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The essence of the 4DD logic lies beyond words, and symbols, as we know them.

The following defines the Dimensional Operator as a specific 4D Point.
This point is local and non-local, at the same time.
Its logic is simple, single, as well as complex, multi-valued.
Most important: it is an operator: it can change its (own) state/logic.

A Dimensional Operator, is an active interactive element, always.
It is not determined by the mathematician; it is self determinant.
The mathematician cannot control it; but interact with it, only.
The dimensional operator does not describe reality, but realisation.

Dimensional operators are operators, not functor, functions, variables or values.
By their operation they act as a functor, perform as a function and can produce values.
The values they produce are consequence only of their interaction with other functions, thus functors; thus operators.
Most important, in their operations they change their own logic.

Axioms form the foundations of mathematics.
Dimensional operators are more fundamental than axioms.
Where axioms are the formulation of the basis of OUR formulations, beyond proof; Dimensional Operators are beyond understanding.
Dimensional Operators are Generators, Operators and Destructors of Dimensions.

Generating, Operating and Destruction of Dimensions is customarily called god.
Dimensional Operator operations take place in the domain society prefers to reserve for religions.
Dimensional Operator formalisation makes explicit what religions try, but cannot, describe.
Dimensional Operations alter the (logic of the) reality that we live in.

Dimensional Operators can modify their own internal degree of freedom; also in interaction.
Dimensional Operators can (thereby) also change how they relate to their context; the interface.
Dimensional Operators thereby affect the degree of materialisation, known as Energy_Space-Time.
Dimensional Operators thereby alter the local and non-local fabric of ‘reality’ by altering the logic of phase space.

Dimensional Operators are the cause behind the emergence of energy manifestations.
Dimensional Operators do not operate in Energy Space; they are its creation.
Dimensional Operators do not operate in Time-Space; they operate in and within time-space.
Dimensional Operators are neither physical not material; they are phasical and meta-real.

All these properties – although they are simple – make it impossible to describe Dimensional Operations.
The ability to change the dimensional complexity and logic means that Dimensional Operators are more fundamental than any form by which we can ‘describe’ them.
More important, Dimensional Operators not only create this universe, they also create all life forms.
As every Dimensional Operator is simple, yet multiple, we cannot even define is Dimensional Operator is a trait (function) or a property (noun).

The following describes the characteristics of a Dimensional Operator that require description; and why description cannot be achieved by the mathematical language in use at the moment.

Field Definition:

The Dimensional Operator needs to be described in the possibility for dimensional state change:
This deals with the transition between 0D phase space, and 1, 2, 3 and higher Dimensional space states.
This also requires a description which establishes the modular characteristics of higher modes of phase state dimensions; related also to different degrees of manifestation, materialisation and gravitation. (Gravity is a property of Dimensional ex-/re-/in- and hyperincursion).
At this level the logic deals with the principle of transmutation; ad formulated as alchemical concept.

Boundary Definition:

    The Dimensional Operator needs to be described in the connectedness at its border.
    The same characteristics for field densification also define the type of connectivity of/at/in/by the border.
    At this level the logic deals with the fractal, diffractal, fractalisation and diffractalisation in/of/at/by the border
    We experience these as the various functional levels of our body/mind/soul/spirit; and the integral nature of the four forces of physics and the four forms of physics (field, probabilistic, relativistic and classical).

Resonance Definition:

    As the Dimensional Operator is in essence a 4D Point, its logic is simple and multi-valued; and its existence is at the same time local and non-local.
    This is a simple consequence of the multiplicity of the boundary, and of the field, and of the relationship between them.
    The relationship between boundary and field modes of dimensional complexification (densification, resp, fractallisation) determines the different modes of local-non-local extension.
    There relationships originate from the properties in phase space (dimensional degrees of freedom, and the possibility for changing the degree of coherence).

Creational Definition:

    As the Dimensional Operator is a universal characteristic, it applies to the universe as a whole, and ‘everything’ with/in it; including all life forms.
    On the basis of Dimensional Operator Logic, we can realise that all things are based on nothing (physics is based on phasics); we need to shift from thinking to ‘un-thing-king”.
    This amounts to the realisation that reality is a realisation.
    It has a more specific meaning: we ourselves are Dimensional Operators, thus creators in creation.

The level of phase definition of the field,
The level of phase relationship at the border,
The level of phase change in their interaction, and
The level of chase change in/by/of/through creation all operate in conjunction.

    This means that we need to use the definition of the Dimensional Operator,
    to describe the emergence and existence of anything in creation,
    of its interaction within the universe as a whole,
    in its interaction with (interactive) human observers (creators) to be able to evaluate the outcome

A dimensional Operator operates as operator/functor, equation, function and outcome, all at the same time.
A Dimensional Operator is thus the Equation Sign, the Operators, the Variables and the Outcome.
This means that none of the forms of mathematics that we know of can be used to address, and deals with, this level of description.
The only means we have to evaluate, address and assess this, is by our own existence: we are Dimensional Operators, thus able to engage in, experience, address and subjectively assess dimensional operations.

The next session will attempt to give examples of the phase relations (4DD Logic) in Dimensional Operators in terms of graphic representations.

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