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From Physics to Phasics

Starting point for this summary are two simple examples:

  1. Atoms are Perpetuum Mobile's (we need to describe emergence of Atoms)
  2. Atoms are not Particular (Photon-Electron interaction is impossible)

Together they illustrate the need to go from physics to phasics

Phasics is the logical understanding of physics.
Physics started with the observation of Nature.
Physics there discovered the Chemistry of Molecules.
Physics then understood the Mathematics of Atomic interactions.

Now it is necessary to take this understanding one step farther.
Mathematics is able to describe the properties of Atoms.
MetaThematics is needed to address subatomic phase space.
These Phase space properties are the basis of the term Phasics.

    Example 1) Atom = Perpetuum Mobile

    Physicists insist that a perpetuum mobile does not, cannot, exist.
    However by their own definition, an atom has no 'birth' nor 'death'.
    An Atom is assumed to exist ad infinitum, without definition for its emergence.
    This means that every Atom is a Perpetuum Mobile.

    In Phasics we come to a different conclusion:
    We need to explain the origination and existence of every atom.
    This implies how each atom relates to every other atom.
    It links the existence of every atom to the uniVerse as a whole

    Example 2) Atoms are not Particular

    Physicists insists that “photons” interact with “electrons”.
    In their view ‘Photons’ ‘hit’ ‘electrons’; both going at the light speed.
    It is impossible to have the precision of such a hit, at the right speed, right angle, right spin, at the right instant, to have an electron move from one atomic orbit to another.
    This means that particle models have no meaning.

    In Phasics we come to a different conclusion.
    Particles do not exist: they are crests on crossing wave fields.
    Every ‘particle’ therein  is part of a larger pattern; of wave fields.
    This puts the description of the uniVerse in terms of Phase.

Phasics is the application of MetaThematics to the domain of Physics.

To be Continued ...

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