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The core concepts of 4DD Logic

The following series of pages invites you to rethink everything you know, and how you know.
Here you will come to see that Reality is – by definition – a realisation.

You will discover that the mathematics we know is by definition useless to describe this.
However, mathematics will turn out to be our creation; we can create other forms of mathematics.
We however need not to look at the forms of mathematics, but at their underlying logic.
We will find that we need a simple single formal complex multi-valued logic: the 4DD Logic.

  • The 4DD Logic is simple: every boundary is a Field.
  • Every Separator is a Connector.
  • Analysis comes with synthesis, always.
  • Every part is always part of a/the whole.

This requires a different form of thinking.
We will come to need to rethink everything we know; including our knowing.
We will find, end up with, a logic which helps us understand the nature of creation.
In understanding the nature of creation we come to understand also our creation with/in nature.

You will come to understand why this can be called the god equation.
You will come to appreciate that we therewith have a basis for the equation of health.
You will come to realise that this is a formal formulation of consciousness, and creation.
You will be surprised to find that all we know remains valid; but in a different manner.

The difference is that we are creators; active members in/of/for/by creation.
Objects not objectivity exist; we are subjects and our subjectivity matters.
We find ourselves with(in) a logic and mathematics for/of involvement.
We will find that we are response-able for everything we create in creation.

  • There will be an introduction to the 4DD Logic, by reference to earlier papers.
  • Then there will be a primer on the need to go from Mathematics to MetaThematics.
  • Then, there will be a declaration of the limits and limitations of contemporary science.
  • Finally we will end up with a science of life which is beyond description but well within realisation.

Welcome to this series of articles which will ask you to question your/our whole existence.

    And lead you to the realisation that science (and religion) is not about description, but for realisation.

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[MetaThematics 00: Introduction]
[MetaThematics 01: Beyond Mathematics]
[MetaThematics 02: Toward a Formalism]
[MetaThematics 03: Symbolic Representation]
[MetaThematics 04: From Physics to Phasics]
[MetaThematics 05: The Gravity of Consciousness]
[MetaThematics 06: The Manifestation of Space]
[MetaThematics 07: The Art/Act of Involvement]
[MetaThematics 08: The Formulation of/for Involvement]
[MetaThematics 09: The g.o.d. experience]
[MetaThematics 10: The g.o.d. BioLogics]
[MetaThematics 11: g.o.d. = creation]
[MetaThematics 12: Primes and Consequences]

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