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Coherence and Communication

“The Gravity of Consciousness” is far more than a play on words.
In MetaThematics, Consciousness is the basis of universal coherence.
Our consciousness is s Dimensional operator, and changes the Logic we live by.
Gravity is another example of coherence, co-ordination, communication, that ensues from the used of (change of) Logic.

    In any integral System, Coherence = Communication
    The following presents a revision of the concept of Gravity.
    It will be seen that Gravity is not a Particular property of matter.
    Gravity is one of the (many) forms of universal Coherence.

This text brings together findings of Zachary Jones, Bill Tiller, Jan van der Greef, Roel van Wijk and others.

Starting Point:

Analytical Science separated objects from subjects; and from context.
Life Science operates analysis in conjunction with synthesis.
Everything we perceive relates to us as subjects, and has a context.
MetaThematics makes explicit that observer, observed and observation are all linked, and defined and determined at a deeper level of oneness: in phase space.

This phase space if often called god; because it has the properties that it generates, operates and destroys the phenomena described by science.
In our body we see, and experience, that all so-called phenomena are noumena only: sensory perceptions (“Samsara”).
Any ‘observation’ in our mind is an interference pattern in our brain, of nerve impulse IN our body interacting with nerve impulses from sensors ON the surface of our body.
What is commonly called Reality is a Realisation, consequence of the interaction (“Maya”) of the Surface waves (sensation) with the Field waves (propriocepsis) - both - in our body.

Whatever we perceive of the uniVerse around us, is based on the comparison and correlation of the nerve impulses with/in our body.
In or body we see how this operates Dimensional (de)Compression: sensor (point), nerve (line), nexus (plane, and brain (volume).
In our brain we see the same: forebrain (point perspective), left brain (lines of reasoning), right brain (planes of perspective), and hind brain (fields of realisation).
The relationship between 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D is the core of the 4DD Logic, which forms the basis of the formulation of MetaThematics.

It is this same logic which will therefore form the basis of description of our interpretation (Maya) of the uniVerse (Samsara) ‘around’ us.
All descriptions of interactions, and the interactions as descriptions, are based on the same logic.
To see how this works, some examples will be given.
These examples will be taken from the field of Life Science: the communication between cells (c.q. living systems).


  1. Languaging
  2. Bio-Photons
  3. Metabolomes
  4. Gnotons
  5. Languaging is taken as starting point because it exemplifies the principle of encoded communication (tools)
    Bio-Photons are used as follow-up, to lead from the particular view to the non-particular understanding of interaction.
    Metabolomes are then used to demonstrate the network nature of communication interactions.
    Gnotons (units of consciousness) are then defined in relationship to Qi, Gravity, Electromagnetic Field and Consciousness.


1) Languaging

To be continued ...

2) Bio-Photons: Cell Communication

The following synopsis of cell communication is unavoidably dense.
The description needs to be both somewhat technical and formal.
We are dealing with the communication between cells, bodies, life forms and - in general - universal communication.
The technical/formal description will be followed by practical considerations.

The principle

Cell communication is cell communion.
Cells form a community: a synergetic symbiosis of individual cells.
Cells share a communality: they all originate from 1 cell; the Zygote.
Cells represents Connectedness: the Zygote was formed out of the fusion of more humans (ancestors) than people on the planet.

Every Cell in the body thereby relates to every other cell in our body,
while our body relates to everybody, every body, in humanity,
while humanity relates to every other life form of the planet,
While our planet is directly related to every other planet, star and gas cloud in this universe.

This connectedness to the universe is manifested in the existence of every cell, having emerged as part of this uniVerse.
The connectedness with all other life forms is seen in the ongoing exchange of DNA - between all life forms - as ‘the food chain’.
The connection with all humans is seen in the sharing of conduct, especially in the exchange known as Language.
The connections within the body are seen in the intra-/inter-cellular communications.

Every Intercellular communication is always expression of intracellular communication.
What is perceived as the languaging (translation) between cells relates to the languaging (interpretation) within cells.
Languaging between cells/people we can term the horizontal component.
Languaging within the cell/human we can term the Vertical component.

There is an orthogonality between the internal and external component of communication.
Likewise there is an orthogonality between the medium (carrier wave) and the message (signal).
Likewise there is an orthogonality between the code and the signal.
And there is orthogonality between the communicators and the communication.

    These 4 aspects of mutual orthogonality are characteristic of the 4DD Logic.
    The coupled 4DD orthogonal (orthonormal) axes are the essence of a 4D Point dynamic.
    Every cell in this sense represents a 4D point dynamic (see below: Gnoton).
    Cell communication thereby is an expression of the 4DD Logic, in the field around 4D points.

The Practice

Cell communication is assessed by measurements of physics.
Be aware that all measuring devises of physics were created by humans.
Realise that all ‘objective’ measurements were initially calibrated against subjective human sensations.
It means that physics as a whole was created on basis of the way our cells function; and thus in itself is based on the principles of cell communication.

Cell measurements are based on visual (physical) traits, chemical reactions, electromagnetic interactions, and interchange of information.
Since the creation of computers, computers are (increasingly) used as models of/for cell interactions/communications.
As a result it is now more customary to assess cell measurements not only in terms of physics, chemistry and electromagnetism, but also as informatics.
It is however rare to see that cells themselves are regarded as computers - and more than computers: conscious (alive and thinking).


To be continued ...

3) Metabolomes: Body Language

Metabolites is the general name for groups of related molecules.
Within cells, molecules are taken in, transformed, and released.
The cells thus redefine the electromagnetic properties of these antennae.
Biology and medicine do not (yet) describe (nor understand) it in these terms: they name it after a process of digestion: “metabolites”.

Metabolomes are the cycles of metabolites.
In that view, molecules are ‘ingested’, ‘digested’ and ‘excreted’.
This view does not make explicit that the cells operate a computational logic.
Nor does it help to understand that Metabolites are Code.

The origin of Metabolites is seen in bacterial communication.
When bacteria exchange differences in experience in different contexts, they exchange a Protein Strand.
The exchanges of molecules between body cells serves the same purpose.
When you look at the nature of a Polar Body, you see the relationship between metabolites and bacterial communication.

A Polar Body is formed when an Egg Cell is released from an Ovary.
Every Polar Body can be understood as expression of a mathematical operation: The Residue Vector.
Residue Vectors account for the difference between one domain and another (as computed by a loop integral).
Residue Vector computations are essential for accounting for differences in context, expressed as (if) content.

    In this context, of MetaThematics, this understanding needs to be taken a level farther.
    We are here not only dealing with changes of context, but with interactions of Boundaries and Fields.
    In changing from one to the other (Boundary-Field) we always have  to do with System Inversion; a Dimensional Transition.
    This means we need to account for the Dimensional Transitions.

Metabolomes are the networks of molecules in our body.
Every molecule is an antenna: an electromagnetic wave guide.
Molecules in are body are created for this purpose: antennae.
Bio-chemistry is not chemical at all: it is a computation.

  • In our body the hardware IS the software.
  • The process IS the processor.

It is possible to study the exchange of molecules between body cells.
This offer insight in the networks of molecular pathways.
All bio-molecules are created by de-/re-constructing existing molecules.
All these molecules are created in, thus by, the cells.

The study of Metabolomes does not give insight into what happens in the cells.
It shows what molecules circulate in the body - normally: the blood stream.
Cell studies are required to get insight into the details of which molecules are excreted by specific cells.
Inference studies are needed - requiring insight into bio-chemistry - as to what molecules are taken up by which cells.

The Study of Metabolomes thus requires the study of Cell function and Biochemistry also.
The findings of Metabolome Research then helps understand which molecules are exchanged between cells.
This helps understand - in part - the metabolic pathways (1, 2) of the body.
This does not (yet) help to understand the function it has for our body: communication.

Bio-molecules are antennae; but - at the same time - also code.
Bio-molecules are one of the forms of communication within the body.
Metabolomes form one of the facets of our Body Language.
See also, above, the section on intercellular communication.

  • The material side of the bio-molecular reaction chains (metabolomes) determines the composition of our body.
  • The electromagnetic aspect of the same information chain reactions form our mental dynamics: experiences and thinking.

This thinking process is not the same as our consciousness (see below: gnotons), which relates to Freedom of Choice directly.
Our awareness is based on the interference pattern between the information cycles in the (biochemical) metabolomic pathways, with respect to the dual: the (electrical) information encoded in the nervous system.
Realisation is yet another level of this dynamic: when experience of our context are internalised in the body (via those dual chain reactions).
Creation is when these internal activities are linked to Freedom of Choice, and thereby introduce new (logic) coherence in our context.

    It is this change of coherence in our context which is the mechanism by which consciousness acts as gravitational attractor.
    It changes the Space-Time curvature, by altering the Energy-Consciousness dynamic.
    Our use of Freedom of Choice, alters the Dimensional Operator, by altering its Logic.
    By studying our response-ability in creation we learn to use our Freedom of Choice, and thus the art/act of creation, in Life.

The study of Metabolomes illustrates how this can be seen in our body.
The networks of metabolites implies what happens in our cells.
Freedom of Choice operates within our cells; all are fractal-related (O#o, the Equation of Health).
Metabolomes in that sense are as ‘a trace in a Wilson Cloud Chamber’, to help us understand consciousness, health, life and creation.

It is not in the Metabolomes themselves that we see this.
We see it in the reaction of the Metabolomic Cycles, in changing context.
As our food is our imprint of our intake from different contexts, Metabolomes show our body response to such changes of/in context.
To be able to give meaning to metabolomic studies, the exchanges in context need to relate to the (Freedom of Choice) dynamics with the/all fractal related cells that compose our body.

4) Gnotons - Body Gnosis

We can define a Gnoton as the elemental unit element of consciousness (gnosis) with/in our body.
It operates, within its unity, the interrelationship of Consciousness, Energy, Time and Space organisation.
A Gnoton is - in the context of our body - the equivalent of an Infon; a unit element of information.
Information is the implication of the application of data in context: it has meaning.

What is described as the 4DD Logic (in mathematics) and as MetaThematics (for physics) needs to be defined as an experiential property of our body, in relationship to our living cell(s).

    The following description continues what was described in the 4DD-Logic (“Human Limits to Man-Made Models”, O#o.).
    It applies the understanding of the interconnectedness of Space-Time _ Energy-Consciousness, in conjunction with the dual-Minkovski notation and the 4D Time construct.
    These ‘physical/mathematical/logic’ models are now describes as applied to their origin: the functioning of our living cell(s).

How practical and technical the information-integration with/in/to matter is, in our body, can be seen in the liquid crystal properties of our body materials.
Water is a liquid crystal; fats are intelligent gels, bone is a transistor/transducer-transponder, and every membrane and blood vessel and do on has (di)electric and (para)magnetic properties.
In other words, all body materials are optimally suited to respond to information processing.
Our body is to some extent an information processor, but to a far larger extent an information process (in formation); ‘the software forms the hardware’.

    Water is one of the body substances which explicitly shows this.
    It is a liquid crystal; with 19 physical anomalies; all of which are important for the way it functions with/in our body.
    It is the main fuel of energy for the cell dynamics (Herbert Fröhlich).
    It is the main logic operator of/for cell computations (Cyril Smith).


To be continued ...

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