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Science is said to be the ultimate resource on what we know.
Yet science deals solely with finding out what we do NOT know.
The whole purpose of science is to resolve our ignorance.
We must however also resolve the ignorance of science

    “Only 7% of the iceberg is seen above the waterline”.
    “We use only 7% of our brain”.
    “Only 7% of our DNA has meaning”.
    “Only 7% of the universe is composed of matter”.

    “Dark Matter”, “Unconscious”, “Singularities”, “Unknown”.
    Going by these (approximate) figures, science is 93% ignorance.
    Unless of course this needs to be a composite figure.
    Then science amounts to 99.99+% ignorance.

Science has an elaborate set of words to cloak that immense ignorance.
”Axioms”, ”Definitions”, ”Assumptions”, ”Hypotheses”.
Science even crafts immense constructs therewith: ”Theories”, ”Models”, “Explanations”, “Proofs”, …
These words serve as key-hole and peep-holes, door locks and door handles for the palace of science.

    Science as Non-sense is a selection of contemplations on un-science.
    It started with the learning of ‘scientists’ calling research ‘unscientific’.
    I realised that if they know what is “unscientific”, then they must be “unscientists”.
    Because scientist study the unknown, and do NOT reject/repress/deny it.

    I realised that in science, there is a group of un-scientists, pretending to be scientists.
    They do not know the unknown, because they do not know how to get to know the unknown.
    I realised they must be afraid of the unknown, by their vehement rejection of it.
    I realise that there exist scientific Fundamentalists; who believe in what is written, not in our ability and skills for writing.

In our body and brain we see that we live in a reality of matter and of mind.
Matter is the realm of the known; the tangible, describable; manipulatable.
Mind is the realm of the knowing; the intangible learning, the art of creation.
These are totally different yet connected dimension; as is described elsewhere.

In the series of texts in this bundle, we ‘scientifically’ study science.
We will regard the scientists themselves as the ‘lab rats’ to be researched.
We will need to look at the conditions, their conditions, their reflexes and beliefs.
Much of what is described in the relationship between bones, reflexes, beliefs and ‘reality’ applies here.

This series of texts is, explicitly, part of “Bringing Science to Life”.
We can no longer rely on irresponsible science, preaching a science of dead matter.
We must understand the nature of freedom of choice, response-ability, respect and involvement.
We must research to which extent scientists, thus science, is driven by ignorance (the Quest of Science) but also by the fear for the unknown (Unscience).

    This bundle as a whole has the title “Science as Non-Sense”.
    It addresses the nonsense in science, and the scientists producing nonsense.
    But more fundamental, it deals with that what is not sensed, beyond our senses.
    Science is the quest for knowing the unknown; but how is that paradox resolved?

The texts that you can find here deal with related examples of how we deal with the unknown.
These are all aspects of the way our conditioned reflexes break down when reflexes change.
Elsewhere you can read how our reflexes are created, and can be repaired.
Here we address their state of disrepair, and their ill effects on our realisation.

Starting point is that science is intended as a cure for our ignorance.
This implies that science must be able to change our reflex conditioning:
It means that scientist must learn that reality is not real, but a realisation.
Also, that the reality that we live is our (individual/collective) creation.

Be alarmed: Science as Non-sense is intentionally confrontational.
Much of what we know about science is make-belief, and wring.
Don’t be alarmed: a sound diagnosis can lead to healing treatment.
Much of what we know about science works; we can make that better.

We must address what ignorance is, and how we cope with not-knowing.
We must resolve the act of remaining ignorance, by denial of our ignorance.
Many people have a dogmatic belief that ‘Reality exists and can be known’.
The facts are that we are creators in creation; we will always face the unknown.
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