions as Filter (Phase Variance Operator).
By varying the phase, a Boundary becomes a Field, and v.v..

The filter characteristics of the interface (by inner-hasing) is decisive for the functioning of the system.
The System Singularity set makes that explicit; and links it to the Open System (system context).
The Interface (Figure 15) therein functions as active process (Figure 16): by changing the inner phase.
This is the basis of the working of the Regulatory System (Selye), the immune/learning system, cell intelligence (Lipton) and DNA replication.

This Interfacing/Inner-phasing oscillation can be mathematically described as a Write-Rewrite Function; which is also the basis of write-rewrite errors: diseases (see below).


The cosmos is created out of phase space.
The first level which matters - literally - is electromagnetic/atomic.
BioCosmoChemistry is consequential, based on temporal interactions.
(Bodily) Physicality is based - only - on duration in constant context.

The body is a liquid crystal (Ho, 2008); phase determines its state.
The degree of materialisation of the body is regulated by the Stress System; which is in fact a mechanism for re-calibration of/for the system boundary/definition.
This adaptive inter-phasing function is best seen in the connective tissue, which links the skin (sensory system) with the organ capsules (propriocepsis) onto the cell membrane (intelligence function) and into the DNA (archive function).
Consciousness (co-ordination) therein regulates the regulatory function which operates the processing dynamics (physiology) leading to the bodily ‘crystallisation  (anatomy).

Our body is NOT a physical construct.
As is seen with a snail, the most physical aspects of the system have been created (extruded) by a living organism which functions in a different manner.
The physical body is therein based on a phasical function.
This phasical function is based on an underlying logic; of the locally defined (closed) system being part of the whole (open system).

In our body we see the connection between those in the phase organisation of the physical structure.
As with a river and a bedding, it is not the bedding that forms the river, but the river that forms the bedding.
In our body we see this as the interplay between free electrons and bound electrons; again, the free electrons determine the position of the bound electrons.
Every molecule in our body is to be understood in this manner: the materiality of the molecule, is subordinate to its electromagnetic function - as antenna.

The electromagnetic principles operate the total domain of body materialisation.
The atomic structures form our ‘carrier wave’ for our existence in this (material) context.
The molecular ‘signal wave’ links our existence to all other life forms (‘food chain’).
Our organic functions reflect our capacity to ‘change the program’ and thereby relate to our environment in a different manner - based on the underlying Freedom of Choice which is already found at the subatomic level.

Electromagnetic fields thereby play a basic role in our body functioning, and our experience in our body.
Where at the physical level we see the continuation of the food chain within our body (Metabolomes) we can infer that these are the physical equivalents of phasical flows of information.
These phasical flows of information have their corollary at the electromagnetic level; as described by i.a. Westlake, Nordenström, Beckers and Smith.
Our memories are base in such electromagnetic circuits, within the physical substrate of the body (cf. software in the hardware; here the software determines the hardware).

The operand organisation of these electromagnetic circuits are based on the principles that underlie them.
What we perceive as Electromagnetism (‘mathematics’) , at one level, is derived from dimensional phase transitions at another (‘meta-thematics’).
The polarity and duality of electricity (protons/electrons) and magnetism (South/North) are seen to be integrated in the representation by a Vortex (Lawrence Edwards, Dan Winter, Arthur M Young), also represented in the form of a Light Cone (Bill Tiller).
A traditional representation of such a (trans-dimensional) Vortex is a Chackra.

In our body we see the same relationships as found in phase space (4DD Logic); throughout its organisation and manifestation.
The figure at the top of the page (repeated here) already shows this: we see the logic of Dimensional Transitions at every level of our body.
Where the Chackra is a point (1D) representation of the Gabor Point (a point of dimensional inversion), the Meridian represents the (2D) coupling between two such points (or, the point and its own harmonic; as found in cell division), the Aura represents the 3D localised stabilised phase field, and the Kundalini the (4D) regulation of phase inversion for the overall system; it regulates ‘life and death’.

The Light Cone is a Vortex Inversion [1D]

A Meridian is the geode where circulation is in balance [2D]

The Aura is the projected field [3D]

Kundalini is the Singularity Set operating System Inversion [4D]

Symbolic representation for the Chackra, Meridian, Aura and Kundalini, based on the 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D coupling of a 4DD Node of creation.

The Kundalini construct is based of the logic by which it is connected to all 3 (‘Trinity’) other representations of this concept.
From the unfolding of this Kundalini Construct out of the cell divisions of the Zygote, we can se that its organisation is Fractal.
The Kernel of the Determinant of the Matrix of the Kundalini is also known as the Soul (O#o, The Architecture of the Soul).
The coupling of this phasical organisational Kernel to the Physical body,operates via the electromagnetic fields in/of the body; at all levels.

The relevance of this system has been described by many people; notably Itzhak Bentov: the Fysio-Kundalini Syndrome (In “Stalking the Wild Pendulum).
He demonstrates that the physical pulsations in the body can synchronise  maser/laser/phaser effect) and cohere to create a strong coherent electromagnetic field around (and in) the body.
Björn Nordenström and Herbert Fröhlich have demonstrated that electromagnetic circuits determine the organisation of our whole body, from the cellular level onward.
The terminology of the Chackra, Meridian, Aura and Kundalini make it possible to address this electromagnetic level directly, by its function, by these representations.

In this level of origination we recognise all the properties of electromagnetic functions: Antenna Function, Potential Field, Current Flow and Static Charge Fields.
How important this is, is seen in the upright position of the human: this increases the effect of the ambient Earth-electromagnetic field on our body.
This increased the ‘pressure’ on the ‘static’ charge of the “Kundalini”, leading to a larger internal charge potential.
This increased capacity (capacitance) leads to an increased responsivity (in fact: response-ability) to ambient dynamic field fluctuations, such as the Schrödinger Resonance frequency of the planet (related to self healing: Saskia Bosman).

Phase State

The relationship between information and matter, Carrier wave and Signal Wave, River and Bedding, Phase and State is typical for our living organism.
The Write-Rewrite operation (known for DNA) is also the principle of cell replication, memorisation and healing.
The following first describes the physical aspects: cell replication; then the metaphysical aspects: of mental influence on the body functions.
That is than linked to traditional description for this: Kundalini, aura, meridians and Chackra’s.

First is the model of the cell interface: tying in with the work of Bruce Lipton.
Second is principle of cell replication; the vortex dynamics found in cell division.
Third is the model of DNA replication (and fungal, viral, bacterial  - eukaryote cell - interaction).
Fourth is the generalisation-of-concept: replication of health; or disease (i.e. adaptation, compensation, and decompensation in replication).

To be continued . . .

    Resonance (healing)




Yantra, Mantra, Tantra and Being

Reality s a realisation.
Or involvement in reality (mind) matters, literally.
Belief is one of the direct ways in which we affect this.
This has to do with patterning the mind; as can be done via Yantra, Mantra and Tantra.

    Yantra: a symbol, held to be representative for reality.
    Mantra: a sound, held to be representative for our connectedness wit our context.
    Tantra: a conduct, or life style, held to affect reality.
    All are activated from our centre of activation, in the hara.

The Hara is one of our four main body centres representative for our contact with our context.
Holy Bone, Hara, Heart and Head, correspond with our mineral, vegetative, animal and self-aware being.
They are equivalent with the function of, resp. the cell, its membrane, its receptors, and replication.
It is their Interfacing function, which determines our (bodily) functions.

Holy Bone, reflects the cell living in its own context (e.g. bone cell).
Hara represents the vegetative system; linking earth/water and air/light.
Heart represents our animal capacity for territorial migration, making use of organs.
Head represents the capacity for self-reflection, with a world-image, outside in, inside our body.

These body centres, and cell functions, are standard 4D ‘system gates’.
Each of these ‘logic gates’ operates at 90 degrees to the other.
To regard them as body parts, or bodily functions, ignores that they represent standard logical operations.
Because it is much more realistic to regard our body as information process(or), than as an object.

Mantra is the simplest starting point for understanding body patterning.
The wave form of the sound that is made, is directly related to the shape of the oral cavity.
The oral cavity is a wave guide, and the mantra a sound that reflects it.
The mouth, being shaped by the same developmental dynamics as the body, connects the sound, via the mouth, to the body patterns.

Yantra can be best understood by the work of Hans Jenny.
Visual shapes (symbols) represent frequency/resonance patterns.
Structure is thereby seen to be a consequence of wave vibration.
Selectivity and stability of the resonance pattern, determines the shape.

Tantra describes a specific life style, structured by belief.
It is the basis of ritual (short term) and religion (long term) behaviour.
Essential is to make use of those patterns, that are universal.
These essential patterns are those that determine our body and being.

Resonance is the common factor of all these phenomena.
It is fundamental to realise that our whole body/being is based on this.
Our freedom of choice allows is to change our resonance.
Cymatics and Chladni Figures are 3D forms of Moiré/Lissajoux forms.

To be continued . . .


Miraculous Healing

Miraculous Healing is not miraculous when the body-origin is considered.
When the disturbance of the Body is understood to originate from Phase Space, then healing can be applied at that level.
This requires 1) understanding of phase space (meta-physical understanding) and 2) the ability to operate at that level (meta-physician).
It requires insight in the difference between physics (phenomenal) and phasics (essential).

The core of the body functioning, is the same as that for the cosmos: a 4DD node.
The dynamic of cell division, is that of a vortex functor; and can be described by a Chackra.
For life, the linking to the context operates via the singularity nodes; the locus of System Inversion.
It is the relationship between the nodes which determines the characteristics of the system.

Just as the Zygote mirrors the uniVerse, in inVerse, likewise every cell reflects every other cell in the system (“Indra’s Web”).
In the case of perfect interfacing, the local system is a perfect replica of the overall system (representing the uniVerse; ‘god-man, pope’).
In case of misalignment, the local system will misrepresent the surrounding system.
The difference between both can be described as the difference between alpha and omega: (Figure 14); i.e. the difference in interfacing between a closed and open system.

    Every description in this text is based on the realisation that any boundary is defined, only, by the interfacing characteristics.
    The difference between a closed and open system (alpha cq. omega) is a 90 degree phase rotation (in [4D]).
    The result is that ...
    a Closed Boundary (“|”) turns out to an Open Field (“O”).
    This is the - only - principle on which our body function and existence is based.

The principle of ‘disease’ can thus be replaced by the notion of misrepresentation which relates to the principle of Interfacing.
Whenever the internal state of the system does not reflect/re-present that of the local and general context, there will arise an interference pattern on the surface of contact.
Destructive Interference is equivalent with Disease; Constructive Interference amounts to learning, nutrition, growth, healing.
The following images portray how this can be represented in terms of the Kundalini, and disturbances in its reflection.

to be continued...

The internal organisation of the system interacts, always, with its context.
The system is linked throughout all of its levels; from cells to organs to that of the integral system.
This relates to levels of layeredness of Hanappi Loops (concatenation, nesting and embedding) which is of fractal nature.
Because of their interconnected organisation, the system functions as set of coupled resonators, on the basis of resonant harmonics.


The set as a whole interfaces with its context.
Whenever the internal responsiveness is out of phase (Hannapi/Young Harmonics), the internal response and external response create a virtual boundary in/to/with the context.
This principle of rephasing the interface (i.e. innerphase) is the basis of the inflammation/sclerosis 'stress' response described by Selye; the infection/sclerosis disease types, as reflected also in the dual nature of the neurone/hormone, and cell membrane/core duality.

The principle of re-phasing the interface, operates at every level of the system, as it is based on the origination of the system; and the relationship - via singularities - with the context.


Due to the importance of the innerphasing/interfacing duality of the system, the interactions with the context are not only experienced, but also recorded (sensory system) and stored (memory) in this manner.
What it amounts to is that reflections of the 'Kundalini' system (the kernel of the determinant of the phase/interface matrix) gets 'mapped' onto the interface at any moment the system interacts with its context.
When the system is out of balance with the context, in interacting, this 'misplaced mapping' of the 'Kundalini is mapped on the interface of the system.
The consequence (a sequence of consequences) is the mapping of all these mismatches on the interface of the system.


It is much more easy to represent this principle as a graphic image.

    Figure 17: The Kundalini (SSSS fractal)


    Figure 18: The Diffractal (adaptation)

    When a system

    Figure 19: Diffraction (compensation)


    Figure 20: Fracture (decompensation)

    When fractions of a system becomes fractioned, parts relate to other parts by 3 system singularities.

Figure 17 is the integral integrated system, as defined on basis of its internal integrity as represented by the Kundalini.
Figure 18 is the (set) of imprints on the interface of integrated interactions  maps back on the Kundalini; non-integrated reflections map outside of the Kundalini (kernel)  and leads to an array of 'fractured' fractals, outside of the kernel.
This is the basis of system disintegration: illth and diseases.
Figure 19 represents the transition (from adaptation through compensation to decompensation); i.e comprises the core mechanism of emergence of disease.
Figure 20 expresses the collapse of integrity of the core of the system; the system singularity set, leading to the release of the fractal core of the singularity set of the system: the soul.

This general principle of transition from health to disease to death is determined from the level of the system singularities upward.
The core level is the underlying (trans-dimensional) logic of phase space.
It is at the next higher level - of electromagnetic phase organisation - that the system function, personal memories, and system (in)stabilities all tie in with the electromagnetic (Kundalini) information energy dynamics of the system.
The coupling between the Kundalini construct, the Chackras, meridians and the aura is not based on the local (physical) structure, but stems from the dynamic of the logic underlying their integration, in phase space.

The description above has a practical technical application.
The Kundalini relates to the bundling of Hanappi Loops in the system, and the Admittancy description of that system.
Admittance Theory accounts for the difference in phase relay in different types and modes of matter.
In our body, a liquid crystal, it is the highest speeds of propagation that allow for the largest channel for system integration.
This is found along the spinal cord axes; which thereby relates to the Kundalini System.
It is relevant to note that the main gain of human upright gait, is the amplification of potentiation of the voltage potential with respect to planet Earth's ground charge level: by walking upright our body system can operate on a 'higher voltage'.

We cannot continue to use models of/for classical physics for biology.
In living organisms we see that all body materials are produced by living cells.
All those body materials form part of the communication of information in formation.
We need to redefine our understanding of our body, and health, in terms of informatics.

But it also means that we must reformulate all our understanding of physics in terms of phasics.
Not the physical forms, but the dynamics, conditions and causes for their formation matter.
Matter in that sense is immaterial and merely consequential to contextual conditions.
We need to be aware, and understand, how we (re)calibrate our integrity/integration with/in our context.

In our body we see anatomy <= physiology <= regulation <= information.
We need to adapt the models of medicine and science to what we find in our living body.
As in cosmology, and atomic physics, chemistry is a form of electromagnetodynamics.
We must redefine our models of science in those terms (see “the Tetrahedron Photon”).


To be continued ...


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