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Symbolic Representation

Below, in a very crude representation, you can see why any symbolic representation demands more than mathematical methods allow for.

An elaboration on the following will follow later.
The graphics approximate 4DD functor icons


The emergence of a Field, itself, must be represented


    (undistinguishables ; Parker Rhodes)

    Point, dot, circle

    (inversion-extension; Lawrence Edwards)

    Circle, polygon, square, triangle

    (harmonics; AM Young, W Tiller)


    (boundary=:=field; O#o)


The properties of a boundary need to be described in its opening/closing dynamics.


    (distinction; Spencer-Brown)


    (extension; Varela)


    (hyperincursion; Dubois)


    (meta-fractal; Vrobel)


In the boundary, the processes of the surrounding fields interact and combine.

    (separator; closed system - hell)


    (filter; semi-closed system - purgatory)

    (identifier; semi-open system - paradise)


    (connector; open system - heaven)


The dynamics within the boundary determine the filter characteristics of the interface; based on the same principles as operate in the emergence of a Field.


    (equator; replicator)


    (splitter; redefiner)


    (identifier; semi-open system)


    (denier; invertor)


What is needed is a description of our own use of freedom of choice.
In this formulation we will find also the logic of Creation.
Whatever we perceive of the universe is based on our own realisation.
We thus need to define a symbol system for our own realisation.

To be continued ...

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